USD is a stable and popular currency in the world today. Therefore, foreign currency transactions or currency exchanges need the latest USD exchange rate. If you also want to know How much is 1 USD in Vietnam Dong? then please refer to this article.

What Is USD Money?

The USD is also known as the United States Dollar or the United States Dollar, this is the official currency in the United States. USD is also used as a reserve outside the US. The issuance of money is regulated by the banks of the Federal Reserve.

  • The most common currency symbol for USD is: $.
  • The ISO 4217 code for US dollars is: USD.
  • The International Monetary Fund (IMF) uses: US$.

USD Denominations

Currently, some countries also use USD as an official currency or use this currency even though it is unofficial. 1 USD has 100 Cent, symbol ¢. Also 1 USD can be split into 1000 min.

The current USD denominations printed by the US Bureau of Engraving and Printing are: $1, $2, $5, $10, $20, $50 and $100, respectively. Most dollar denominations have the same decoration and are typically blue and are made of paper.

The $100 bill is the highest denomination to date.

In addition, the dollar is also broken down into the unit “Cent” 100 cents = $1. These coins are issued as coins including: 1 cent, 5 cents, 10 cents, 25 cents, 50 cents and the exception to that is the 1 cent dollar.

How much is 1 usd in vietnamese
The rate of the US dollar at each time is different.

1 USD Equals How Much Vietnamese Dong (VND)?

In today’s market, USD price today tended to increase, up to now, the USD.VND exchange rate has been listed by the State Bank at:

The State Bank of Vietnam announces the exchange rate of Vietnam Dong to US Dollar (USD/VND), the latest applicable as follows:

1 USD (US Dollar) = 22,931.00 VND

From the above exchange rate, it is easy to calculate the USD par value as follows:

  • 2 USD (2 Dollars) = 45,862.00 VND
  • 10 USD (10 USD) = 229,310.00 VND
  • 15 USD (15 USD) = 343,965.00 VND
  • 20 USD (20 USD) = 458,620.00 VND
  • 40 USD (40 USD) = 917,240.00 VND
  • 50 USD (50 USD) = 1,146,550.00 VND
  • 60 USD (60 USD) = 1,375,860.00 VND
  • 100 USD (100 USD) = 2,293,100.00 VND
  • 150 USD (150 USD) = 3,439,650.00 VND
  • 500 USD (500 USD) = 11,465,500.00 VND
  • 1000 USD (1 Thousand Dollars) = 22,931,000.00 VND
  • 1600 USD (1600 USD) = 36,689,600.00 VND
  • 2000 USD (2 Thousand Dollars) = 45,862,000.00 VND
  • 5000 USD (5 Thousand Dollars) = 114.655,000.00 VND
  • 10,000 USD (10 Thousand Dollars) = 229,310,000.00 VND
  • 50,000 USD (50 Thousand Dollars) = 1,146,550,000.00 VND
  • 100,000 USD (100 Thousand Dollars) = 2,293,100,000.00 VND
  • 200,000 USD (200 Thousand Dollars) = 4,586,200,000.00 VND
  • 300,000 USD (300 Thousand Dollars) = 6,879,300,000.00 VND
  • 1,000,000 USD (1 Million Dollars) = 22,931,000,000.00 VND

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The Fastest Way To Update USD Rates

Look up USD exchange rate on google

This is a fast and convenient way used by many people, you can look up the USD exchange rate right on your phone or laptop with the following steps:

  • Step 1: go to google browser
  • Step 2: search keyword : USD
  • Step 3: enter the amount to change to check the result

Use an online currency exchange service

In addition, you can also find some addresses with online foreign exchange services to convert dollars, but you should still use the first way, because it is quite convenient.

USD Rate Table of Banks in Vietnam

If you are interested in how much 1 dollar is in Vietnam Dong, you can refer to the latest USD exchange rate table at Vietnamese banks on April 23, 2021 as follows:

BankBuy cashBuy transferCash saleSell ​​transfer
ABBank22,97022,990 won23.15023.150
ACB22,97022,990 won23.15023.150
Agribank22,97022,990 won23.160
Bao Viet22,96522,96523.165
East Asia22,990 won22,990 won23.15023.150
Eximbank22,97022,990 won23.160
GPBank22,97022,990 won23.150
HDBank22,97022,990 won23.160
Hong Leong22,97022,990 won23,170
HSBC22,990 won22,990 won23,17023,170
Indovina23,000 won23.01023.160
Kien Long22,97022,990 won23.150
Lien Viet22,97022,990 won23.150
South Asia22,94022,990 won23,170
NCB22,97022,990 won23.16023.180
OceanBank22,97022,990 won23.150
PGBank22,94022,990 won23.150
Saigonbank22,97022,990 won23.160
SCB23,000 won23,000 won23,40023.160
VietABank22,97023,000 won23.150

(Unit: VND)

In there:

  • The buying rate is the Vietnamese money spent to buy 1 USD. To convert 1 USD into Vietnamese currency, you just need to multiply 1 USD with the buying rate of USD and VND.
  • The selling rate is the amount of Vietnamese money you get when you sell 1 USD. Similar to the way to calculate the buying rate, you can use the selling rate of US dollars to Vietnamese dong to calculate the amount to be converted.
  • The USD rate of the State bank is the rate from the Central bank. While groups of commercial banks also participate in foreign currency transactions, they often have a number of different buying and selling rates of foreign currencies. If you want to know the specific and exact exchange rate, you can go to transaction offices or bank branches for more details.

Why USD Is The Most Popular Currency In The World?

USD is the strongest currency used in international transactions, is one of the major reserve currencies in the world. Therefore, when trading, buying, selling, exchanging with countries around the world, you will care how much US$100 is in Vietnamese currency.

So do you know why USD is the most popular currency in the world? It is for the following reasons:

  • After World War 1945, the United States ranked first in the world in terms of gold reserves (3/4 of the world’s gold reserves were held in American banks).
  • The US economy developed rapidly thanks to achievements in the scientific and technical revolution, the adjustment of production structure, technical improvement, improvement of labor productivity, the concentration of production in the basic direction, etc.
  • Militarize the arms economy with profits over 50% per year.
  • The United States is a pioneer in inventing new production tools (computers, automatic machines and automatic machine systems…), new energy sources (atoms, fusion, the sun, etc.)
  • Coins are minted by the United States Mint. Banknotes have been printed by the Bureau of Engraving and Printing for the Federal Reserve since 1914.
  • Some countries use the US dollar as their official currency such as Ecuador, El Salvador and East Timor.

Where’s the Trust to Change USD?

According to our country’s regulations, you are only allowed to buy and sell foreign currency at points licensed to conduct foreign currency trading in the operating network of a number of credit institutions such as financial companies, commercial banks, …

How much vietnamese in 1 dollar?
You should consult the exchange rate before converting.

Therefore, to make sure you should consult the USD exchange rate in the banks before choosing the bank with the best price. Then go to the nearest branch or transaction office of the bank to conduct money exchange.

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Notes When Converting US Dollars to Vietnamese Dong

Whether exchanging 1 USD or 1000 USD to VND, you also need to note a few issues as follows:

1 usd to dong
The US dollar is used in many countries.

  • Should choose when the buying rate is the highest to sell. This is the amount the bank pays you when selling Dollars. Therefore, when surveying the price, it is necessary to look at the buying rate.
  • Exchange money at reputable addresses to avoid price pressure such as banks, gold and silver jewelry companies. These are all addresses authorized by the State Bank to buy and sell foreign currencies legally. The exchange rate table is usually publicly listed on websites or transaction points.
  • You should also refer to the exchange rate in many places because each foreign currency buying point has a difference in the buying and selling rates of the USD. Therefore, careful reference helps you earn as much money as possible.

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With the information shared above, hope you can know How much is 1 USD in Vietnam Dong? when you need to convert. Please send us any questions you have about the US dollar by commenting below this article.

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