The 10 notes to effectively surf the stock market below will be the “golden key” to help investors limit risks and easily reach the expected profit. The experience of surfing the stock market is extremely important and necessary for those who want to conquer short-term investments. To be successful, investors need to cultivate a solid foundation of knowledge and learn from the experiences of their predecessors. In the following content, we will learn together about: What is stock surfing, how to play stock surfing and some of the experiences of playing stock surfing for newbies.

Learn about investing in the stock market, what is it?

Before revealing about 10 notes to effectively surf the stock market, we need to learn about the definition of “what is stock surfing?”.

Play stock surfing is a form of investment in which we will take advantage of the up and down fluctuations from the market, to make high profits from stocks. Simply put, we will buy stocks with low prices compared to their real value, and will sell at a good price, high profits will be reaped here. Usually the ups and downs, the volatility takes place over a short period of time.

10 Notes to surf the stock market effectively
10 Notes to effectively surf the stock market – What is stock surfing?

How to play surfing stock effective only if and only if the player has the firmness, proficiency and understanding of the market. Traders can have the ability to calculate, anticipate the “scenarios” of risks or build their own short-term “profit” plans, etc. Only then can investing in the stock market can help you profit from it. big and small “waves”.

However, not everyone can grasp how to play surfing effectively. For the most part, a lot of people have “hug” regret because the surf times made “empty hands”. The simple reason is that we do not have enough experience, thinking and knowledge to be able to cope with strong “waves”.

Advantages and disadvantages of how to play surfing stock

To learn about 10 tips to effectively surf the stock market, we first need you to understand the advantages and limitations when you invest in this way of trading.

Advantages of playing surfing stock

  • Flexibility in transaction time: With the way of playing securities surfing, it is very easy for investors to buy and sell stocks again and again to make a profit.
  • High profits: If successful through the waves, investors can earn for themselves the expected profit.
  • Quick payback time: The time factor of both capital and profit is what attracts many investors to choose this way of trading securities.
  • 10 Notes to surf the stock market effectively
    10 Notes to surf the stock market effectively – Pros and cons

Cons of how to play surfing stock

  • The swap fees are quite high: This is the daily interest fee on the exchange. In addition, you will have to execute a lot of orders in a short time, so the cost will increase significantly.
  • Risks from market volatility: Risk from market fluctuations is natural. Every investor who has accepted to step into the game of surfing, surely they understand and accept these risks.
  • Spend a lot of time monitoring the market: During the short-term surfing period, players need to keep a close eye on changes from the market; to find entry points and identify good waves.
  • Unforeseen risks: are unexpected, sudden risks from the market that players cannot anticipate; It can lead to a bad situation that causes you heavy damage.

Pocket 10 notes to surf the stock market effectively

To have an effective way to play surfing stock, we need time to learn, practice as well as overcome some of the following aspects to improve our performance. Surfing stock trading experience:

  • Assess strategic thinking, ability to anticipate risks.
  • Knowledge is equipped from basic to advanced, should not be missed.
  • Theory goes hand in hand with practice: actual combat should be carried out step by step, not in a hurry. and especially need to draw up a clear plan.

Also, we will need to keep in mind “10 notes to surf the stock market effectively” to find the way to success with the form of investment surfing in the stock market.

Identify market trends

How to play surfing stock
Surfing stock trading experience – Identify trends

One of the 10 notes to effectively surf the stock market, first we need to determine how the general market trend is going? How should investors have an overview of the market at the moment? Knowing the overall picture, we can delve into the general market trend research. At the same time, you need to anticipate, research and analyze the stock “trend” at the present time. This group of stocks usually refers to industry groups that are trending and are interested by many people. This is the first step for you to identify where there are waves and look for “good waves”.

Choosing the right “Top” stocks in the industry

Choosing the right “Top” hot stocks is one of the 10 notes to effectively surf the stock market. This is the step that greatly determines whether your short-term capital growth flow is high or low. Here, you need to capture important information such as: The merger, acquisition, sale to partners, …

10 notes to effectively surf the stock market – Technical analysis

Researching to choose the “Top” stocks, the potential stocks that are right for your wave, is not an easy task. So one of the next 10 tips for effective surfing that we want to emphasize is to have a thorough TECHNICAL ANALYSIS. The analysis will help to understand many aspects to make the right predictions and decisions in the short term. At the same time, this is also an important step to help investors determine the buying price, when to buy and how to sell.

Regular practice

Surfing stock trading experience
How to play surfing stock effectively

One of the 10 notes to effectively surf the stock market that investors should understand is to practice regularly. The long-term practice in the market is of great significance, contributing to the rich experience of traders. Whether it is a success or even a failure, it helps and leaves you with many valuable lessons. So before facing the big waves, give yourself enough time to become proficient and confident with your trading ability.

Know your own strengths?

Understand what strengths you have to help investors exploit more effectively; as well as come up with surfing strategies suitable for their ability. From there, we build the most reasonable and effective “surfing” plan.

ABSOLUTELY should not be greedy

One of the 10 notes to effectively surf the stock market, investors need to remember clearly, is not to be greedy. We often have the saying “greed is deep”, so traders need to control their greed. Investors should research carefully, choose the right and choose enough potential stocks, but should not spread capital wildly, according to too much emotion.

10 notes to effectively surf the stock market – Accurate knowledge

Equipping knowledge is a natural thing that investors need to have. The making of strategies, technical analysis, etc. depends greatly on the knowledge base of the investor. In addition, traders need to pay attention to the indicators, to maximize the efficiency of their capital flow.

10 notes for effective stock surfing- Ready to cut losses

What is stock surfing?
How to effectively surf the stock market – Ready to cut losses

The next effective way to surf the stock market that every investor needs to keep in mind is to be ready to cut losses. In case we do not make 100% profit, then you will definitely have to accept the loss. Here first, investors need to prepare mentally and accept this fact. And the second is the need to know when to stop. Many investors, because of losses, still want to have the intention to remove the gauze, but do not sell immediately when the price drops. So this is the reason why we have to suffer heavier losses. So keep that in mind: Always be ready to cut losses to maximize your capital.

Accept success or loss

Psychological factors also have a significant influence during your surfing investment. mentally stable, you will have a clear view to improvise and make the right decisions. As for the volatile mentality, it will be difficult for you to firmly overcome the big fluctuations when “surfing”. Therefore, you must always actively prepare yourself mentally, suppressing greed and suppressing fear; keep a “cold” head so that all decisions are the most intelligent.

10 tips to surf the stock market effectively – Go all the way

It is also not advisable to be too hasty. Observe closely to determine the right time to buy and sell, instead of rushing to sell. During this process, investors need to keep a close eye on the market to strive for the best effective source of value. This is a very important, vital element in your effective trading. And remember: “You only have to be right once” can also make you work wonders for yourself.


Above are 10 notes to surf the stock market that every investor should remember and apply to themselves. The most effective way to play surfing is that we need to learn, apply and seize the ideal opportunities. Hopefully our today’s article has contributed to helping you gain more experience in surfing stock trading. And finally, wish traders always confident and successful on the road to conquering the sport of surfing!


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