Learn how to get rich from rich people will help the poor know how to use money to make more profitable business, helping the life become more and more stable and prosperous. In the following article, lamchutaichinh.vn will share with you 10+ lessons from rich people to keep in mind to make a lot of money, better financial management as well as help assets grow and multiply.

Don’t work for money, they make money work for them

Most of the poor tend to think in the direction that they just need to have enough food to eat, enough clothes to wear, have a day job, go to work in the morning and come home in the afternoon, and then continue to work until the end of the day. I get a salary every month, but if I work harder, I’ll have an extra bonus like that, don’t expect anything more.

Don't work for money, they make money work for them
Don’t work for money, they make money work for them

But the truth is that life is growing, inflation, the value of money is getting smaller and smaller, jobs, living costs are incurred but wages do not increase. Many people continue the vicious cycle of life as they are now, and those with more will decide to start their own business to have more income.

Those who just continue to suffer and find enough with the present will forever be poor because their whole lives work just to make money without knowing the purpose and ideal of making money. And those who have the will to get rich, they will go out to build a career to find a way out of their comfort zone by observing, finding more opportunities to develop themselves, they want to make money. work for them, they don’t work for money like everyone else.

Therefore, the poor should learn how to get rich from the rich, which is to make money work for them, make the most of the opportunities around even the smallest to enrich themselves, don’t think simply doing it. work just to earn money to pay for life. Practical lessons show us that how much money we make is not as important as how we keep our money and make it more and more prolific.

Should learn about finance whether rich or poor, good or bad

Before wanting to enrich themselves, each person needs to learn about finance first to have knowledge in managing their personal finances. The poor are forever poor because they only know how to focus on earning money to pay their debts, make money and enjoy all the money they have earned, or they keep all their savings at home, not take it to the forefront. private.

As for the rich, they will both make money and save money, if they only know how to make money but do not know how to save money, it will also become useless. The lesson to get rich from the rich is that they only buy assets, not liabilities.

The rich have almost no salary income, instead they have other sources of income from the sources they have invested such as business profits, stocks, securities, rentals, interest on purchases. going to resell a certain property, etc. Rich people buy liabilities, expensive items after their cash flow develops, they feel they are rich enough and at that time have the right to enjoy the fruits of their labor. create.

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Focus on your own business

Many people confuse a professional career with a private business. Poor or middle-class people, the current job they are doing is a professional job, not a business, they are working for a salary, working for the owner and contributing to make them rich.

Focus on your own business
Focus on your own business

Rich people care about their own businesses, build and keep solid assets, they participate in businesses without presence such as stocks, real estate, bonds, etc. ….

Rich people are financially smart and start a company

Rich people sometimes don’t need to study too much, they just need to be smart, creative, and financially adept. They are knowledgeable in areas such as:

  • Knowledge of accounting and finance: Reading and understanding the financial statements helps them to recognize the strengths and weaknesses of the company so that they can devise appropriate business strategies.
  • Master the company’s investment strategy: Choose assets with high profitability from which to make wise decisions for your company.
  • Understanding the market, how to market: Understand the law of supply and demand in the market to identify business opportunities, as well as the purchasing needs of customers to be able to devise marketing strategies and promote products. products to consumers with the highest efficiency.
  • Learn about the law: Understand the taxes payable to the state as well as how to protect your company’s assets. The poor and the middle class earn money, then pay taxes and then use the money. Rich people who own companies make money and use that money to pay taxes.

Rich people do not necessarily know all the fields, but they only need to understand the four areas mentioned above to be able to set up their own company, develop their career to the top.

Rich people make money

Each person born into this world has their own innate talents, each person will have different talents, don’t feel inferior, afraid because you see others promoting their talents. giving yourself the thought that you are useless and can’t do anything.

Rich people make money
Rich people make money

We need to be more confident, not back down from difficulties and challenges, after each failure, we will receive a valuable lesson for the next time to be more successful. Rich people always seek to create their own luck, they do not give up or wait, but always seek to create money with confidence, intelligence and the spirit of never being afraid of their failure.

Two types of money-generating investments that rich people often use to invest are buying investment products as a package from an intermediary company or buying each part and then putting it back together. To become a professional investor besides financial knowledge, the poor should learn how to get rich from the rich with 3 typical skills:

  • Find opportunities for yourself that others don’t see.
  • Use other people’s money to make a profit.
  • Recruit, work and learn from successful people.

Rich people work to learn, not to make money

Ordinary people will rely on professional expertise that go to work hard to earn money and look for opportunities for advancement in work. Those jobs only help to cover their living expenses, not go bankrupt, but they will continue to cling to their stable jobs.

Rich people, if they have to work, their purpose is not to make money, but those jobs help them learn more basic skills in financial information such as: marketing, investment accounting, business law, Financial management skills for success: cash flow management, personnel management, etc.

Communication skills and sales skills play a very important role in the success of the rich, everyone should learn how to get rich from this rich person to become richer soon.

Must know how to overcome obstacles

Must know how to overcome obstacles
Must know how to overcome obstacles

Many people are very smart financially, but they still can’t get rich, still stuck in the vicious circle of hired labor, because they don’t dare to overcome the following 5 major obstacles:

  • Fear of losing money: The fear is real and exists in the minds of each of us, too afraid of losing money, so they went to work and then got stuck in the above vicious circle. People who fear less choose safe investments: learn to balance investments, invest in low-risk assets like bonds. Courageous people will take risks, predicting possible risks with the money they invest, can get rich quickly.
  • Skepticism and fear of wanting to do something new, doubting your own breakthrough.
  • Laziness inside people: People who look busy are actually lazy, they try to be busy to avoid something important. The disease of laziness in getting rich, the only cure is to need a little greed, less greed is not enough motivation to act, but too much is not good.
  • Habits: Influence a lot in our lives, rich people will have the habits of rich people, they will pay for themselves first and then pay others. Pressure from creditors will make the rich find ways to earn money to pay.
  • Their arrogance will let themselves know everything around them has made them lose opportunities to get rich.

Let’s start with 10 steps

The poor should learn how to get rich from the rich through these 10 simple steps:

  • Step 1: Set yourself a goal bigger than reality to help overcome difficulties and achieve that goal.
  • Step 2: Choose to be rich every morning when you wake up. Invest in your education before you start getting rich.
  • Step 3: Always hone your communication skills and constantly learn from the rich.
  • Step 4: Master one formula thoroughly before moving on to another.
  • Step 5: Pay yourself first
  • Step 6: Use good brokers and pay them well.
  • Step 7: Interested in the return on investment in ROI as well as some other results.
  • Step 8: Buy property first
  • Step 9: Imagine yourself as a hero in some field while working.
  • Step 10: Teach others, give and we will receive.

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Rich people work as if if they stopped for a second, they would die

The harder you work, the more you will get the results you deserve. Rich people try to get richer even though they already have a huge amount of assets in hand. The rich always work hard every day to generate income, turning work into the passion they pursue in life.

Rich people work hard every day
Rich people work hard every day

Rich people connect rich people with other rich people

The way to connect the rich together helps them expand more business relationships, cooperate and develop for mutual benefits. Help them promote and build their personal and business brands to more people.

A friendly rich person who does not hesitate to compliment or encourage others will bring a lot of benefits to them. However, you must know enough praise and praise at the right time so as not to be judged by others as a brat.


The article on lamchutaichinh.vn has shared with you about 10+ articles learn how to get rich from rich people that everyone should remember to be able to apply in real life. There are many ways to learn and get rich from successful, wealthy businessmen and those ways will be the secret to the most effective success.

Hopefully, the useful information about the above getting rich lesson will help you soon achieve success in the job you are pursuing, always confidently walking on the path you have chosen to get rich.

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