When making an interbank transfer, the customer usually incurs an additional fee. If you regularly make money transfers to other banks, this is a concern. Knowing this, quite a few banks have implemented a no-fee money transfer incentive program.

So these Which banks support free money transfer?? Let’s find out with banktop through the content of the article below.

What is interbank money transfer?

Inter-bank (different) money transfer can be understood as the transfer of money from one bank to another bank’s account/card, for example, a transfer from ACB to Vietcombank or ACB to Agribank.

Popular forms of interbank transfer

Below are the most commonly used interbank transfer forms:

  • Interbank money transfer at the counter
  • Transfer money to another bank at an ATM
  • Transfer money to another bank on Internet Banking
  • Transfer money from other banks using Mobile Banking service

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Top 11+ Banks that support no-fee interbank transfers


Techcombank is a pioneer in supporting customers to transfer money between banks for free. Techcombank offers free inter-bank transfers on Internet Banking and Mobile Banking platforms. Accordingly, when transferring money interbank via [email protected] i-bank or [email protected] Mobile of TechcomBank, customers will not be charged.

To register for these applications, customers can register directly on the website or at Techcombank branches and transaction offices.

Link to download Techcombank application:

  • iOS App Download Link: HERE
  • Link to download Androids App: HERE


Military Bank (MBBank) is one of the Vietnam’s largest bank and is preferred by customers because of its very good service quality. Prominent among them is the free interbank transfer program.

Specifically, from January 1, 2020, all customers using the money transfer service on the MBBank APP application will be completely exempted from money transfer fees. Customers can transfer money to more than 40 banks in Napas system completely free of charge.

Free money transfer via MBBank app
Free money transfer via MBBank app

Link to download the specific MBBank app below:

  • iOS App Download Link: HERE
  • Link to download Androids App: HERE


Tien Phong Commercial Joint Stock Bank (TPBank) is considered one of the best banks in Vietnam, taking the lead in applying digital technology to products and services.

In addition to free transfers to all banks in Vietnam, TPBank also offers free withdrawals at 99.9% of ATMs nationwide (except for ATMs of HSBC, Standard Chartered, and Vietnam-Russia Joint Venture Banks).

App TPBank
App TPBank

TPBank Mobile Banking App is supported for both IOS and Android. Customers only need to register for an account, download and install the application to be able to experience the service. To register an account to use the service, you can also register online right on the App:

  • Links for IOS: HERE
  • Android Links: HERE

VIB . Bank

Besides many other banks, VIB is also supporting customers with free transfer on Mobile application or directly on VIB website following the link below: https://www.vib.com.vn/vn/home. VIB is free to transfer money for customers who make transactions via MyVIB mobile banking application for small value transactions from 500,000 VND or less, online money transfer is free for customers using VIB Sapphire package.

Link to download MyVIB application:

  • Links for IOS: HERE
  • Android Links: HERE

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PVCombank is free to transfer money for customers who transact on PV Online Banking. To open an account to use the service, you can also register online at the App or register at Pvcombank’s transaction counters nationwide.

PVComBank application
PVComBank application

Link to download PVCombank Online application:

  • Links for IOS: HERE
  • Android Links: HERE


In order to attract more customers to use the service, SeABank launched a free program of internal and external transfers. Up to now, the money transfer service at SeABank is free for customers using SeANet/SeAMobile who need to transfer money inside and outside the system.

Customers need to register for SeANet/SeAMobile service at the bank’s branches, then download and install the application to start transactions:

  • Links for IOS: HERE
  • Android Links: HERE

OUB Bank

UOB Vietnam is a bank branch of the UOB group. This is the leading bank in Asia, customers can consider UOB as a foreign bank operating in Vietnam.

In response to and promoting the “cashless” movement in the new year, UOB Vietnam continues to waive all domestic money transfers on Internet banking, and at the same time waives free cash withdrawals at connected ATMs. NAPAS nationwide.

  • Links for IOS: HERE
  • Android Links: HERE

VPBank Bank

VPBank is one of the banks that support free money transfer with the most customers today. To receive the free transfer offer, customers must be in one of the following categories:

  • Transfer money to support the fight against covid 19.
  • VPBank customers, free 10 transactions with the first 10 banks.
App VPBank Online
App VPBank Online

To register for the service, you just need to bring your ID card to the nearest VPBank transaction counter, then download and install the application to start using:

  • Links for IOS: HERE
  • Android Links: HERE

Bank Agribank

In order to support customers who are using transfer services inside and outside Agribank. From June 1, 2021, Agirbank has implemented the program:

  • Free money transfer inside and outside Agribank system for individual customers
  • Free money transfer in the system and reduce money transfer fee outside the Agribank system for institutional customers

In addition, Agribank also provides a beautiful digital payment account service for customers to choose from and many attractive incentives from other Agribank promotions.

Vietcombank bank

On February 3, 2021, the giant Vietcombank joined the free network of inter-bank money transfers, which made many customers relieved that from now on, there is no transfer fee, which is said to be quite expensive compared to the common ground.

However, to use the free transfer, you need to maintain an account at 4 million VND, if this number is not enough, you only need to pay the monthly fee of 20,000 – 25,000 VND, you will also be free to transfer money inside and outside the system. Vietcombank.

ViettelPay Digital Bank

With an extensive infrastructure system, ViettelPay e-wallet does not take too long to creep into the minds of users. ViettelPay quickly became the main transfer method of many users with the Free Transfer of 40 banks.

To use the service, customers need to download Viettel Pay application to their device, then link it with a bank account registered for Internet Banking or Mobile Banking to make a free money transfer.

Download Viettelpay application:

  • Via operating system IOS
  • Via operating system Android

Timo Digital Bank

As a digital bank, Timo Bank conducts all transactions on the Online platform, the bank does not have transaction offices, only Timo Hangout transaction offices. At Timo Hangout, you can completely register, consult, … to find the service that best suits you.

All you need is a phone with an Internet connection.

Especially, Timo is free of charge for inter-bank transfers. Using digital banking services is also an experience worth trying


The content of the article has helped you synthesize 10+ best free money transfer banks today. This is extremely useful especially for customers who frequently make interbank transfers. Hope the article has provided you with useful information.

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