Bilaxy floor what? Is Bilaxy floor reputable? Is it easy to trade on Bilaxy? In this article, Vninvestment will introduce you to a new type of trading platform for investors but still ensures the reputation and security of user information very well that you cannot miss!

What is Bilaxy floor?

Bilaxy is known as a cryptocurrency exchange that ensures a large transaction volume, extremely fast and efficient coin listing and processing speed. Although it is quite new and not yet known by many people, it was only established in April 2018. However, the Bilaxy coin exchange has achieved many outstanding achievements when successfully providing services in 80 countries worldwide. In addition, the number of coins Bilaxy offers more than 700 coins and large and small tokens, ..

What is Bilaxy floor?
What is Bilaxy Cryptocurrency Exchange?

Is Bilaxy floor reputable?

Bilaxy is registered as a business in the Republic of Seychelles. However, until now, there is still no exact information about the headquarters and the company behind Bilaxy. Although that problem is still a mystery, Bilaxy still won the trust of investors because:

  • Bilaxy issues its own coin called Bilaxy Token (BIA)
  • Bilaxy cryptocurrency exchange has been operating for 4 years on the market but has never been hacked, leaked information, ..
  • High security mechanism, ensuring user safety
  • Using 2FA security mechanism, PGP system encrypts investor’s email and sensitive files
  • There is a large trading volume
  • Print the top 60 largest exchanges today

Bilaxy floor review

Before making a choice, should I invest in coins on Bilaxy exchange? Let’s evaluate the Bilaxy e-commerce platform through the advantages and disadvantages of: products, customer care services, fees, deposit and withdrawal methods,.

1. Advantages of Bilaxy floor

  • Simple interface, easy to use
  • It only takes about 15 minutes to deposit or withdraw coins
  • Effective time saver
  • 3 super good security layers including: 2FA, phone verification and trading password.
  • Ensure the safety of users when participating in the Bilaxy exchange
  • Do not lose any co-op when depositing money into Bilaxy
  • Has its own coin BIA
  • 24/7 problem solving support
  • Support many Tokens and coins
Bilaxy floor review
Evaluate the advantages and disadvantages of Bilaxy trading platform

2. Disadvantages of Bilaxy floor

  • Does not support setting Vietnamese for Vietnamese users yet
  • It is not clear and transparent about the information and the team behind the company
  • No transaction support with Fiat like VND, USD
  • Liquidity is still quite low
  • There is no stop loss order on the floor
  • The trading app on the phone has not been completed yet
  • No margin trading on the exchange yet

How to trade on Bilaxy

Step 1: In the horizontal menu bar, click “Exchange“.

  • Number 1: basic information about prices: spread price, highest price, low loss, ..
  • Number 2: Buy and sell orders that others are placing.
  • Number 3: Coin price movement chart
  • Number 4: Where to choose market and coin in trading.
  • Number 5: Place to place buy and sell orders on the exchange
  • Number 6: All buy and sell orders have been matched on the floor.
How to trade on Bilaxy
Instructions for trading on Bilaxy

Step 2: In table 4, select the market item “USDT”, then enter the symbol of the coin you want to buy and sell on the search section.

Step 3: In section 5, you can enter buy and sell orders easily. In there,

  • USDT Balance: is the balance of USDT you currently have.
  • Price: Enter the BTC price you want to buy or sell
  • Amount: Amount of BTC you want to buy or sell
  • Cost: The total amount of USDT that you have to pay to buy the amount of BTC you enter
  • Finally choose BUY to buy and SELL if you want to sell

Step 4: Perform the operations to enter the password and confirm.

FXT price on Bilaxy today

Price Tokens FXT today is $0.000020 in it 24 hour trading volume is $9.52.

The price movement has not decreased in the last 24 hours and the data for 1 week of FXT price is still 0% decrease.

FXT price on Bilaxy today
FXT Token price on Bilaxy exchange today


Bilaxy floor is it reputable? Hopefully, through this article, you have better understand the Bilaxy exchange and make the right investment decision when you go through the reviews of the pros and cons of this fairly new virtual currency exchange.


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