SMS Banking service is known to bring many conveniences, helping you to be more proactive in managing your bank account. However, there have been many customers complaining that SMS Banking fees are too expensive and unnecessary if they have used Mobile banking services.

So how? cancel SMS Banking Vietcombank to not have to pay the monthly service fee? Let’s find out with through the article below.

how to cancel SMS Banking Vietcombank
How to cancel SMS Banking Vietcombank

Learn how register for SMS Banking Vietcombank most detailed

The fastest way to cancel SMS Banking Vietcombank

SMS Banking service Vietcombank is a service of this bank via SMS. When using, customers can monitor and regularly update transactions related to their bank accounts with just one phone. However, this is a paid service.

If you have registered for SMS Banking service at Vietcombank but feel that the monthly fee is too high and do not want to continue using it, you can cancel it by the following ways:

Cancel SMS Banking Vietcombank by SMS

The fastest way to cancel Vietcombank SMS Banking today is to compose a message with the following syntax:

VCB CD deposit 6167

After sending the message, you will immediately receive a response from Vietcombank to process and confirm the service cancellation request. With just a very simple message, you can cancel SMS Banking service at home without spending time going to the bank’s transaction counter.

Cancel SMS Banking Vietcombank by SMS
Cancel SMS Banking Vietcombank by SMS

Note: Service fee for this message is 1,500 VND/message for mobile subscribers using Mobiphone, Viettel, Vinaphone networks. As for subscribers using Vietnamobile and Gmobile networks, the service fee is 1,000 VND / message.

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Cancel SMS Vietcombank via transaction counter

With this method, to cancel Vietcombank SMS Banking service, you need to bring your identification documents such as ID card/ CCCD or passport to the nearest Vietcombank transaction office/ branch for support from the teller.

Note: To make the process of canceling SMS Banking Vietcombank service easier and faster, you should bring all documents and come in during office hours for the bank to serve you in the best way.

Normally, Vietcombank’s transaction offices are quite crowded. Therefore, you should avoid rush hour by arriving early from about 8am to 12am in the morning and in the afternoon from 13:30 to 17h00.

Cancel Vietcombank active SMS service on VCB Digibank app

In addition, VCB – Mobile Banking is also a way to cancel SMS Banking Vietcombank used by many people. VCB Digibank is a banking application installed on mobile phones. Through this application, customers can actively manage account information, transfer money, pay bills, send savings, etc.

When customers want to cancel SMS Banking Vietcombank, customers can do it via VCB Mobile Banking application by following these steps:

  • Step 1: Download and install VCB Digibank application on your phone
  • Step 2: Go to the app and log in to your account by entering your phone number, password and confirmation code.
  • Step 3: At the main screen, select Settings, then select Manage notifications. Next, turn off Get Bank Alerts. Finally click OK to finish the service cancellation process.

Is there a fee to cancel Vietcombank SMS Banking service?

When canceling SMS Banking service at Vietcombank at the counter or through VCB Digibank, you will not be charged any fees. But with SMS, you will lose a small fee ranging from 1,000 – 1,500 VND depending on the subscription you are using.

SMS Banking service fee of Vietcombank is rated as too high by users
SMS Banking service fee of Vietcombank is rated as too high by users

Besides, you should note that Vietcombank applies a monthly service maintenance fee. For example, if you cancel your SMS Banking service on September 6, you will still have to pay the service fee for the entire September. Therefore, instead of choosing to cancel service at the beginning and middle of the month, you should choose to cancel the service on the last day of the month.

Is it possible to re-register for Vietcombank’s active SMS service after canceling?

This is also a question many people consider when using Vietcombank’s SMS Banking service. After canceling this service, you can subscribe to use it again whenever you want without any obstacles or incurring any other unexpected costs other than the application maintenance fee from only 11,000 VND/month. .

That amount will be deducted periodically at the beginning of each month and directly deducted from the subscriber’s bank account.

SMS Banking service fee is calculated based on the number of messages sent to the phone number within 1 month. As follows:

Number of messagesService fee (monthly)
Under 20 messages11,000 VND
From 20 to less than 50 messages27,500 VND
From 50 to less than 100 messages55,000 VND
From 100 messages or more77,000 VND

The implementation of re-registering for this service is similar to the way to cancel SMS Banking Vietcombank, you can compose an SMS with the syntax: VCB CD send 6167

Or go directly to the nearest transaction office / bank branch and remember to bring your ID card / citizen identification card or passport to register.

Instructions to view balance notifications on VCB Digibank app for free without SMS Banking

In addition to viewing notifications via SMS Banking, Vietcombank now also provides a free balance notification mobile banking service that still fully supports notifications such as card spending transactions, account balance fluctuations, reminders periodic repayment schedule.

Free view balance notice on VCB Digibank app without SMS Banking
Free view balance notice on VCB Digibank app without SMS Banking

Not only that, but there are also service information and outstanding promotions and many other information from Vietcombank right on the VCB Digibank app.

  • Step 1: You download to your phone and access the VCB Digibank application, then log in to your personal account. Then, click Settings, select Manage notifications and turn On at Receive notifications from banks.
  • Step 2: In the Confirm terms and conditions section, click the Agree button to confirm the service registration. Next, enter the OTP code sent to your phone number to confirm the successful activation of the service.
  • Step 3: After completing the registration, you access the VCB Digibank application again, click Notifications with the bell icon to view balance notifications.


Above, answered questions about how to cancel SMS Banking Vietcombank, as well as how to register for this service. The use of SMS Banking Vietcombank brings many conveniences, helping you to manage your bank account in a better way.

However, if you do not want to pay fees to use SMS Banking, you can still use mobile banking service completely free of charge. Hopefully with the above information you will have a better understanding of how to use this service.


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