Users of ATM accounts should regularly check and monitor their balances regularly. So that when there is an unexpected case, you promptly handle it and notify the bank as soon as possible. So how to check money in ATM card fastest and most accurate?

How to check money in ATM card
How to check money in ATM card anytime, anywhere?

ATM card integrates many convenient features, making it easy for you to perform transactions: money transfer, withdrawal, payment when shopping, etc. This is an indispensable item for everyone. Therefore, it is very important to check and understand the balance in the ATM. You can use one of the following methods.

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5 fastest ways to check money in your account, ATM card

Check the money in the account at the ATM

This is the way check balance in ATM card Many customers apply, because of its convenience and speed. With this method, you only need to perform the following basic steps:

  • Step 1: You go to the nearest ATM to your location to check your account.
  • Step 2: Put the ATM card in the card holder.
  • Step 3: You select the language command “Vietnamese/English” and then enter your pin code.
  • Step 4: Click on “Balance Inquiry” or “Account Inquiry”. At this time, the ATM screen will display detailed information about the balance available in the account. Or check on the receipt will have full information bank account number and correct balance for you.

Doing this way, you absolutely do not take any fees and can be applied at any ATM that you come across.

Check balance in ATM card via SMS Banking

With the method of checking money in your bank account via SMS Banking, you do not need to go directly to an ATM but will check by phone using SMS Banking service. When using SMS Banking service, the banking system will automatically send a message about changes in balance in the account every time a transaction occurs.

Check balance in ATM card via SMS Banking
Check balance in ATM card via SMS Banking

For example, how to check money in some bank accounts today.

Vietcombank bank:

  • Syntax to check the default number “SD” or “VCB” sent to 6167.
  • Syntax to check any balance: compose SD [số TK] or VCB SD [số TK] send to 6167


  • Check the balance in the default card account: Compose a message with the syntax VBA SD to 8149
  • Check balance in optional card account: VBA SD Deposit number 8149

BIDV Bank:

  • Check by SMS Banking: text with the syntax “BIDV SD” and send to 8149

Check money in ATM card on mobile phone

This is the second most popular way used by many young people when they want to check the entire balance of their ATM card. Instead of going to an ATM, apply this method as long as your mobile phone has an Internet connection and registers for either Mobile Banking or Internet Banking.

Check your ATM card balance regularly by phone
Check your ATM card balance regularly by phone

Check ATM card balance over the phone with Mobile banking

For Mobile Banking service, you only need to log in to the bank’s Mobile Banking application to know how much money is left in the ATM card.

  • Step 1: Download the banking app to your phone
  • Step 2: Log in to the app on your phone
  • Step 3: View account balance right at the main interface of the application

In addition, with the digital banking application, you can perform many quick and convenient transactions such as transfer, bill payment, savings deposit, etc.

Check ATM card balance by Internet Banking

Just like Mobile Banking, you just need to access the Internet Banking service portal of the bank to check the balance in your ATM card by following these steps:

  • Step 1: Access the Internet Banking website of the bank.
  • Step 2: Sign in with the account number provided by your bank.
  • Step 3: After completing the login, you select the account details or card details, depending on the bank to see the current amount.

Check money in ATM account card at the counter

This is the most traditional way of checking card balance. You just need to bring your ATM card and ID card to the bank’s branches/transaction offices to issue the card and the bank staff will check your account for you.

Is there a fee to check the money in my account?

All forms of checking money in the above ATM card are free of charge. However, the services used to check ATM card balance may be free or chargeable according to the bank’s regulations.

  • SMS Banking service fee: fee from 7000 VND – 12,000 VND depending on the bank
  • Internet banking and mobile banking service fees: free or charge from 7,000 VND to 10,000 VND depending on each bank.

Note when checking money in ATM card

Pay attention to safety factors when checking balances in ATM cards
Pay attention to safety factors when checking balances in ATM cards

Either way, to check account balance in ATM quickly and safely, users need:

  • Do not reveal your pin number or ask a stranger to check your balance when doing it at an ATM.
  • Every time you log in on your computer, your phone needs to log out as soon as it’s done. In case of borrowing someone else’s device, delete all data and history after use.
  • It’s best to change your ATM password every year to increase security. Help protect your account safe, avoid the case of thieves stealing money.

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Through instructions on how check money in ATM card that we suggest in the article. Hopefully, it will be helpful for first-time card users to know how to look up and know their monthly balance. Hopefully, the article has brought you useful information in the process of using a bank ATM card/account.

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