Online payments and international money transfers are easier than ever via Paypal e-wallet. However, to make the transaction you need top up your Paypal account mine. So how to top up the wallet when using it for the first time? Refer to the article summarized by Banktop below.

Introducing Paypal e-wallet

PayPal e-wallet is an application used for international online payments and transactions. Helping to receive – transfer money faster, meet immediate needs. Paypal is similar to an automatic bank like the Internet Banking system at banks today.

Introducing Paypal e-wallet
Introducing Paypal e-wallet

Anyone can register and use Paypal wallet with simple operation, easy to follow. You can shop online, send money abroad or transfer money to Vietnam, etc., all supported by Paypal.

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5+ The simplest and most detailed way to deposit money into Paypal

To top up your Paypal account to help make payment transactions or transfer money abroad. You can refer to one of the ways to top up below if you find it most convenient for you.

Top up Paypal through the bank

To top up from your Paypal wallet through your bank, follow the steps.

Link bank account with Paypal

  • Step 1: Open and successfully log in to Paypal application.
  • Step 2: Select the “Bank Account and Card” section, you can choose Bank account (which is a bank account) or Credit Card (which is a credit card).
  • Step 3: You choose “Link A bank Account” and start filling in the required account information including: Bank name, account number, Swift Code, etc. You are required to fill in correctly to complete the link.

How to top up Paypal

Once you have successfully linked your account, you can start to top up your Paypal account. To perform:

  • Step 1: Go to “How do you want to pay” which means ask which account you want to choose to deposit money into. You can choose your Visa/Master Card then click Next.
  • Step 2: The screen will display information about the money transfer and the fee deducted from the account. After checking, you select “Send now”.
  • Step 3: The transaction is successful, to check you can go to your Paypal wallet account to see if the money has been received successfully or not.

Top up Paypal via scratch card

The form of paying Paypal through scratch cards in Vietnam is still not supported. Currently, this form is only available in the US and some other countries. To top up your scratch card into your Paypal wallet, you have to go directly to a Paypal agent to buy it and ask the support staff to make the deposit.

Top up Paypal via Visa, Mastercard

The next way is that you can use your Visa or Mastercard to top up your Paypal e-wallet. If you do not have this card, you can also go to the bank to register and then make a transfer to your Paypal account.

Top up Paypal via American Express card

American Express card is a card available at Joint Stock Commercial Bank for Foreign Trade of Vietnam (Vietcombank). Register and use American Express card to help you easily pay for all online transactions nationwide. Currently, American Express card also has the function of linking with Paypal wallet. With just a few simple steps, you can transfer money from American Express card to Paypal wallet quickly to transact according to your needs.

The simplest and most detailed way to deposit money into Paypal
The simplest and most detailed way to deposit money into Paypal

Top up Paypal with Discover card

Similar to American Express card, Discover card is a card issued by Vietinbank to help its customers make all transactions around the world. To top up your Paypal wallet, you just need to link your Discover card with your Paypal wallet and then make a top-up transaction as usual.

Top up Paypal with Paypal Cash

Top-up to Paypal account with Paypal Cash is similar to top-up with scratch card and currently Vietnam does not support card top-up like this.

To do this, you will buy a Paypal Cash card at Paypal’s agents or at foreign banks. Then use your Paypal Cash card to top up your Paypal account. If you do not know the deposit operation, you can also ask the support staff for the first time to make the recharge faster.

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Is there a fee to deposit money into Paypal?

When you make a deposit to your Paypal account, it will be completely free. However, you are also subject to fees when using the Paypal wallet in cases such as:

  • There will be 1 fee when transferring money to Paypal wallet by bank account. The amount of the fee will depend on the card type and the amount you transfer.
  • To top up your Paypal account in the form of scratch cards or Paypal Cash, you will pay a fee at the supporting agents.
  • When transferring money or withdrawing money to your bank account, you will also have to pay a fee according to Paypal’s regulations.

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Why can’t I top up my Paypal account?

The reason why when you have successfully linked your account to make a deposit to your Paypal wallet. But when checking the Paypal wallet account, the money has not been received or the error cannot be sent. Here are the reasons you can grasp:

  • It is possible that your bank account does not have enough balance to make a deposit over the limit amount.
  • Your bank account has been suspended, locked.
  • Entering wrong account information, the transaction failed when transferring money.
  • The outside PayPal money transaction encounters a scam when you have transferred the money but the other side does not transfer it back to your Paypal wallet.

Or the operations, transactions you have checked correctly but still have not received the money. You can contact Paypal to ask support staff to solve.

Information related to the Paypal application you can contact when having problems:


The above article is a summary of information about depositing money into your Paypal account for your reference. Please choose the loading method that you feel is most convenient for you and do it carefully to avoid unwanted errors.

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