Currently, the development of science and technology has led to the birth of many online jobs. Popular among young people today is enter the ad code to make money Also known as Captcha code. The amount that you can earn from typing Captcha ranges from 0.4 to 3 USD for 1000 web inputs.

So import ad code earn money What is? Where are the most prestigious places to enter Captcha to make money today? Let’s find out with lamchutaichinh through the article below.

Enter the ad code to make money?

Captcha stands for the phrase “Completely Automated Public Turing test to tell Computers and Humans Apart”, which is understood as an automated Turing test with pictures containing numbers or characters to distinguish between computers and humans. prevent spam, hacking, profiteering activities.

Enter the ad code to make money?
Enter the ad code to make money?

Entering advertising code to make money is a well-known form of making money online (MMO – Making Money Online). Captcha input is the act of decoding through an image of numbers, characters that are blurred, blurred, crossed that only humans can read. Although this job is simple, it requires the patience of the participants.

The amount of money earned when entering Captcha on average is about 1.5 USD, equivalent to 40,000-50,000 VND/hour if manipulated correctly. Depending on the speed of entering the code, you can earn more or less money. Besides, this job brings outstanding advantages. Detail:

  • Easy to join, simple and fast registration.
  • You do not have to invest capital when participating in the work of entering codes at reputable websites.
  • Be proactive in terms of working time, work from home at any time.
  • Simple work, does not require high technical skills.
  • Low minimum for withdrawal.

Besides the advantages mentioned above, this work still has some limitations such as:

  • The code difficulty is increasing
  • Many employers recruit collaborators to enter codes to cheat and force participants to pay capital.

Who can enter the advertising code to make money?

This job of entering advertising codes for money does not require skills and knowledge, but mainly relies on the perseverance of the participants. So this is the right one for those who:

  • Have a lot of free time and want to earn extra income
  • There is no specific direction for work
  • Want to take the initiative in working time, work online from home without going to the company’s office

It can be said that any object can do this job. Especially students, students and nursing mothers because they have a lot of time and want to have a job to make money online at home without spending money.

Forms of entering advertising codes to make money

Currently, there are many forms of captcha code for everyone to choose from, such as entering a code consisting of digits, characters, a sequence including both characters and digits, etc. Depending on the developer, there will be regulations. specify the code to enter. This is an emerging money-making job in our country, but abroad it is quite popular.

In previous years, Captcha codes were blurred, distorted images, … that users had to enter correctly to access the website. However, in 2014, Google launched a

Is it a scam to enter the promo code to make money?

artificial intelligence tool that goes beyond traditional Captcha by clicking on the “I am not a robot” box or selecting relevant images as required.

According to statistics, entering advertising codes to make money is considered a profession that has appeared for a long time and has been joined by many people abroad. But in Vietnam, it has only appeared in recent years. This makes many people wonder if this is some form of scam.

In fact, making money from entering codes is completely real. This form of making money is also quite popular. The amount of money earned will range from 40 – 50 thousand / hour (if done as required). However, at some non-reputable websites, employers will ask candidates to pay a certain amount of capital before joining.

Not to mention, the amount of money earned from this job is also not high. Therefore, it is necessary to have an understanding of the job of entering advertising codes to make money as well as learn carefully about the reputation of the website before applying for the positions of entering the code.

Should I enter the ad code to make money or not?

Choosing to participate or not depends on each person’s conditions and needs. There are some people who think that they should participate, but there are also opinions that they shouldn’t because the amount of money collected is small and it takes time.

But if you feel you are suitable for this job, you can choose reputable website addresses to work.

The situation of fraud and appropriation of property is increasingly sophisticated with many new forms, so you need to be very careful. It is best to choose transparent and reputable sites.

5+ websites that enter the easiest ad code to make money online

Because the work of entering this code is developed abroad, the reputable websites that are widely used are mainly from abroad. Typical:

Enter the ad code to make money at

Enter the ad code to make money at
Enter the ad code to make money at

Kolotibablo is the site enter the ad code to make money top reputation and popularity lamchutaichinh would like to introduce. According to the latest statistics, Kolotibablo has 111 Vietnamese captcha typing participants, 234 from Indonesia and 401 Venezuelans.

Your task is to process Captcha images, after completion, there will be an interface to enter the Captcha code. The remuneration for this job is about 1.5 – 3 USD/1000 completed codes.

Currently, this address supports multiple payment transaction methods. The minimum amount to execute a payment order is about 0.5 – 1 USD.

Registration instructions:

  • Step 1: Go to the homepage and select “Start Working“.
  • Step 2: At the registration interface, enter complete and accurate information and then click “Register“.
  • Step 3: After completing the registration, Kolotibablo will send an email to confirm the information. You return to the homepage, select the login item, fill in the information, select the “Login“.
  • Step 4: To work in the browser, you need to fully install the Kolotibablo Plugin and Certificate. In the right corner of the screen, select “Start Working” to start entering the code.

Enter the ad code to make money at

2captcha is also a website that you can completely trust. The advantage of this site is that it’s an easy way to join, you can withdraw money whenever you reach the minpay level, if you enter a lot incorrectly, your account will never be locked, you can do as much as you want. accumulate so much wages.

Enter the ad code to make money at
Enter the ad code to make money at

Similar to Kolotibablo, the payout of 2captcha is also very clear, when you enter 1000 Captcha images, you will receive 0.4 USD, and if you enter 1000 Captcha codes, you will get 1 USD. You can get even more if you enter a complex code.

2Captcha currently supports payments via: WebMoney, Bitcoin, Perfect Money and Uphold. Popular MMO bloggers recommend that you create a WebMoney wallet or use a Perfect Money account to easily receive payments.

Registration instructions:

  • Step 1: Visit the web link: to register.
  • Step 2: Fill in your email, password and confirmation image.
  • Step 3: Once you have an account, select “Start Work” to start making money.

Enter monetization ad code at

FastTypers is a website to enter Captcha code to make money on browsers like Google Chrome, Firefox. You will be paid from 0.7 – 2.2 USD/1000 codes. A special point is that the remuneration depends on the entry time frame. The highest paying time is at 1am – 6pm (Vietnam time). This site pays via PayPal, WebMoney, Perfect Money with a minimum payout of 5 USD/week.

Enter monetization ad code at
Enter monetization ad code at

Registration instructions:

  • Step 1: Go to and log in/register with your emailed account.
  • Step 2: Select “Login” to start the new interface.
  • Step 3: Click “Work” then select “Not idle” to start working.
  • Step 4: Check the amount achieved by going to “Earning Start”.

Enter the ad code to make money at Protypers

Enter the ad code to make money at Protypers
Enter the ad code to make money at Protypers

ProTypers is also a reputable and long-standing captcha entry site in the world today. You can absolutely earn from 0.45 USD – 1.5 USD for every 1000 Captcha images. At the same time, you can easily withdraw payment via: Payza, PayPal, Western Union…with minpay withdraw money to PayPal only from 3 USD.

Enter the ad code to make money at

Enter the ad code to make money at
Enter the ad code to make money at

Referring to the Captcha typing site to make money online, Megatypers cannot be ignored. Similar to the websites mentioned above, you can join for free and earn about 0.5 – 1.5 USD after entering 1000 codes. And when you have reached the minimum remuneration of 3 USD, you can withdraw money through many different payment methods such as Perfect Money, Western Union, etc.

Notes when entering the ad code to make money

Entering ad code to make money is one of the simple forms of making money online (MMO), suitable for everyone. To get a high income from here, you should pay attention to the following:

About how to do it:

  • Join the code every day to increase income.
  • Turn off typing in Vietnamese on your computer to avoid errors.
  • Pay special attention to image Captcha such as: verify, ignore, …
  • Must distinguish uppercase and lowercase letters when typing Captcha.
  • Carefully read the site’s specific requirements for each Captcha.
  • Type in full and correct digits, characters, including spaces.
  • You can ignore if the Captcha code is too blurry and hard to read

Stay away from reputable and fraudulent websites:

To earn extra income online in a safe, transparent and high-performance way, you should pay attention to your choice:

  • Website has a clear address and works well.
  • Conditions of participation are free, voluntary, stay away from recruitment posts of input collaborators with too high income.
  • The website has a clear remuneration policy and is committed to paying on time.
  • Flexible form of payment, it is recommended to pay via Paypal.

Some frequently asked questions about entering the ad code to earn money

Enter the promo code how much money do you earn per day

With this job, you can earn more at home besides the main source of income. If you work continuously and hard for 8 hours a day, you can absolutely earn about 4-6 USD, equivalent to 100,000 VND/day.

How to receive money after completing the code input

After you have completed the job of entering the advertising code to earn money, if you have accumulated enough minpay account to withdraw money to PayPal or other e-wallets supported by the website, you can proceed to withdraw money to your account. your personal account.

Is it complicated to enter a monetization ad code?

As mentioned above, this is a job that does not require high qualifications. However, there are Captcha codes that have their own difficulty and are random with relatively little frequency. Hard-to-type codes are blurred, in Roman, Egyptian, etc. Therefore, you must be a person with perseverance, patience and endure high pressure to be able to complete the job correctly and earn an income. stability.


Above, lamchutaichinh has provided information on what is the advertising code to make money, as well as introduced the 5 most reputable code entry websites today. Hopefully, through the article, you will have a better understanding of this form of MMO making money and choose a work address that suits your conditions and needs to earn extra income.

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