Account management fee is one of the fees that consumers always have to pay to the bank on a monthly basis. This fee is determined by each bank separately. Therefore, it is essential to understand the fees and charges to be paid. Let’s find out more about this in the detailed sharing below.

What is the account management fee schedule?
What is the account management fee schedule?

What is the account management fee?

Bank account management fees are the amounts that consumers need to pay to the bank when setting up a bank account. Currently, consumers need to pay for:

  • Account maintenance fee,
  • Annual fees,
  • SMS banking service fee,
  • Internet Banking and Mobile Banking fees,
  • Withdrawal fee/remittance fee,
  • Overseas transaction fees,
  • Statement printing fee

Why do banks charge account management fees?

The account management fee that users need to pay monthly is built for the purpose of maintaining the card account and maintaining that service. That is, it is used for the bank to determine if your account is still active or not, still using the service.

From there, it will also offer incentives for corresponding customers, helping users get the best experience. Each bank will have a different fee schedule based on utilities and incentives under separate policies.

What types of bank account management fees are included?

Currently, banks are collecting specific account management fees as follows:

Account maintenance fee

An account maintenance fee is a fee used to keep a payment card working. The normal card maintenance fee at banks is VND 50,000 and this amount is always kept in the card and becomes the minimum balance of the card. If you want to withdraw the entire amount, you will need to cancel the card. This is considered as the usage fee to stimulate customers to use the card regularly.

SMS Banking service fee

SMS Banking service fee is understood as the fee used for the bank to notify the balance change messages, OTP code issuance messages, etc. to confirm and protect the account. This service is always maintained by banks to help customers protect their accounts in the best way.

SMS fee used to maintain monthly SMS
SMS fee used to maintain monthly SMS

Internet Banking and Mobile Banking service fees

Internet Banking and Mobile Banking are known as online banking systems. Helping customers to make transfers, pay for services, pay bills, etc. on any smart device connected to the internet. For customers who register to use Internet Banking and Mobile Banking services, they need to bear this additional fee. If you do not register to use these 2 services, you do not need to bear this fee.

Fee schedule for account management at some banks in Vietnam

To help you understand more about account management fees, you can refer to the fee schedule of some banks below:

BankAccount maintenance feeInternet banking & Mobile banking feesSMS banking fee
VietinbankFreeVND 8,000VND 8,000
BIDV Bank26,400 VND/yearFreeVND 8,000
Vietcombank bank2,000 VNDVND 10,000VND 10,000
TP Bank5,000 VNDVND 10,000VND 11,000
VP BankVND 10,0004,000 VND9,000 VND
VIB . BankFreeFreeVND 10,000
ACB bankFree9,000 VND9,000 VND
Techcombank50,000 VND/yearVND 14,0009,900 VND
Sacombank Bank150,000 VND/quarterVND 10,000VND 10,000
HD Bank100,000 VND/monthFree9,900 VND

Some other types of bank fees customers should be aware of

In addition to the account management fees that customers need to pay above, you may have to pay some other fees as follows:

Annual fee for account, card

The annual fee is the fee that is applied to credit cards and is required for customers to pay annually. This is a fee used to maintain the card account and to enable the user to enjoy the benefits of using the card.

Normally, the annual fee that users need to pay for a domestic card is VND 50,000 – VND 100,000. As for Mastercard/Visa international payment cards, it will be about 100,000 VND – 500,000 VND/year for high value cards.

Account management fees for better account maintenance
Account management fees for better account maintenance

Withdrawal and money transfer fees

Withdrawal/transfer fee is a fee applied to customers when making money transfer/withdrawal at ATMs or when customers use e-banking. This amount will only be calculated when the customer uses the service, not the monthly collection.

Overseas transaction fees

If you make payments abroad, you may lose an extra non-transaction fee. Each transaction will be charged a fee according to the regulations of the banks in that country, which usually accounts for less than 3% of the total amount of the transaction.

Statement printing fee

The final account management fee that many people need to pay when using the service. Customers only need to pay the statement fee in case they need to use it such as financial check, financial verification, etc.

If customers intend to borrow overdraft or unsecured loans, they also need to make a statement to verify the account and complete the loan procedure. When making a statement, customers need to pay a fee ranging from 20,000 to 100,000 VND depending on the type of credit card or bank they are using.

How much is the bank account opening/closing fee?

When opening a bank account, customers will be free to open a card, but in case of closing the account, the customer will have to bear a certain fee. Except for Vietcombank, Agribank, TPBank, BIDV, HDBank, customers will be free to close the card if they have used the service for 1 year.

Customers can refer to the fee schedule for closing accounts at some banks as follows:

Account closing feeBank
Free for 1 yearVietcombank, Agribank, BIDV, HDBank, TPBank
11,000 VNDLienvietPostBank
20,000 – 22,000 VND
  • OceanBank, DongA Bank, OceanBank, SHB
  • Using less than 1 year: Vietcombank, Agribank, BIDV, HDBank, TPBank
33,000 VNDABBank, BaoViet Bank
55,000 VND
  • VietABank, Nam A Bank, VPBank, Vietinbank, Eximbank, VIB, SCB, Sacombank, Techcombank, NCB, MBBank
  • Use less than 1 year: SHB
110,000 VND
  • Shinhan Bank
  • Using less than 1 year: HDBank


Thus, we have helped you understand the account management fees that need to be paid periodically. If you have any doubts about the bank service fee schedule, you can contact us for support.

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