LOTTE Finance aka Flexible Financial Services of LOTTE Finance in Vietnam is developed based on understanding the style and lifestyle of the Vietnamese people, combining advanced technology platforms such as Fintech, Big Data.

Overview of LOTTE Finance

  • Established in 1948, LOTTE is one of the largest global corporations in Korea, engaged in a wide range of businesses including distribution, hospitality, tourism, F&B, construction, chemistry and finance.
  • LotteCard operates across the Group’s entire network and infrastructure LOTTEfrom department stores, supermarkets, online shopping to movie theaters and coffee shops.
    In 2017, LotteCard signed an Agreement to buy back 100% of shares of a financial company belonging to one of the largest banks in Vietnam, marking the group’s expansion of investment and penetration into the financial sector. LOTTE here. Business License of Finance Company LOTTE (LOTTE Finance) was approved by the State Bank of Vietnam in September 2018, making LotteCard the first Korean credit card company allowed to operate in Vietnam.
  • Financial services of LOTTE Finance in Vietnam is developed based on customer understanding, combined with modern and advanced technology platforms such as Fintech, Big Data. The company’s goal is to become the leading financial service provider in Vietnam, bringing financial solutions that are flexible and suitable for people’s lifestyles, thereby increasing value and benefits. for customers, and at the same time is the basis for optimizing the infrastructure platform, approaching the increasingly diverse needs of consumers.

Advantages of borrowing at LOTTE Finance

  • Loan amount up to 100 million VND
  • Loan term from 6-36 months
  • Very attractive interest rate
  • Free Consultation.
  • After being staffed by LOTTE Finance product consulting. The customer chooses the appropriate loan and submits the loan application.
  • Based on the profile provided by the Customer, LOTTE Finance will appraise and send to Customer the approval results.
  • After signing the loan contract, the customer receives the money directly through the bank account or at the transaction point from the partner of the bank LOTTE Finance such as: Vnpost, Vietinbank…

Loan products at LOTTE Finance

  • Loans for customers who are Women
  • Loans for customers who are government employees
  • Loans for customers with salary income
  • Loans for customers with utility bills
  • Loans for customers with Health Insurance Card
  • Loans for customers with life insurance policies
  • Loans for customers with a history of borrowing at credit institutions
  • Loans for customers with Bank Statements
  • Installment loan for English course

Conditions when borrowing

  • Customers age: 20-60 years old
  • Customer has an official labor contract, working officially at state agencies for at least 3 months. (Depending on loan type)
  • Customer receives salary via bank account.
  • Customers have a minimum income of 3 million VND/month. (Depending on loan type)
  • Receive salary via bank account.

Steps to apply for a loan at LOTTE Finance

Step 1: Visit the website now LOTTE Finance Apply for a loan using the link below

Click to borrow now!

Step 2: At the homepage, please proceed Choose loan amount and Choose loan period

Easy cash loans with Lotte Finance

Step 3: Then enter all loan registration information including: Select a form of income, Select a document to provide, Personal information (Full name, Gender, Date of birth, ID number, Current city, province, Phone number)

Easy cash loans with Lotte Finance

Step 4: Receive notification of successful registration, please turn on your phone so that a consultant can contact you as soon as possible!

Easy cash loans with Lotte Finance

Step 5: Get product advice from staff – Staff Lotte Finance We will contact you to advise and guide you to prepare the necessary documents

Step 6: Apply for a loan – You need to provide the Profile according to the instructions of Lotte Finance. Note: You do not have to pay any fees for applying for a loan

Step 7: Wait for the approval result – Based on the information you provide, Lotte Finance will evaluate and notify you of the approval result

Step 8: Sign the loan contract – Lotte Finance will guide you to the nearest place to sign the Loan Contract, and advise you on all contract terms, fees, payment date, monthly payment amount and other information.

Step 9: Get cash – After signing the loan contract, you can choose to receive money at the Post Office, through your Bank account or at the transaction points of other partners of Lotte Finance

Click to borrow now!

If you have any problems with registration and service activation, please contact LOTTE Finance

  • Address: Floor 12A, West Tower, Lotte Center Hanoi, 54 Lieu Giai, Ba Dinh, Hanoi, Vietnam
  • TEL: 1900 6866
  • Website:
  • Customer support and consultation time: Monday to Friday: 7:00 AM to 10:00 PM – Saturday, Sunday, Public Holiday/Tet: 8:00 AM to 10:00 PM


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