Everyone in life wants to have a happy and rich family. However, many people just because of the word “rich” have fallen and caused many consequences for their families later on. Because they used the wrong methods of getting rich, which led to a life of poverty and debt.

However, today’s market is full of opportunities that you can seize and use to create the life of your dreams. Therefore, Lamchutaichinh will suggest you 10+ simple way to get rich but very durable and long lasting.

10+ Simple ways to get rich with low capital and high profits

The following simple ways to get rich are very practical and will help you make money fast. Therefore, your job now is to choose which method best suits your needs and preferences. Then, start doing it with a serious attitude, try and persevere to create success later.

Feng shui design consultation

Get rich from feng shui design consultancy
Get rich from feng shui design consultancy

Currently, the spiritual factor is being focused by many people. And in fact, when building a house, office, buying an apartment, etc., you will find an expert to advise you on how to design the most suitable feng shui. Therefore, if you are experienced or passionate about this field, here is a simple way to get rich you can do.

To be trusted by customers and use feng shui consulting services, you must have a deep and wide knowledge of design, feng shui, or more in-depth horoscopes, etc. Thereby, you can design, arrange items or decorate the house beautifully, attract wealth and suit the needs of customers.

In addition to knowledge, this job also requires love from yourself. And of course, if you are successful in this area, then the money will automatically go into your wallet.

Learn and be a makeup artist – Makeup Artist

Beauty is an indispensable need for any woman. And makeup is also a good choice to help you earn extra income. To be able to do beautiful makeup, you need to have a love for the job, experience and a little aptitude for this job. Then, you can improve your skills by investing time and money to learn to become a professional makeup artist.

Makeup Artist - Simple way to get rich
Makeup Artist – Simple way to get rich

In addition to women, nowadays, you can also meet guys who love light makeup when going out. It can be seen that make-up artist is an almost impossible profession in the current era.

Depending on your skills, reputation as well as the ability to fully meet the needs of customers, you can earn an amount from 300 thousand to several million dong per customer. However, in order to be accepted by customers with extremely high makeup prices, you have to work hard and learn from famous cosmetic brands, professional makeup artists or cosmetic KOLs.

Furniture trading business

Furniture trading is one of the “money making” professions and one of the simplest ways to get rich.

Furniture trading.
Furniture trading.

Furniture is an indispensable item in any home and any family needs to enjoy life. Therefore, to be able to have a successful business in this field, you must be knowledgeable about interior design and materials to get results. Besides, your design, quality, price and customer care are important to determine the profit of your wallet.

Currently, in the market, there are many people participating in this business field. Therefore, you should choose a separate direction and satisfy customers in that niche to easily achieve success later.

Selling handmade goods online

Selling handmade goods online
Selling handmade goods online

Nowadays, not everyone gets a large amount of capital before starting a business. Therefore, if you are a skillful person and have good creativity, then an online handmade business is the most suitable choice.

Handmade utensils are a trend that is very popular with many customers because of their creativity and “difficult to touch” from them. With uniqueness, sophistication and personal character, handmade products have become competitors to beat industrially produced products on the market.

Open a pet beauty service

Pet grooming is a simple way to get rich
Pet grooming is a simple way to get rich

This is one of the simple ways to earn money for a pet lover. Currently, beauty and pet care services are being interested and welcomed by many customers.

An undeniable fact, the cost of beautifying pets is even more expensive than beautifying customers. Here, pets are cared for in a thoughtful and meticulous way such as bathing, trimming, dyeing, spa, manicure and looking after them when the owner is away. It can be said that pet grooming will be an attractive service and will become one of the fastest ways to get rich.

Fashion design with great income

Fashion design with great income
Fashion design with great income

With the increasing beauty needs of women today, owning a unique, unmatched outfit and expressing personal style is attracting a lot of customers. And one of the simple ways to get rich is to become a professional fashion designer.

To be able to do this job well, you need to be equipped with knowledge of today’s clothing and fashion styles. And of course, you will have a hard time finding your own customers when you first start this job.

With a custom garment, you can price the product from a personal perspective. With the cost of the costumes being 100 thousand, you can sell them for 500 thousand or more depending on your creativity. Besides, you should note that you should create reasonable costumes and set prices appropriately to attract more and more customers.

Be a tutor, instructor or coach

Be a tutor, instructor or coach

If you are a professional person and love the job of imparting knowledge to people, the job of a tutor or a coach will be very suitable for you. Besides, this simple way to get rich is suitable for many subjects from schoolchildren, students, to adults.

The key to this profession is the quality and effectiveness you can bring to your students. Therefore, you not only provide knowledge to help students become better and more confident, but also help them find their own path later. Then, these practitioners will bring you prestige and fame.

Open a flower shop combined with an online business

Open a flower shop combined with an online business
Open a flower shop combined with an online business

The model of opening a florist shop combined with an online business is one of the richer models that you cannot ignore. Having both direct and online business, you only need to invest a relatively small amount of capital but the ability to earn very high profits, so this method is being favored by many people.

On holidays, anniversaries, grand openings, etc. of the year are the days that attract a lot of customers to buy flowers to serve their decoration and gifting needs. This is a good opportunity if you are a flower lover and have high aesthetics, flower business will be a job to help you get rich quickly.

Simple rules to know if you want to get rich

Knowing the jobs that make you rich may not necessarily make you rich. Because of today’s reality, a lot of people have used the method to get rich quick and ended up in poverty and debt. Here, Lamchutaichinh will share with you some advice from financial experts on the basic rules to help you succeed at work.

Earn money while saving

In fact, saving is one of the simple ways to get rich that is being applied by many successful people. Because then, your financial reserve will be more and more and you can perform the necessary work.

Earn money while saving
Earn money while saving

However, saving is only a necessary condition. Therefore, in order to get rich quickly, you have to make money even if you use it to save. More specifically, keeping money in your pocket without letting it “work” will make you miss many opportunities for wealth. And a common feature of today’s billionaires is that they have a habit of saving but also attract many other sources of income from it.

Investing is an effective way to get rich

Surely you will also hear a lot of people in life wishing to invest to get rich. And in fact, this is an obvious thing in this day and age. Because when you invest, you can help generate more money and increase assets quickly.

Therefore, this may explain why the rich get richer and the poor get poorer. Because the poor, they only worry about accumulation, do not add new knowledge and do not dare to invest.

Always be proactive at work

For example, if you have a salary of 8 million VND/month, how long will it take you to become a billionaire? And the answer you will get is a very long time 10 years, 20 years, etc. In fact, those who are used to an average and stable annual income will find it very difficult to get rich. On the contrary, those who accept challenges, accept salary according to the quality of work and actively seek new opportunities will become richer faster. Therefore, one of the principles in how to get rich simply is your initiative in the existing work.

Don’t waste money on unnecessary things

Many people today often lead a life “full of wallet at the beginning of the month, out of money at the end of the month”. Therefore, even if you have the opportunity to earn more money, higher salary, you cannot become rich in that life.

Billionaires often only buy and use essentials and say “no” to luxury goods even though their economy is solid. However, sometimes you should also reward yourself for the achievements you have made to have the spirit to move forward. And you should get rid of the wasteful living habits so that you can become rich.

Follow your own dream

Follow your own dream
Follow your own dream

In fact, today’s young people are always looking for ways to get rich from pursuing other people’s passions. Therefore, they become more and more depressed, tired, easy to give up and unable to get rich. Besides, this also makes you lose joy in life, affects the quality of work leading to financial decline.

Therefore, if you want to get rich, you must first be passionate about what you are doing. Because passion will help you be more motivated, joyful as well as more loving in life. From there, the money will come to you on its own.

Having a clear purpose is the fastest way to get rich

In addition to the passion for work, you must also have a clear purpose in life in order to become rich. Of course, this identification process is not an easy one. You have to invest a lot in yourself, improve knowledge as well as time to be able to reap “sweet results” later. According to experts, the opportunity to get rich in life is always shared by everyone, but the important thing is how you seize it.

Don’t have the thought that getting rich is out of reach

For those who are still on a low income, they think that being rich is a blessing and always think that all ways to get rich are out of reach. However, this is a mistake and will cause the idea of ​​​​”complete poverty”.

According to experts, before getting rich, you must believe that you will succeed and become rich. Thereby, a new path in life will come and give you a new desire to get rich.


Above, Lamchutaichinh shared for you simple way to get rich and the rules that make you rich. Therefore, you should consult and practice to grasp the market demand. From there, you can research and choose the most effective way to develop your own enrichment career.

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