Asia Commercial Bank (ACB) is one of the largest and most prestigious commercial joint stock banks today with many products and customer support services. Interest rate Unsecured loans according to ACB’s salary In 2021, there are many incentives applied to customers with salary transfer income.

ACB unsecured loan by salary how? What is the profile and conditions? In this article, Banktop will guide customers on how to get the most adequate salary from ACB unsecured loans.

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About ACB Bank

ACB’s full name is Asia Commercial Joint Stock Bank, officially operating in Vietnam since 1993. ACB’s main products and services include:

  • Mobilizing capital through savings accounts
  • Use of capital (support for installment loans, Mortgage loan … )
  • Intermediary services (making payment, money transfer, foreign currency exchange, life insurance, etc.)
  • Trading foreign currency, gold
  • Issuance and payment of debit and credit cards.
unsecured loan ABC
ACB is one of the largest banks in Vietnam

ACB unsecured loan is a product using ACB’s capital aimed at individual customers who need capital for shopping for consumption, personal expenses.. ACB unsecured loan product is registered by many customers because advantages of interest rates, registration process quick loan and associated support services.

What is ACB unsecured loan?

ACB unsecured loan is a loan product that does not need collateral, does not need a guarantor, is a loan product deployed by ACB to meet the consumption needs of customers. With a loan limit at ACB, customers can use it for many different purposes such as paying school fees, studying, paying hospital fees, shopping, buying household appliances, etc.

Types of unsecured loans from ACB Bank

  • Business loan products: Regarding this loan product, ACB offers many incentives to facilitate business development of individuals and organizations along with promoting economic development of the country.
  • Flexible consumer loan products: This is the fastest solution to your personal consumption problem.
  • Loan products for production and business investment: Loans for production and business investment are credit products to support capital for customers with medium and long-term business capital needs.

Advantages of unsecured loans from ACB according to salary

  • Customers do not need a guarantee from the company, family, no collateral.
  • ACB unsecured loan is a quick and effective solution to meet the timely financial needs of customers.
  • Level bank unsecured loan at ACB is high, 15 times the salary and up to 500 million VND.
  • Simple loan procedures and documents, quick disbursement
  • Competitive interest rates compared to other banks and financial companies.
  • ACB’s customer support service operates 24/7

Conditions for unsecured loans of ACB Bank

Currently, ACB only supports products borrow money according to payroll for individual customers. And to apply for a loan in this form, customers need to meet the following conditions:

  • Customers are Vietnamese individuals aged 22
  • The loan period at the end of the application is not more than 55 years old for Women and 60 years old for Men
  • Working time at the company at least 12 months
  • Income from 7 million VND / month for customers in HCM – Hanoi and 5 million VND / month for customers in other provinces.

Dossier for ACB unsecured loan according to payroll

ACB unsecured loan documents include:

  • Loan application form according to the form of ACB bank.
  • Have a salary statement of the last 3 months at the office or company you are working for.
  • Having papers related to the work and profession of the agency, organization or company.
  • ID/Passport
  • Household registration book/Temporary residence book/Certificate of temporary residence.
  • Some other papers according to regulations of ACB.
Unsecured loan from ACB Bank
ACB loan application is quite simple

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ACB’s unsecured consumer loan process

The ACB consumer loan process includes the following steps:

  • Step 1: Customers go to ACB transaction counters or call the Hotline to register for unsecured loans and receive advice from staff.
  • Step 2: Prepare documents
  • Step 3: Submit loan application
  • Step 4: The bank appraises the application and approves the loan limit.
  • Step 5: Announcement of results and disbursement of loan documents.

Refer: Hotline ACB 24/7

ACB bank unsecured loan interest rate

Table of interest rates for unsecured loans of ACB bank:

Loan purposeUnsecured consumer loan interest rate
Interest calculated on the original outstanding balanceInterest calculated on the reducing balance
Unsecured consumer loan12 years22%/year
Flexible consumer loans (loan interest rate per day)About 0.05%/dayAbout 0.06%/day

Currently, ACB applies two methods of calculating interest rates for products installment loan:

  • Calculating interest based on diminishing loan balance
  • Calculate interest based on the original principal balance


  • Interest rate from 10%/year calculated on the original principal or 17%/year on the reducing balance for customers receiving salary over 15 million/month
  • Interest rate from 11%/year calculated on the original principal or 18%/year on the reducing balance for customers receiving salary below 15 million/month

USAAn example of how to calculate ACB unsecured loan interest rate: For a loan with a limit of 100 million in installments for a period of 2 years, the applicable interest rate is 27%/year, VND 5,438,023 is the monthly payment including principal and interest.

Total interest payable in 2 years is: VND 30,512,549. In particular, the interest will be calculated according to the actual outstanding balance, so it will gradually decrease until the end of the loan term.

Detailed spreadsheet:

first27.00%5.438.0232,250,000 won3.188.023

Refer: Bank interest rate ACB Latest updates

Instructions to pay ACB unsecured loan contract

ACB applies the form of automatic debt deduction for ACB unsecured loan contracts. Each quick online loan when disbursed will be created an ACB bank account number. In the payment period, customers only need to deposit money into this account 1 to 2 days before and the ACB system will automatically debit.

Customers can top up their debit account in many ways:

  • Internet Banking Transfer
  • Deposit money directly at ACB bank counters or other banks.

Some questions when applying for an ACB unsecured loan

Does ACB support bad debt customers to get unsecured loans?

No! ACB does not support the group of customers with bad debts paying attention according to the regulations of the State Bank.

Is it possible to close the application before the due date when borrowing money from ACB?

Maybe! The early settlement of loan documents not only helps customers save an interest, but also increases their personal credit score and is prioritized for high-limit loan approval in the next time.

How long does it take to disburse?

The process of appraising and disbursing ACB loan documents is quick in 1-2 working days.

Can I get an ACB unsecured loan without a payroll?

In order to support more customers, ACB is now able to support customers without unsecured payroll in the following ways:

  • ACB unsecured loan through invoice
  • ACB unsecured loan through life insurance
  • ACB unsecured loan via credit card

Instructions for the fastest disbursement of Vietcombank unsecured loans


Above is information about the process, conditions and documents of VPBank unsecured loan by salary, hopefully the article has provided useful information for you. If you have a need for a quick loan at ACB, please fill out all information in the registration form quick online loana consultant will contact you in 5 minutes.

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