In some urgent cases, customers using Agribank’s services can directly contact the hotline number Agribank switchboard for fastest support. All agents are well-trained and professional, ready to support customers 24/7.

Contact information for Agribank Customer Care Center:

A little about Agribank

Bank for Agriculture and Rural Development of Vietnam with the English transaction name is Vietnam Bank for Agriculture and Rural Development, abbreviated Agribank. This is a state-owned commercial bank, established on March 26, 1988. Head office address is at Agribank Building, 2 Lang Ha, Ba Dinh, Hanoi.

Todai Agribank
Vietnam Bank for Agriculture and Rural Development Agribank

Up to now, by total assets, Agribank is the largest commercial bank in Vietnam. After more than 30 years of construction, Agribank now has more than 2,300 branches across 63 provinces.

Agribank currently has more than 40,000 employees and thousands of ATMs and POS machines nationwide. Agribank deployed over 200 products and services, attracting more than 16 million customers.

Agribank Toll Free 24/7 Call Center Number

The phone number of customer care hotline, Agribank customer support hotline is:

  • 1900 558 818
  • (+84) 2432053205

This is a 24/7 service phone number, including weekends, holidays and New Year’s Eve.

In addition, customers can contact via:

  • Email: [email protected]
  • Facebook:
  • Youtube:
  • Head office address: No. 2 Lang Ha, Thanh Cong ward, Ba Dinh district, Hanoi

Todai Agribank
Agribank Call Center 24/7

Instructions on How to Call Agribank Customer Care Center

When calling the Agribank switchboard 1900 558 818 (Calling fee is 1,500 VND), you press the following number keys to select support services:

Select language

  • 1 key: Vietnamese
  • 2 key: English

Select support service

  • 1 key: To request an emergency service lock
  • 2 key: For transaction information support
  • 3 key: To reflect on Agribank’s service attitude or products and services
  • 5 . key: To hear information about exchange rates and promotions
  • Key *: To listen again
  • # key: To return to the previous category

Save idea: When calling Agribank switchboard, you should prepare your ID card, CCCD, card number, account number and clearly state your problem for the best support.

Agribank Customer Care Hotline Nationwide

With an extremely large number of customers, the Agribank switchboard may have an error or overload. Therefore, customers can call the Agribank customer care hotline at the branches where they live for the fastest support.

Phone Number Hotline Agribank Ho Chi Minh

Agribank has 185 branches and transaction offices in Ho Chi Minh City. In which, Tan Binh district has 18 branches, District 1 has 15 branches, number of branches in District 5 has 14 branches and some other districts.

Phone number for Agribank TP. Ho Chi Minh City, the representative office in the South is 08.39141399; 0938,996.007. In addition, customers can find the branch hotline according to the following table:

BranchFixed numberMobile number
Agribank Branch in District 1028.392085480912.2028.548
Agribank Branch in District 3028.629071360906.595.979
Agribank Branch in District 4028.394128830905.077.123


Agribank Branch in District 5028.3924667809028.560,668
Agribank Branch in District 6028.396969600913.821.155
Agribank Branch in District 7028.387236920903.155.123
Agribank Branch in District 8028.667393600919.185.050 VND
Agribank Branch in District 90919.185.050 VND09028,895,282/0912.115,808
Agribank Branch in District 10028.385344430918.564.610
Agribank Branch in District 11028.397471980938.262.835
Agribank An Phu Branch028.38124011-6010942.222.614
Agribank An Suong Branch028.38835067 (ext. 104)0909.721.903
Agribank Ben Thanh Branch028.383357570911.931.631
Agribank East Saigon Branch028.374068850903.995.469

Agribank Hanoi Switchboard Number

In Hanoi, Agri bank has 294 branches and transaction offices. The main branches in Cau Giay district have 29 branches, Hai Ba Trung district has 25 branches, Ba Dinh district has 22 branches, …

The hotline number of the Internal Control Department at Agribank’s head office in Hanoi is: 024 38379015 – 024 38379016. In addition, the hotline numbers of Agribank branches in Hanoi can be looked up in the following table:

Branch Fixed numberMobile number
North Hanoi branch of Agribank024.376748330947,561.888
Agribank Dong Anh Branch024.388377450124,243.6378/0983,916,698
Agribank Ha Tay branch024.338260850989,383.287/0983,287,399 VND
Agribank Hong Ha Branch024.39263453/024.392632980912.873.963/0912.139,889
Agribank Me Linh Branch024.381812560912.134.438/0984,032,093
Agribank Son Tay Branch024.338329650168.287.2675/0978.807.389
Agribank Thanh Tri Branch024.38615226/024.386152070989.375.373
Agribank Thanh Xuan Branch024.3564176909024.351.134/0903.215.634
Agribank Thu Do Branch024.39448753024.39448753/024.39448753
Transaction basis024.377276110912.604.686

Agribank Hotline Phone Numbers Provinces

The hotline number of Agribank’s central region representative office is 0511,3622602; 0511,3622605; 0913.493.017. Summary of Agribank switchboard phone numbers of provinces in the following table:

Other Provincial BranchesFixed numberMobile number
North Nam Dinh branch0350.36721000904.042.819 / 0936.630,738
Bac Ninh Branch0241.38225240914,284.289 VND
Ha Nam Branch0351,3852.8460912,290,986
Hai Phong Branch031.38535080912.392.790
Binh Dinh Branch056.3525.6480983.441.789
Agribank Da Nang Branch0511.3888.555 / 0511.38234960914.063.131
Gia Lai branch059.37190910976,146,693
An Giang Branch02963.9548520971.677.288 VND
Binh Duong Branch0274.382565098.215.7749
Ca Mau Branch0290,62824140918,641,864

Other Agribank Customer Care Center Contact Channels

Contact Agribank customer care via Facebook

Step 1: Go to Facebook Fanpage of Agribank

Step 2: Select the item “Messages”. At the wire you can send questions and concerns about the bank’s services/products.

Contact Agribank customer care via Facebook
Contact Agribank customer care via Facebook

Support Agribank Customer Care via Email

For requests for assistance or complaints; You can compile all information and send it to Agribank’s Email address: [email protected]

Taking care of Agribank customers via E-MOBILE BANKING

The Agribank application has customer support features such as:

  • Support querying account/card information
  • Payment for utility services (payment for electricity, water, Internet, …)
  • Fast and secure money transfer.

In order to bring convenience to customers, now Agribank E-Mobile Banking application has been developed on two popular platforms, Android and iOS:

Functions of Agribank Customer Care Call Center

Some functions of Agribank switchboard – 24/7 customer care hotline are:

  • Look up information on foreign exchange rates, interest rates, working hours and banking networks.
  • Want to learn about the bank’s products and services such as loanscredit card, payment account.
  • Guidance and support when using internet banking services agribank, mobile banking, sms banking agribank
  • Notice of account lock, card lock, card loss.
  • Need to query transaction information, report transaction problems.
  • Have questions or complaints about the bank’s products and services.

Is Agribank Customer Service Good?

The answer is YES, why?

  • The service time of the Agribank switchboard is 24 hours a day and 7 days a week (24/7).
  • Support most of the necessary and urgent needs for customers when using the service.
  • Professional staff, dedicated customer care.
  • Customers can actively contact anywhere, at any time.
  • All transactions through the 24/7 Customer Service Center are best kept confidential.

Can’t Call Agribank Customer Service Phone Number What To Do?

If Agribank’s customer care switchboard number is faulty or overloaded due to many contacts, customers can directly call the branch’s hotline number or go to the transaction counter to perform their search needs for quick support. best. In addition, customers can visit the website for detailed information about Agribank’s products and services.

Is there a fee to contact the Agribank switchboard?

When calling the Call Center – Hotline Agribank 1900558818 (This switchboard number only applies to customers with a Vietnamese subscriber number), you will be charged a phone fee of 1,500 VND/minute.

Notes When Contacting Agribank’s Phone Number

For emergencies, customers should prepare personal information such as: Full name, ID number, Account number or card number, etc. to get support as quickly as possible, avoiding affecting benefits. of cutomer.

If you are near the bank or the services cannot be exchanged via the switchboard number, you should go to the Agribank branch or transaction office for the fastest and most reasonable settlement.


Through the above article, customers have grasped the hotline number Agribank switchboard is 1900 558 818 with the function of supporting all customer needs about products and services, or answering customer questions and complaints. In addition to the central hotline number, customers can also directly contact the phone numbers of the nearest branches.

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