Agribank is linked with almost all banks in the market, so customers can easily make cash withdrawals at ATMs of any bank.

ATM card gradually becomes a useful payment tool to help customers make transactions quickly and conveniently. However, even though they have owned and used Agribank ATM cards for a while, many customers still do not know which banks they are using are affiliated with?

Therefore, in the article below, which ATM will Agribank Card Opener update customers with Agribank cards?


What is AgriBank ATM card?

Agribank ATM card is a payment card issued by Bank for Agriculture and Rural Development of Vietnam, divided into 2 main types: debit card and credit card.

Agribank ATM card is loved and trusted by many customers

AgriBank ATM card allows customers to perform transactions such as withdrawing money, transferring money and paying bills such as electricity, internet, air tickets, etc. In addition, international cards allow customers to pay for transactions. Online translation in the country and abroad is very fast and convenient.

Classification of Agribank ATM cards

Debit Card (Debit Card)

With this method, customers can spend as much money on the card as they can. When the money in the account is exhausted, the customer will no longer be able to use the card to pay. Currently, there are two types of debit cards:

  • Success domestic debit card
  • Plus Success domestic debit card

AgriBank credit card

AgriBank credit card has the feature of spending first, paying later. Accordingly, the bank will grant you a limit, you can spend and shop within that limit. Normally, customers will be exempted from interest within 45 days, after this time must pay the principal balance to the bank. Types of Agribank credit cards:

  • Standard Agribank credit card
  • Agribank Gold Credit Card
  • Credit Card Agribank Mastercard Gold
  • Agribank Mastercard Platinum Credit Card
  • Mastercard Gold
  • Mastercard Platinum
  • Agribank JCB Gold credit card
  • JCB Gold Card

Student Link Card

Agribank issues this card to support university students to use to pay their tuition fees every year.

Brand Affiliate Card

Brand association card is a product of cooperation between Agribank and companies, corporations, businesses, commercial centers, shopping… for the purpose of supporting customers to pay and enjoy attractive incentives from bank.

Career card

This business card is a bank for students and students with capital to start a business or start a business. To own an Agribank business card, customers need to meet the criteria required by the bank. If customers need to establish a business, please contact the bank for advice on making a card.

Which ATMs can Agribank cards be withdrawn at?

At which banks can AgriBank ATM cards be withdrawn?

Currently, AgriBank is associated with most banks in the market, so customers can more conveniently withdraw money. Specifically, the list of banks associated with AgriBank customers can refer to as follows:

  • Vietcombank bank
  • Vietinbank
  • Sacombank Bank
  • Techcombank
  • BIDV Bank
  • VIB . Bank
  • Dong a Bank
  • Saigon Bank for Industry and Trade – Saigonbank
  • Vietnam Construction Bank – VNCB
  • Nam A Bank – Nam A bank
  • Global Petroleum Bank – GP bank
  • Public Bank of Vietnam – PvCombank
  • Viet A Bank – Navibank
  • Tien Phong Bank
  • Southern bank
  • Import-Export Bank
  • Maritime Bank
  • ACB bank
  • SHB Bank
  • ACB bank
  • Bao Viet Bank
  • Bank Indo Vina bank
  • North Asia Bank
  • East bank
  • Lien Viet Bank
  • Hong Leong Bank
  • Shinhan Bank
  • Kien Long Bank
  • Mekong Development Bank
  • Mekong Delta Housing Development Bank -MHB
  • An Binh Bank – ABBank
  • Ocean Bank – Ocean Bank
  • Southeast Asia Bank – Seabank
  • Petrolimex Petroleum Bank – PG bank
  • Vietnam Russia Joint Venture Bank
  • VP Bank
  • City Bank
  • HD Bank
  • MB Bank

Thus, it can be seen that AgriBank is associated with most of the banks present in the Vietnamese market. Besides domestic banks, foreign banks associated with AgriBank also help customers withdraw money quickly.

AgriBank ATM card withdrawal limit at ATM

Cash withdrawal limit at ATM of AgriBank

card typeLevel
Domestic debit cardStandard card: 25,000,000 VND/day
Gold card: 50,000,000 VND/day.
Withdrawal limit 01 time: 5,000,000 VND/transaction.
International Debit CardStandard card: 25,000,000 VND/day.
Gold card: 50,000,000 VND/day.
Withdrawal limit 1 time: 5 million VND/transaction.
CreditStandard card: 15,000,000 VND/day
Gold card: 50,000,000 VND/day
Platinum card: 100,000,000 VND/day.
Maximum withdrawal limit 01 time: Unlimited amount (not exceeding the limit/day).
Minimum withdrawal limit is: 50,000 VND/time (applicable to international and domestic debit cards, not credit cards)
Maximum limit for cash withdrawal/advance abroad: Not more than 30,000,000 VND/day (applicable to all international cards issued by Agribank).
Table 1 Cash withdrawal limit at AgriBank’s ATM

Withdrawal limit at other banks’ ATMs

Maximum withdrawal limit/daySimilar to the withdrawal limit at ATMs of Agribank.
Maximum withdrawal limit 1 timeDomestic and international debit cards: 3,000,000 VND/transaction.
Credit card: Unlimited amount (no more than limit/day).
Table 2 Cash withdrawal limits at other banks’ ATMs

AgriBank ATM card withdrawal fee

When making a withdrawal transaction, the customer will have to bear the withdrawal fee according to the bank’s regulations. Withdrawal fees are as follows:

Fees for withdrawing money at AgriBank ATMs

  • Domestic and international debit cards: 1,000 VND/transaction.
  • Credit card: 2% of the transaction amount. Minimum 20,000 VND/transaction.

Fees for withdrawing money at other banks’ ATMs

Domestic debit card

  • Domestic Vietnam: 3,000 VND/transaction.
  • Outside Vietnam: 40,000 VND/transaction.

International Debit Card

  • Domestic Vietnam: 10,000 VND/transaction.
  • Outside Vietnam: 4% of the transaction amount; minimum 50,000 VND/transaction.


  • 4% of the transaction amount.
  • Minimum 50,000 VND/transaction.

Instructions on how to withdraw money with AgriBank ATM card

Instructions on how to withdraw money with AgriBank ATM card

Withdrawal steps at ATM Agribank are the same as other banks. Specifically, the steps are as follows.

  • Step 1: Customers go to AgriBank’s ATM system or other ATMs associated with Agribank
  • Step 2: Insert the card into the ATM machine in the direction of the arrow, select the language and enter the Pin code.
  • Step 3: Select cash withdrawal from credit card.
  • Step 4: Enter the amount you want to withdraw and press Enter.
  • Step 5: Depending on each cashier, the money comes out before the card or vice versa.

Some common mistakes when withdrawing money other than AgriBank ATMs

In the process of using ATM withdrawals, Agribank customers may encounter some errors. As follows:

  • Swallowed ATM card: A swallowed ATM card can be caused by a faulty ATM or by the user himself such as: entering the wrong PIN code, performing ATM operations too slowly, performing the wrong process of receiving money and receiving money. card…
  • Card cannot withdraw money because ATM withdrawal is not linked with Agribank ATM card.
  • Insufficient balance, machine out of money, technical error.
  • Lost/Damaged ATM Card: Loss of wallet or theft of wallet and card is not uncommon. There are also cases where your card is broken or damaged and cannot be used anymore. When
  • Card to suspend service: If you go to an ATM and see on the computer screen the words “Currently the ATM is temporarily closed”. The solution is very simple, it is because the ATM is faulty and your job is to find another ATM to make the transaction.

Above is the information to answer the question of which ATM card can be withdrawn from many customers. Hopefully it will be useful information to help customers easily make transactions at ATMs associated with AgriBank.



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