Agribank unsecured loan How to prepare for the procedure? What are the documents and conditions for Agribank unsecured loans? Agribank (Bank for Agriculture and Rural Development) is one of the largest banks in Vietnam today. Agribank provides mortgage loan packages, unsecured loans to support customers across 63 provinces and cities with preferential interest rates and high limits.

In this article, Banktop will help you answer these questions accurately and completely.

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What is Agribank unsecured loan?

Actually if you want Agribank unsecured loan not difficult at all. However, before making a decision you should understand the nature of this service. Accordingly, the key issue is mastering unsecured loans at Agribank.


Agribank unsecured loan is a form of consumer loan without proof of income supported by Agribank for customers who are in need of capital. That means you can installment loan based entirely on your reputation and income based on salary.

The loan limit at Agribank depends on the salary per month, up to a maximum of 500 million VND.


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Types of unsecured loans from Agribank

Unsecured loans at Agribank with many options
Unsecured loans at Agribank with many options

Basically, at present, Agribank has deployed many different types of loans. In which, if you have a need for unsecured loans, you can choose one of the following suggestions:

  • Consumer loans
  • Financial offset loan
  • Loan to support study abroad
  • Short-term loans for production and business
  • Loans for workers to work abroad
  • Loans according to credit lines: for small-scale production and business households…

Advantages of unsecured loans from Agribank by salary

Low-interest unsecured loans have been deployed by many banks and credit institutions. However, Agribank still shows its attraction to a large number of customers. Accordingly, not only you but also many other borrowers tend to choose Agribank.

So why Agribank unsecured loan popular again? The reason is indicated with the following series of advantages.

  • High loan limit. In many cases, you can borrow up to 500 million VND
  • Preferential interest rates than other banks, only from 10-12%/year based on decreasing balance
  • Quick disbursal time, only 1-3 days for a loan application at Agribank
  • The loan term is from 6 to 60 months, helping customers reduce their financial burden.
  • Agribank loan procedure is simple.
  • Get free advice and support to make a profile
  • Information security
Borrow money from Agribank with many incentives
Borrow money from Agribank with many incentives

Conditions for unsecured loans of Agribank

Borrow money from Agribank through form borrow money according to payroll has many attractive advantages. But not everyone can fulfill the purpose of borrowing at the bank.

Instead, to get a loan, you need to meet the conditions set by the bank. Specifics include:

  • Vietnamese citizens between the ages of 20 and 60
  • Have a good job at companies, government agencies, schools
  • Have a stable income via bank transfer, at least 5 million VND/month
  • Receive monthly salary via card of Agribank
  • Demand low interest unsecured loan Agribank
  • Not in the group of borrowers with overdue debts or bad debts at credit institutions

In addition, there may be additional conditions at different branches of the bank.

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Dossier for unsecured loan according to salary of Agribank

What do you need to borrow money from Agribank? Once you have met the loan conditions, now it is only time to proceed with the procedure. In fact, the procedure Agribank unsecured loan not complicated. In particular, each loan package deployed by the bank will have its own regulations.

However, in general, the documents you need to prepare will not lack the following types:

  • Identity card or citizen identification card
  • Original or copy of household registration book
  • Loan application form (available)
  • 2 photos 3×4
  • Proof of income: salary statement of the last 3 months
  • Labor contract, position appointment letter

What is the process for unsecured loans at Agribank?

The process of borrowing money from Agribank has been simplified. Accordingly, the fast money lending process here is highly appreciated for its quickness.

Specifically, a standard process will only take place with basic steps:

  • Step 1: Agribank receives loan documents
  • Step 2: Loan interest consultant, application process and appraisal for customers to understand
  • Step 3: After being consulted, customers prepare all documents and procedures for Agribank loan as required.
  • Step 4: Sign loan application at Agribank branch
  • Step 5: Appraisal of loan documents
  • Step 6: Announcement of results and disbursement

Unsecured loan interest rate of Agribank

The interest rate when taking a consumer loan at Agribank is not specific. That is, depending on the borrower’s conditions and loan package options, the interest rate will be different. However, you can rest assured that Agribank is one of the banks that apply attractive interest rates.

Interest rates on unsecured loans of Agribank:

ProductInterest rate
Unsecured consumer loan13% – 19% of the year
Account overdraft13% – 17% year

How to calculate Agribank’s unsecured loan interest rate?

The monthly interest payable by customers when taking an unsecured loan from Agribank will be calculated according to the following formula:

Amount to be paid monthly = [X* r*(1+r)^n] / [(1+r)^n-1]

In there:

  • X: Loan amount
  • r: Monthly interest rate
  • n: Loan term (in months)

For example for a loan of 50 million in 24 months, the interest rate is 15%/year, we get:

first15.00%2.424,332625,000 won1,799,332
515.00%2.424,332533.3321,891,000 won
715.00%2.424,332485,7621,938,570 won
2015.00%2.424,332146,000 won2,278,332

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Some questions when taking an unsecured loan from Agribank

The above concerns are not surprising if you are taking out an Agribank consumer loan for the first time. However, during the consulting process, Banktop also received many other questions from customers. In which the following questions related to bank loans at Agribank are the most frequent.

Can bad debt get unsecured loans from Agribank?

Agribank does not support borrowers with bad credit history of groups 1, 2, 3, 4, 5. For customers with outstanding debt, the appraisal department will consider whether to support or not later. that reviews the profile.

How long does it take to disburse the loan application?

Disbursement time for Agribank unsecured loan documents is from 1-2 days.

Is it possible to pay off the loan application?

Possibly, the closing penalty fee is from 1% to 3%.


Banktop has just updated you with information about Agribank unsecured loan. Hope you will refer and draw the necessary experience for yourself. From there, you can easily make a successful loan.

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