Agribank working hours how? This seemingly uninterested question has attracted the attention of many Agribank customers to facilitate scheduling when they come to the branch to transact. Because basically you want to make transactions at Agribank, you need to know the working hours and whether on Saturdays, are Agribank branches open?

In this article, Banktop will help you learn about the latest updated Agribank working hours.

Know the working hours of Agribank for convenience in transactions
Know the working hours of Agribank for convenience in transactions

A little about Agribank

Bank for Agriculture and Rural Development of Vietnam (Agribank) is the largest commercial bank in Vietnam, established and officially operating in 1988. Currently, Agribank is providing products and services for customers. for individual and corporate customers such as card products, loans, e-banking, insurance…

List of subsidiaries of Agribank:

  • Agribank Gold Corporation – JSC
  • Agribank Insurance Joint Stock Company
  • Agribank Securities Joint Stock Company
  • NHNo Vietnam Service One Member Co., Ltd
  • Leasing Finance Company I (ALC I)
  • Leasing Finance Company II (ALC II)
  • TS Agribank Debt Management & Exploitation One Member Limited Liability Company.

Latest updated Agribank working hours 2022

Working hours at Agribank banks are also regulated like other banks. In which time will be set from the start time to the time off. In addition, this regulation is also divided into morning and afternoon shifts. So as long as you know these time frames, it will be more convenient to make transactions.

Office hours at Agribank start at 8 am
Office hours at Agribank start at 8 am

With 1 head office, 3 representative offices, 900 branches and more than 1293 transaction offices nationwide. However, Agribank’s working hours still ensure the consistency from Monday to Friday as follows:

  • Opening hours of Agribank in the morning: From 8am – 12pm
  • Business hours of Agribank in the afternoon: From 13:00 to 17:00
  • Lunch break will be from 12:00 to 13:00

Note: Those who go to the bank at 7-8 o’clock will not be able to conduct transactions.

This is bank working time, Agribank branches apply. You should follow this rule to not delay your work. However, depending on weather conditions and certain circumstances, some branches and transaction offices of Agribank may end their afternoon session early at 16:30.

Therefore, for the most convenience, customers should contact Agribank bank switchboard before going to the transaction branch.

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Does Agribank work on Saturdays?

Every Saturday Agribank does it work? Based on Agribank’s regulations, on Saturday, all branches and transaction offices of Agribank will not work… Therefore, customers should take advantage of the transaction on weekdays to be able to make transactions. complete its work without delay.

Agribank works all Saturday
Agribank works all Saturday

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Note when transacting during Agribank’s working hours

You already know the working schedule of Agribank. However, in order to perform transactions effectively, here are some notes you should keep in mind when visiting Agribank’s branches or transaction offices during business hours as follows:

  • Agribank’s working hours are from 8 am to 5 pm, but it is not exactly this time. In the morning, Agribank branches can receive customers 10-15 minutes earlier, so you can come earlier to make transactions first. On the contrary, in the afternoon, 30 minutes before Agribank stopped accepting customers to close the books for the day.
  • What documents should you bring when coming to an Agribank branch? ID card / ID card is a must-have document, next, depending on the purpose of your visit, prepare appropriate documents such as salary statement, household registration, labor contract …
  • Finally, Agribank or any other bank has regulations for customers to come and transact such as peeling order numbers, queuing up… and you should comply with these regulations.

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What are the working hours of Agribank? By now you must have got the answer yourself, right? And if you want to learn about transactions at Agribank, please read this article carefully. Hope this article really brings you useful information.

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