Which bank is Paypal associated with? in Vietnam is a question of many customers. Because Paypal allows users to conduct international payments and transactions. Currently, Paypal is associated with many banks in Vietnam.

So to be able to conduct transactions through Paypal. Everyone needs to link to a bank account. If people do not know which bank Paypal is associated with. Join us to find out more information through the article below

Find out information What is Paypal?

Paypal is a service that supports electronic payment customers worldwide. And the service is managed by the company Ebay and has its headquarters in San Jose, California, USA. This service was founded in 1998 by founder Peter Thiel. And at the beginning of this service called Confinity.Which bank is Paypal associated with?

With this service can be considered as a solution to individual customers or an organization. It is possible to conduct transactions in foreign countries. Paypal is considered as an intermediary to help you receive money from abroad to Vietnam easily. The most commonly used currency in Paypal is USD.

In addition to the function that helps you to receive money from abroad to Vietnam. This service is also known as an Internet Banking account. Helping account holders to conduct transactions such as transferring money, receiving money at other Paypal accounts.

Benefits of linking Paypal with the bank

Many customers wonder what benefits will be gained when linking a Paypal account with a bank? Here are some benefits of linking a bank account with Paypal:

  • Paypal’s network system is extremely wide, allowing customers to transact worldwide.
  • Paypal’s security system is extremely safe, customers can use it in peace.
  • Many features such as being able to refund money when mistakenly transferring money to another account.
  • Money transfer on Paypal service is completely free.
  • If you have any questions, Paypal’s customer service is extremely good.

Which bank is Paypal associated with in Vietnam?Which bank is Paypal associated with?

Knowing about the banks affiliated with Paypal will help people make the connection more convenient. Which bank is Paypal associated with in Vietnam? Please refer to the following:

Numerical orderFull nameAbbreviations
firstVietnam Development BankVDB
2Bank for Social PolicyVBSP
3Vietnam – Russia Joint Venture BankVRB
4Limited Liability IndovinaIVB
5Citibank VietnamCitiBank
6Woori VietnamWoori Bank Vietnam
7UOB VietnamUOB
8Standard Chartered VietnamStandard Chartered
9Shinhan VietnamShinhan Bank
tenPublic Bank VietnamPublic Bank Vietnam
11HSBC VietnamHSBC Bank
twelfthHong Leong VietnamHong Leong
13CIMB VietnamCIMB
14Ho Chi Minh City Development Commercial Joint Stock BankHDBank
15Import-Export Commercial Joint Stock BankEximbank
16Global Petroleum One Member Limited Liability BankGP . Bank
17Construction Bank LtdConstruction Bank
18Ocean Bank One Member LimitedOceanBank
19Petrolimex Petroleum Commercial Joint Stock BankPG Bank
20Vietnam Thuong Tin Commercial Joint Stock BankVietbank
21Vietnam Prosperity Joint Stock Commercial BankVPbank
22Viet A Commercial Joint Stock BankVietABank
23Vietnam Public Commercial Joint Stock BankPVcomBank
24Lien Viet Post Commercial Joint Stock BankLienVietPostBank
25Bac A Commercial Joint Stock BankBac A Bank
26Viet Capital Commercial Joint Stock BankViet Capital Bank
27Bao Viet Commercial Joint Stock BankBaoviet bank
28An Binh Commercial Joint Stock BankABBank
29Tien Phong Commercial Joint Stock BankTPBank
30Saigon Hanoi Commercial Joint Stock BankSHB
thirty firstKien Long Commercial Joint Stock BankKienlongbank
32Saigon Industrial and Commercial Joint Stock BankSAIGONBANK
33Southeast Asia Commercial Joint Stock BankSeABank
34Saigon Commercial Joint Stock BankSCB
35National Commercial Joint Stock BankNCB
36International Commercial Joint Stock BankVIB
37Military Commercial Joint Stock BankMBBank
38Orient Commercial Joint Stock BankOCB
39South Asia Commercial Joint Stock BankNam A Bank
40Saigon Thuong Tin Commercial Joint Stock BankSacombank
41Technological and Commercial Joint Stock BankTechcombank
42Maritime Commercial Joint Stock BankMSB
43Dong A Commercial Joint Stock BankDongA Bank
44Asia Commercial Joint Stock BankACB
45Joint Stock Commercial Bank for Foreign Trade of VietnamVietcombank
forty sixJoint Stock Commercial Bank for Investment and Development of VietnamBIDV
47Joint Stock Commercial Bank for Industry and Trade of VietnamVietinbank
48Bank for Agriculture and Rural Development of VietnamAgribank

Instructions on how to link Paypal with the bank

Once you know which banks Paypal is associated with. Then the following will be instructions on how to link Paypal with a bank account. To proceed with the link, please refer to the following instructions:

Step 1: People proceed to visit the homepage of Paypal at the link here. Then proceed to login your account there. (If not, proceed to register there).

Step 2: Then you can access the link here to get to the wallet link section. And proceed to select the link bank account.Which bank is Paypal associated with?

Step 3: Next, you will fill in some information according to the form available on the system such as:

  • Credit or debit card number: Make money your account number.
  • ATM card type: Proceed to choose the type of card people are using.
  • Enter the expiration date printed on everyone’s card.
  • Security code: Enter the CSC code if your card has it.
  • Enter your billing address.Which bank is Paypal associated with?

Step 4: After filling in the above information, you are done, you have linked to your bank account.


The above article provides everyone with information about the question Which bank is Paypal associated with? in Vietnam. Hope that the above information will be helpful to everyone. If you have more questions, please leave feedback below in the comments section. Nganhangmobile.com will support and answer for free for everyone.



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