Opening a bank account is a necessity for every student. But Which bank account should students open? It is a matter of great concern to many people. When students open a bank account, there are many different benefits. Can support your studies or ensure the security of your property.

So how should students choose a bank to open an account? With today’s article, will introduce to you the TOP 5 most reputable banks worth opening an account. Please refer to the link below.

Why do students need to open a bank account?

When students proceed to open a bank account, there will be many benefits as we have said. So why should students create a bank account for themselves? Here are some reasons why students should open a bank account.Which bank account should students open?

  • Helping students to multiply the allowance of family members when studying far away.
  • Is a place to keep everyone’s assets very safe in case of mishaps.
  • When opening a bank account, everyone will receive an ATM card. This card is used to support students to pay instead of cash.
  • Opening an account helps students not need to hold too much cash in person. Reduce the risk of losing money.
  • Support students to quickly pay online tuition.

Introduction of cards for students’ reference

If you have opened a bank account, you should also choose a suitable ATM card. Here we will answer for everyone about the function of each type of card at the bank. Currently, cup bank offers students 3 main types of cards, the specific information is below:

Debit cardCredit cardPrepaid cards
For debit cards, this is a fairly common type of card today. Many students have chosen for themselves this type of card to use because it suits the needs of today’s students.With a credit card of the student bank, the money in the previous account will be used. It will then proceed to return that amount to the bank later.For prepaid cards, students will not need to open an account at a bank. But still the bank gives you an ATM card. People will proceed to pre-load the card to be able to use it.
For this type of card, when using it, people need to load money into the card before it can be used. If you spend all the money in the card, you will not be able to continue using it.People can understand this as a form of loan at a bank. Every bank will give you a limit of money in your ATM card. And people can proceed to use up all the money in the card. After that, the payment will be returned to the bank.Once you have used up all the money on your card, your ATM card will no longer be usable. Many customers often use this card as a gift for their family members.
Currently, as far as we know, the bank will waive interest for you for a period of 45 days. After that time, if you do not pay the full amount, the bank will charge you a very high interest rate

Incentives for students when opening a bank account

As far as we learn about the service of opening an account at a bank. Banks often have a separate service package for student customers when opening an account. Most of the time, when students open a bank account, they are often directed to specific attractive promotions as follows:

  • Students can open a free bank account.
  • The procedure to open a bank account is easy and fast.
  • Some banks go directly to schools or make it easy for students to open an account.
  • Tuition fees can be easily paid at banks affiliated with the school.
  • Transactions such as withdrawals, money transfers are completely free.
  • Students will receive souvenirs when opening an account.

Which bank account should students open?

After learning about some of the necessary information. We will return to the main topic of today’s article. Which reputable bank account should students open? Here we will provide you with 5 reputable banks that are most used by students. Please refer below.

Military Bank MBBank

MBBank is a long-standing bank in Vietnam. And many customers trust and use the bank’s services. MBBank is also associated with a number of major universities so that students can use and register for an account easily. Here are some benefits for students when opening an account:Which bank account should students open?

  • Students will be opened a free card by MBBank.
  • Free card maintenance and annual fee for the first year.
  • Students can easily open an account and make an online card on the MB Bank app.
  • Moreover, when making money transfer via MB Bank app, it will be free.
  • Open a bank account with the same phone number or ID card/CCCD number.
  • Offers when opening a beautiful digital account through the MB Bank app.
  • The process and procedures for opening a bank account are simple.
  • The fee for withdrawing money at an ATM is from 1,000 to 3,000 VND/time depending on the withdrawal amount.
  • Account management fee: 8,800 VND/month.
  • Maximum withdrawal limit is from 5 to 10 million VND/time.

Bank Agribank

Talking about the bank used by many students, it is impossible not to mention Agribank. After many years of development, the bank now has more than 2,300 quick branches across the country. And here are some information for students to refer to when opening an account at Agribank.Which bank account should students open?

  • Withdrawal fee at the banking system is: 1,100 VND/ time.
  • Cash withdrawal fee at other ATMs: 3,300 VND/ time.
  • The annual fee is only 12,000 VND/ year.
  • The bank’s prescribed balance in the account will be VND 50,000.
  • The withdrawal limit of Agribank at the tree is: 25 million VND/day.
  • The minimum amount you can withdraw is 50,000 VND / 1 time.

Vietcombank bank

Vietcombank is a bank with ATM system in the top of the country. Therefore, customers can withdraw money quickly anywhere. And Vietcombank is used by many customers because of the following reasons:Which bank account should students open?

  • Students can open the card for free.
  • Terms and conditions for opening an account are simple.
  • Register to open an account online at home.
  • Withdrawal fee is only 1,100 VND/ time.
  • Withdrawals can be made at an ATM without a card.
  • The fee for transferring money in the same system is 2,200 VND/ time.
  • The fee for transferring money outside the system is VND 4,400/ time.
  • Receive many discount vouchers when shopping online.


Techcombank is a newly established bank. But there have been a lot of certain achievements in its development years. So this is also the bank with the largest number of students opening accounts, especially in Hanoi. So what incentives does this bank have for students? Take a look below:Which bank account should students open?

  • Open a free online bank account via App.
  • Free all services (money transfer, payment,…) on Digital.
  • Cashback on transactions up to 300,000 VND.
  • Minimum bank balance is 50,000 VND.
  • Deposit money into your account directly at the new generation ATM for free.
  • Free withdrawal at the system’s ATM.

VPBank Bank

VPBank is also known as Prosperous Vietnam Joint Stock Commercial Bank. This is the bank that is ranked in the top of the most prestigious banks in Vietnam. VPBank was established in 1993 and now has more than 200 branches and transaction counters of the bank across the country. VPBank always has incentive programs to encourage students to open accounts such as:Which bank account should students open?

  • Free account opening key for students.
  • Open a free online bank account at home.
  • Free cash withdrawal at VPBank ATMs.
  • Free interbank money transfer.
  • The first year annual fee will be free.
  • Especially no minimum balance required.


The above article advises you Which bank account should students open? best and most reputable. Top 5 banks are chosen by many students to open an account today. If you find a bank with better quality, please leave feedback below. Thank you for reading our article.

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