In the process of using BIDV’s ATM card service. Many customers have had problems wrong PIN code 3 times BIDV. For cases like this, many customers did not know how to handle it.

So how to fix the error when entering the wrong PIN 3 times at the ATM. What happens when you enter the wrong PIN code? Please take a look at our article below.

Find out what is BIDV ATM card PIN?

The PIN code is also known as the password of the ATM card with the English name is Personal Identification Number. The PIN password of BIDV’s ATM card acts as a layer of protection against unauthorized outside intrusions of people’s ATM cards. Thereby reducing the risk of property theft as well as the amount of money in the cardholder’s ATM card.

When conducting a certain transaction with an ATM card. Customers need to use PIN to be able to log in to the system and to be able to confirm every time they pay with ATM cards. If your transactions at the ATM, you enter the wrong PIN more than 3 times. Your card will encounter cases that waste time and affect the use process of customers.

If I enter the wrong PIN 3 times, is there anything wrong with BIDV?

Many customers still don’t know when they enter the wrong PIN more than 3 times, what’s wrong? With this question, we would like to answer everyone as follows. When conducting transactions such as withdrawing money, transferring money, querying account information or paying by ATM card. If you enter the wrong PIN 3 times, then:

  • Everyone’s ATM card will be locked and cannot conduct card transactions anymore.
  • If you have entered the wrong PIN more than 3 times at the ATM. The system will detect and suspect someone is trying to break into your card. Then it will proceed to swallow your card into the ATM.

Thus, when entering the wrong PIN more than 3 times at the ATM. Your ATM card may be swallowed or temporarily blocked immediately. This ensures the safety of your ATM card.

Fix when entering wrong PIN 3 times at ATM

So when entering the wrong PIN more than 3 times, how to fix it? This is a question asked by many customers. And here we will show everyone how to fix when entering the wrong PIN 3 times. Please refer to the methods below.

BIDV ATM card is locked after entering wrong PIN 3 times

People can enter whether their card is locked or not by conducting any transaction at an ATM. If your card is locked, the screen will display a message to you. So how to unlock BDV ATM card?wrong PIN code 3 times BIDV

First, prepare your ID/CCCD, then go to the nearest BIDV branch or transaction counter. Then follow the instructions below:

  • Step 1: Go to the branch then meet the bank staff and inform about the problem that your card has been locked.
  • Step 2: Ask the banker to unlock it and then issue you a new PIN for your ATM card.
  • Step 3: The staff will proceed to issue everyone a card to fill in the cardholder’s personal information.
  • Step 4: You need to fill in all the information according to the sample paper provided by the bank. Then hand it back to the bank officer including your identification.
  • Step 5: The bank staff will proceed to confirm the information you have provided previously. If the information you provided is correct. The bank staff will issue you a new ATM card PIN.
  • Step 6: To reactivate the card, please go to the bank’s ATM to change the card’s password to activate it.

Instructions on how to change PIN at ATM after getting it back

For new customers using ATM cards, many people still do not know how to change their PIN at the tree. Here we will guide everyone how to change PIN at ATM in the most detailed and easy to understand. Please refer to the following:wrong PIN code 3 times BIDV

  • Step 1: Everyone, please go to BIDV’s ATM (Note: ATMs of affiliated banks will not support customers to change passwords).
  • Step 2: Please proceed to insert the ATM card into the machine in the direction of the arrow on the card.
  • Step 3: Select the language then enter the PIN that the bank staff just gave you.
  • Step 4: At the display, people choose the function “Change PIN“.
  • Step 5: Enter the PIN your bank gave you again. Then enter your PIN then confirm by re-entering the PIN again.
  • Step 6: The system will display a confirmation message, everyone press confirm to complete.

Reference: Instructions on some ways to change BIDV ATM card PIN code

BIDV ATM card was swallowed after entering wrong PIN 3 times

In the case of people’s ATM cards that were swallowed at the ATM. This will affect everyone’s card usage time. And to be able to get your card back, please refer to the following instructions:

  • When the card is swallowed, please immediately contact BIDV’s switchboard at: 1900 9247.
  • Then notify the operator of the location where everyone’s ATM was swallowed.
  • The operator who will assist will then notify you which branch you can go to and get your ATM card back.
  • People need to go to the bank branch and the operator has provided you. After that, information will be confirmed by ID card/CCCD.
  • Then the bank staff will give you an appointment letter to pick up the ATM card. Estimated time will be from 7 to 10 days.


Today’s article guides people on how to deal with wrong PIN code 3 times BIDV. Instructions on how to change PIN code to reactivate BIDV ATM card quickly and easily. Thank you for reading’s article.

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