200 million investment What to be successful and make a lot of profit quickly? What should 200 million invest in for safety and maintain a long-term income? These are questions that most people wonder and wonder about. 200 million will become a valuable “bargain” if you know how to invest profitably but still suit yourself. Lamchutaichinh.vn I will reveal it to you right away What investment 200 million? Get the fastest profit right here.

What is the fastest 200 million investment?

Investing is one of the most profitable and profitable ways. However, because it is easy to make quick profits, you will easily lose everything or lose if you do not know how to invest properly. Therefore, not only do you need capital, you also need to have a broad enough vision, solid thinking and especially an ideal and suitable investment idea for yourself.

So what should we invest to be safe and profitable? In general, people usually invest in 2 groups:

Invest in yourself

Investing in yourself is a special type of investment that yields “unbelievable” returns. Investing in yourself is about increasing your worth and getting other “values”.

Invest in yourself
Invest in yourself

For example, we invest in learning and improving skills more, such as using 200 million to buy extremely quality “expensive” international courses on knowledge and skills, to buy books and Investment equipment for academic or thinking training, or simply, you invest in your own health and beauty.

This is how you increase your understanding, increase your own value, improve your skills and learn more knowledge, helping you to believe and understand yourself more. From there, you will have a better mindset and outlook on life, you will easily develop and gain more life skills and increase your sensitivity and resourcefulness.

In addition, investing in yourself also helps us to have more confidence and positive energy, you can easily get a job with a dream high income, be respected and promoted for a long time, and are trusted by everyone. thought and valued more – these are special values ​​that cannot be bought with money.

Invest in business

Investing in business is the fastest profitable investment that we cannot fail to mention. We can invest in business for items such as necessities, items or products that meet basic human needs, or digital products, financial products…

To invest in a business, you first need to clearly determine what your strengths and desires are. Besides, you also need to evaluate your own capabilities, your financial condition and analyze the market and competitors. From there, you will have a more objective view, choosing business items accordingly.

To find out details and refer to safe business suggestions and quickly make profits, follow the next content with Lamchutaichinh.vn.

10+ “money makes money” business ideas with 200 million VND

Open mini supermarket/convenience store 24/7

Opening a mini supermarket or a convenience store are ideal business ideas if you don’t know what 200 million to invest in.

Open mini supermarket/convenience store 24/7
Open mini supermarket/convenience store 24/7

These stores, if operated in urban areas, apartment buildings or densely populated places near places such as schools and hospitals, will earn significant profits. Because nowadays, the demand for fast and convenient shopping is becoming more and more popular. Customers will prefer to go to places like mini supermarkets or convenience stores near their homes to buy things right away.

So, in order to do business smoothly, you just need to have a store with distinctive features, good customer service quality and a variety of essential products, meeting the needs of customers. members of each family.

Besides, you also need to pay attention to change and refresh your store constantly, so that your store not only serves and satisfies the needs of customers, but also helps customers remember. and support your store for a long time.

Trading in fashion items

Fashion is a commodity that is interested and demanded by a large number of customers. If you are a person who likes fashion, is passionate about creativity, diversity and likes to change, then fashion items are a very suitable business investment idea.

Fashion items are very diverse, which can be mentioned as: bags, clothes, dresses, accessories, office wear or children’s fashion… Because of such a variety of items, the product selection should be I love to focus on business will also be much easier.

So, if you still wonder what 200 million investment is, why not try this fashion item? The money to import goods can be from 20-40 million (depending on the needs you want to have a medium or large business), 30-40 million to design and decorate the store, the rest is the fee for maintenance, generation and for employee.

However, because fashion items are quite “hot”, in the market you have to compete with many other competitors. Therefore, you need to have a unique feature for your store, build the most unique and creative so that when it comes to a fashion store, customers will immediately remember your store.

Open exclusive restaurants and cafes

Opening your own exclusive restaurant and cafe is the appropriate answer to the question of what investment 200 million is worth.

Open exclusive restaurants and cafes
Open exclusive restaurants and cafes

Restaurants and cafes are also one of the easiest businesses to succeed in, meeting the needs of food – the most and most necessary needs of people. You can open a large or small restaurant, coffee shop depending on your ability and economic conditions, you can be free and master in decorating, designing and operating and maintaining the shop.

Normally, with the amount of 200 million, you will use it to buy ingredients for preparation and cooking; buy furniture and decorations for the shop; buy tools and equipment necessary for the business or spend money on hiring workers, electricity and water, premises or other arising and maintaining costs.

Because 200 million is not a small amount, you need to prepare yourself with business knowledge and reasonable investment thinking. You also need to understand what you want, have a deep vision and good market analysis, and assess what your target customers or needs are to have appropriate and effective business strategies. fruit.

Running a flower shop with a capital of 200 million VND

Currently, flowers seem to be no longer a strange and difficult business product as before, because people’s shopping needs are developed and improved, serving the need to take care of spiritual life. .

Customers need to buy flowers to decorate their home, to give gifts to loved ones, to make the living space more lively, to make the mood more comfortable, to easily feel love and affection. beauty of life.

With a capital of 200 million, you can easily build your own flower shop, sell a variety of fresh flowers and attract customers. Besides, you can learn more how to arrange flowers, flower bouquets so that they are beautiful, develop your products more like combining flowers with any gift or utensils to make a unique gift. From there, make customers more interested and want to visit to support your flower shop more.

200 million invested in opening an online bakery

The next suggestion to answer the question of what 200 million to invest will definitely be to open an online bakery.

Online business is not so strange and complicated as people think. Online business is a quick way to help you reach customers, capture their needs, and from there, build an online store with products that meet all customer requirements.

200 million invested in opening an online bakery
200 million invested in opening an online bakery

You can make your own cakes, or hire a baker to make your own beautiful bakery products. In addition, you also need to regularly update advertising trends, have new baking ideas, and have different accompanying products and services to help make your online bakery more novel and unique. to compete with other thru rivals.

Therefore, if you are a person who loves to eat, you are interested in social networking platforms and have a passion for cakes, this will be one of the quick, “delicious-cheap” ways that you can be referenced.

Use 200 million to learn and invest in stocks

To answer the question of 200 million, what investment should be more convenient and faster, stocks are a very potential investment option. This is a financial channel that most investors choose and are interested in because of the profit that can be received, the high level of liquidity and the relatively “good” interest rate received.

However, if you want to invest in stocks safely, you need to prepare yourself with a good financial investment knowledge, choose stable stock units and have attractive revenue.

Invest in fund certificates with 200 million VND

Besides stocks, you can invest in fund certificates if you are still wondering what to invest in 200 million.

Unlike stocks, fund certificates are a type of securities used to evaluate and determine the ownership of contributed capital by investors. Fund certificates are of great interest and investment choice because they do not need too much complicated knowledge and are easy to learn and invest.

Although the stock market often has unexpected ups and downs, it can cause unexpected risks. However, with fund certificates, the negative impact on your profits and investments is not too great. So certainly, this is an investment channel you should not miss if you want to invest in financial securities.


With the above sharing, Lamchutaichinh.vn is sure that you have more great suggestions for the question. What investment 200 million?. Because inflation is always increasing and money will gradually depreciate, hopefully, you will find an effective way to invest, help “money make money”, bring in profits to increase income and develop more lives. better.

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