BIDV is a member of BIG group of 4 largest banks in Vietnam including BIDV, Agribank, VietinBank, Vietcombank. From 2021, BIDV continuously updates BIDV bank interest rate with many offers for customers. Through this article, Banktop will update some of BIDV’s latest information including:

Interest rate of unsecured loans of BIDV bank?

What is BIDV’s mortgage interest rate?

How is the interest rate calculated on savings accounts at BIDV?

Latest updated BIDV bank interest rates
Latest updated BIDV bank interest rates

Which bank should I deposit with the best interest rate today?


BIDV savings deposit interest rate May 2022 did not have much change compared to the previous month, ranging from 3.5%/year to 6%/year applied for terms from 1 month to over 36 months.

BIDV bank savings deposit interest rate table for individual customers:

1 month3.5%
2 months3.5%
3 months3.8%
5 months3.8%
6 months4.4%
9 months4.5%
364 Days6.0%
12 months6.0%
13 months6.0%
15 months6.0%
18 months6.0%
24 months6.0%
36 Months6.0%

For individual customers, the highest BIDV interest rate is 6%/year, applicable to terms of 364 days and terms of 12 months or more.

Specifically, for 1-month and 2-month terms, BIDV’s interest rate is 3.5%/year, down 0.3% compared to the previous month. 3.8%/year is BIDV’s savings interest rate with terms of 3 months and 5 months.

BIDV’s deposit interest rates increased slightly for 6-month and 9-month terms, 4.4%/year and 4.5%/year, respectively.

Finally, for terms of 364 days, 12 months, 13 months, 15 months, 18 months, 24 months and 36 months, BIDV bank applies the same interest rate of 6%/year.

To look up the most accurate BIDV bank interest rate, customers can access the following link:

Update the latest Eximbank savings interest rates


Mortgage loan from BIDV bank with preferential interest rate
Mortgage loan from BIDV bank with preferential interest rate

BIDV is one of the banks with many products Mortgage loan meet the financial needs of many different types of customers and different types of assets. BIDV’s mortgage interest rate ranges from 7.1% to 7.5%/year during the incentive period and from 10% to 12%/year after the incentive expires.

Below is the latest update in January 2021 of BIDV’s mortgage interest rate table during the preferential period for all types of assets:

ProductInterest rate (%/year)LevelTenor
Borrowing for housing needs7.1%80% of fixed assets20 years
Car loan7.1%80% of car value7 years
BIDV business loan6.5%flexible5 years
Loans to support study abroad expenses7.5%80% of the cost10 years
Advance loan for selling securities7.5%flexibleone year
Securities mortgage loan7.5%20 billion wonone year

It can be seen that the interest rates of BIDV’s mortgage products do not have much difference, the lowest is a business loan product with an interest rate of 6.5%/year and the highest is a study abroad loan with interest rate. rate of 7.5%/year.

Product BIDV red book mortgage loan has an interest rate of 7.1%/year, supports a loan term of 20 years and can borrow 80% of the value of the collateral.


BIDV unsecured loan has a very high loss limit, up to 500 million VND and lasts for 84 months. Interest rate bank unsecured loan At BIDV, incentives are only from 11.9%/year.

BIDV’s unsecured loan interest rate can be adjusted in each period, each product and based on the customer’s personal reputation.

Example of how to calculate the interest rate on unsecured loans of BIDV with a loan of 100 million, the loan period is 36 months. The applicable interest rate is 11.9%/year. We get the following payout:

  • Principal each month: 100,000,000 : 36 = 2,780,000 VND
  • Interest per month: (100,000,000 x 11.9%)/12= VND 991,667
  • Total monthly payment: 2,780,000 + 991,667 = 3,771,667 VND


BIDV bank interest rate With products of unsecured loans, mortgage loans, savings deposits, there are always many incentives for customers. Banktop will try to update this interest rate continuously and accurately from time to time. Hopefully, this article has provided you with useful information.

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