The powerful black cards are always the focus of attention of upper-class customers and are curious to many users of banking services in general. List Black Card holders in Vietnam and around the world Who are currently included?

Information will be revealed through this article, let’s find out!

first.Learn about black bank card (Black Card)

Maybe you already know, or are not very clear about the black bank card that many people still talk about. So if need be, let’s take a quick look at them before reaching the lucky owners.

What is a power black card?

Black Card or black card, power black card is a limited number of credit cards of banks. They are provided to customers who meet the most stringent standards and conditions.

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The structure of a bank black card at first glance is similar to that of a normal ATM card. The size, security and shape are all the same. However, in terms of material, this is a very durable Titanium card.

In addition, many black cards are also plated with gold, studded with diamonds, looking very luxurious and trendy. An indispensable feature is that this card is black, or black is the main color on the card.

Origin of black ATM card

In an event in 1999, American Express – the leading credit card company in the United States issued the world’s first black card. The card, called The Centurion, was launched to serve powerful customers.

Since then, when it comes to Black Card, everyone understands that it is the card of the very rich. The super-rich, the elite, the famous, the high-status, etc. will spend a huge amount of money on spending from the powerful black card.

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Benefits of owning a Black Card

New black card perks make it stand out:

  • Enjoy the best deals of the top restaurants, hotels, and shopping malls
  • Enjoy free class programs of entertainment, relaxation, accommodation, cuisine, etc
  • High-class airport lounge with free services, dedicated service, preferential air ticket purchase
  • Supported with personal utilities through the best VIP customer care service
  • Incentives when trading, shopping at the bank’s partners to make special cards and vouchers
  • Enjoy special insurance benefits with outstanding value such as global travel insurance, luggage loss insurance, etc. for cardholders and family members
  • Foreign currency transactions with attractive fees, cashback when spending domestically, in many areas

Some types of black cards also allow owners to accumulate points, which can be used to exchange for other premium gifts. Each card has its own perks, but what they all have in common is that they are all for the super-rich with benefits that thousands of people dream of.

2.Black card holders in Vietnam and around the world

You must be wondering who is the lucky owner to own a black card. In Vietnam or even in the world, not everyone who is rich can open a black card. Because as mentioned, the number of cards issued is very limited.

Black card holders in Vietnam

In Vietnam, some artists in showbiz own a powerful black card to prove their different class. You can mention familiar names such as:

1/ Singer Dong Nhi

Dong Nhi is one of the most sought-after A-listers today after My Tam, Ha Anh Tuan, etc. The fact that this female singer opened a black card is not surprising when Dong Nhi once showed off this product.

However, in fact, Dong Nhi’s black card is only explained as a priority international credit card. It’s not the Black Card owned by the super-rich. This also did not make the female singer lose points in the hearts of the audience because of the extremely unique card showing.

2/ Hoa Minzy

Emerging with cult hits and the image of a young, dynamic and lovely singer, Hoa Minzy’s every move always attracts the attention of the public. Recently, many people noticed and discovered that the female idol also has a powerful black card.

In one of her shares, Hoa Minzy revealed the catxe of up to 500 million after only 3 days. However, if it is to say that having the legendary black card, then it is enough financial ten times that.

3/ Shark Hung

This is one of the successful businessmen, quite famous in Vietnam. Although not an artist, Shark Hung’s virality is not inferior. Therefore, the private life and wealth related to this character are interesting.

Although he rarely speaks to show off his huge fortune, through many clever sharing, viewers can more or less guess how terrible it is. The powerful black card is an indispensable product to both act as a special payment tool and enhance the value of the business and Shark Hung himself.

4/ Ngoc Trinh

In addition to shocking statements, the beauty of Tra Vinh is also known for her non-medium fortune. Although her artistic activities are not very prominent, Ngoc Trinh’s wealth is easy to see. She is becoming more and more famous for brands, luxury cars, villas, etc.

The box-breaking screen of this model made the audience admire. Especially the black card that the muse of the boss Khac Tiep owns. However, later on, netizens and industry insiders said that Ngoc Trinh card only has the privilege of high transaction limit in the country.

5/ Shark Linh

Thai Van Linh, also known as Shark Linh, is a famous businesswoman. She appeared in the billion-dollar deal program and had big investment deals. Many people question how rich shark Linh is.

Shark Linh holds many important positions at large corporations. The businesswoman’s husband is also a very good businessman. She holds a powerful black card and is financially independent, comfortable with her own projects.

Black card holders in the world

Today’s young people learn quickly to see who is the lucky super-rich to own a bank black card through the signs they show.

1/ G – Dragon

G – Dragon is a famous singer in the land of kimchi, known as the king of Kpop. Fans of this handsome singer are not only in the country but also around the world.

The famous guy is a famous giant with lavish apartments of hundreds of billions of dong. Possessing a black card and using and spending every day, G – Dragon quickly couldn’t escape the saints.

2/ Prince Harry

Harry – handsome, talented prince from England is known to be an extremely rich person. The second prince of the British Royal Family owns a huge fortune. The income comes from the military along with the jobs he undertakes.

Among the richest in the kingdom, it is not surprising that Prince Harry has a powerful black card. Even this family members have in hand the bank’s Black Card.

3/ Simon Cowell

Simon Cowell is known and loved by many audiences after a series of hit music competitions. Before that, he was also an extremely wealthy businessman, the owner of a black card from the Amex brand. Simon Cowell’s net worth is estimated at $600 million.

4/ or fully William James Adams Jr., American rapper, composer, takes on many other positions in the artist world. He became famous starting in the 90s as a member of the hit group Black Eyed Peas.

After was robbed, many people learned that this character owned it. Fortunately, later thanks to the location function on the ipad, the male rapper got back this special ATM card along with many other valuable items.

5/ Jessica Simpson

Jessica Simpson is a multi-talented artist from the land of flags. It is estimated that this character’s total asset value is up to 200 million dollars and joined the group of super vip customers with a powerful black card many years ago.

In addition to the names mentioned above, the list of people with bank black cards can also be mentioned as:

  • Jin (BTS)
  • John Mayer
  • Halle Berry
  • Noel Gallagher
  • Britney Spears

3.Conditions for opening a black card in Vietnam

Black cards of banks are issued in extremely small numbers. Not everyone who is rich can own this special product. In Vietnam, we can refer to different conditions for making a black card depending on the regulations of each bank.

Techcombank Black Card – Techcombank Visa Signature

For this card, customers are required to have a minimum monthly income of VND 40 million. Or another form is that you need to have collateral of equivalent value at Techcombank.

Vietcombank Black Card – Vietcombank Visa Signature

In order to own a Vietcombank Visa Signature black card, customers need to qualify as a vip member of Vietcombank according to the regulations from time to time.

Sacombank Black Card – Sacombank Visa Platinum

Although not a powerful black card like the international ones mentioned above, to have it, customers must meet an average monthly income of at least VND 30 million. The maximum limit is 1 billion VND.

With optimal privileges, Black Cards always make many people dream. their owners, black card holders in Vietnam and around the world, received the admiration of many fans. You can refer to the conditions for opening a black card in Vietnam and contact your bank for detailed support.

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