There are many online loan products available today, but when applying for a loan, customers will have to bear high interest rates. Today, I will introduce to readers how to borrow money online at reputable banks. Interest rates and loan methods are completely simple. That is borrow money online MB Bank. These are a few banks that launch online loan products under their system.

When you borrow money online at the bank, you will receive more incentives. Especially, the interest rate is not too high like other online loan applications of unknown origin. Let’s learn about products with borrow money online MB bank Please!

What is the form of borrowing money online at MB Bank?

Borrowing money online is very convenient for customers. You will not need to go to the bank and do many procedures. Just install MB Bank loan application on Android, iOS phones and start registering.

borrow money online mb bank
Borrow money through MB Bank banking app

Borrowing money online MB Bank brings the following benefits:

  • Borrowing money online does not need any documents and procedures.
  • No need to go to the bank to register the procedures.
  • The operation is done entirely online on your phone.
  • Support maximum loan limit is 50 million VND, flexible loan period up to 12 months.
  • Browse loan documents quickly in 10 working minutes.
  • Interest rates are applied competitively and lower than online loans of financial companies.
  • No need to prove the purpose of the loan
  • No collateral required, just repayment on time.
  • Borrowing with documents such as savings book, salary sheet, etc.

This is the information about MB Bank’s online loan product that I want to send to you. If you are in need of loans with preferential interest rates from military banks. See step-by-step instructions here.

How to borrow money online at MBBank

The steps to apply for a loan through the MBBank app are very simple. Below are the steps to complete the application for a loan, ensuring 100% approval.

* Note: To borrow money online through the application of the military bank. It is mandatory for customers to have a bank account and register for the Internet Banking utility.

borrow money online mb bank
Loan limit is VND 50,000,000
  • Step 1: Click the Android link | iOS to install the MB Bank app for your phone.
  • Step 2: Login your Internet Banking account to the application. If you do not have this account, you need to click on “Register now”.
  • Step 3: Fill in the information including: Username, cmnd number, phone number, email, captcha code… You must fill in your information correctly.
  • Step 4: Confirm your account by accessing your email or via SMS activation.
  • Step 5: Go back in and start choosing the right online loan product for you.

MB online loan interest rate

Borrow money online at MB Bank Bank encourages customers to use. Because this way we will shorten the procedure and time for both parties. But when borrowing money, you also need to pay attention to the interest rate that the loan product brings.

Currently, MB Bank’s online loan interest rate is in numbers 3.2%. But this interest rate may decrease depending on the loan conditions and products that customers participate in.

Notes when borrowing money online MB Bank

When borrowing money, you only care about the loan amount and interest rate. But we need to pay attention to the repayment period as well. Whether it’s a package Borrowing monthly installments just need ID card but still specified in terms of repayment period. MB’s online loan period is from 1 to 12 months depending on customer registration. You need to pay the debt on time as signed.

– At the end of the contract, you need to pay in full the principal and interest to the bank. If the loan is overdue for 10 days. You will be charged a penalty fee for overdue debt and put you in the bad debt category.

– Penalty fee for overdue payment will be calculated by the number of times you pay late. This penalty fee is very high, possibly equal to 150% of the applicable interest rate. So pay attention, and if you deliberately do not pay, you will be called to the working ward. Since this is a military bank, we can’t calculate the “escape” card after borrowing.

– MB Bank will notify customers 3-5 days in advance by texting or calling about debt repayment. Please quickly arrange the full amount according to the contract to pay.

– If you are not eligible to pay the debt, you must apply for a debt extension.

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Borrow money online MBBank It is a relatively new form of borrowing money. Help customers access capital quickly. Any customer can apply for a loan in a few simple steps. Good luck


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