Sacombank is a large bank specializing in providing financial solutions to support customers. When facing difficulties in business or personal finance, you should immediately go to Sacombank to promptly solve the difficulties. The following article Banktop will guide you how to Borrow money from Sacombank very simple and fast.

Information about borrowing money from Sacombank

Sacombank’s full name is Saigon Thuong Tin Commercial Joint Stock Bank established in 1991. Although it started as a small credit institution with a capital of 3 billion VND, only a few years later Sacombank quickly raised the capital to 71 billion dong. Up to now, Sacombank has increased its capital to nearly 500 billion VND.

Information about borrowing money from Sacombank
Information about borrowing money from Sacombank

Currently, Sacombank is deploying many loan products suitable to customers’ capabilities and conditions. In order to help customers solve difficulties in production and consumption. When borrowing money at Sacombank, customers will be disbursed quickly, high limit with extremely preferential interest rates.

Let’s find out detailed information about Sacombank loans in the following sections.

Types of loans at Sacombank

Currently, Sacombank is implementing 6 types of loans. Depending on the purpose, the borrower chooses the appropriate form.

Business loan

Business loan from Sacombank
Business loan from Sacombank

The loan package supports customers to expand their business scale and competitiveness. This loan package is divided into many specific loan products such as:

  • Overdraft loans for production and business.
  • Loans for the business of plant protection drugs.
  • Loan for pharmacy business.
  • Agricultural loans.
  • Additional capital for agricultural production.
  • Loans for family economic development.
  • Loans for production and business.
  • Additional working capital.

Consumer loans

Consumer loan packages help realize and improve people’s quality of life. Including specific loan products such as:

  • Loan overdraft deposit.
  • Car loan.
  • Consumer loans – insurance.
  • Mortgage loans with valuable documents.
  • Student loan.

Home loans

Sacombank supports home loan with the best financing and long-term loan term. Sacombank cooperates with many big real estate companies across the country to help customers easily choose the right apartment.

Borrowing without collateral

Loans help meet unexpected spending needs without collateral. Including specific loan products as follows:

  • Fast consumer loans.
  • Loan to buy motorbike.
  • Consumer loans for government employees.
  • Consumer loans from salary.
  • Consumer overdraft loans.
  • Retirement consumer loans.

Sacombank special loan

In order to provide special financial solutions suitable for each region, region, customer segment… Including specific loan products as follows:

  • Lending market street – commercial street.
  • Lending to small traders in the market.
  • Flexible capital meeting loan.
  • Guaranteed rate expansion loan.

Conditions for consumer loans at Sacombank

  • Customers are in the working age from 20 to 60 years old and have a stable source of income.
  • Have a labor contract, pay insurance to prove that you are working at the company.
  • No late payment, overdue at the time of loan registration, not subject to bad debt at banks and other financial institutions.
  • Some other conditions at the request of the bank.

What is the loan interest rate of Sacombank?

Sacombank loan interest rate
Sacombank loan interest rate

Sacombank unsecured loan interest rate

Sacombank often supports internal unsecured loans for Sacombank employees, and for individual / corporate customers, it often sponsors some uncommon products. Interest rates on unsecured loans of Sacombank are regulated as follows:

  • For employees, it usually ranges from 7 to 8%/year.
  • For individuals and small business households, it is 15 – 18%/year according to the initial debt balance of not more than 100 million VND

Sacombank mortgage loan interest rate

Sacombank’s mortgage loan interest rates are specified for each customer and loan product in the table below:

ClientProductDurationInterest rate
IndividualLoans for production and businessLess than 12 months+ Loan interest: 8.0 – 9.5 %/year
Small business loanLess than 36 months+ Interest from 15 – 18%/year according to the initial balance (add-on)
Consumer loans (buying a house, building, repairing a house, personal consumption, etc.)Up to 15 years+ 9.5-10%/year for the first 12 months, then the average profit margin is added 4%
EnterpriseShort-term loans (additional working capital)Less than 12 months+ Loan interest: 8.5 – 9.5%/year
Medium and long-term loans (project investment, fixed asset investment, …)Up to 07 years+ 9%/year for the first 12 months, then the average profit margin is added 3.5%

Procedures for borrowing money at Sacombank

The procedure for borrowing money at Sacombank is quite simple, after meeting the above conditions, customers need to prepare the following documents:

  • Fill in the loan application form according to the form of Sacombank.
  • Valid ID card/CCCD/Passport or notarized copy of household registration book/KT3 book.
  • Registration of marriage.
  • Salary slip, salary statement or electricity and water bill for the last 3 months.

Why should you borrow money from Sacombank?

After more than 30 years of establishment and development, Sacombank is considered as one of the banks with the fastest and most stable growth in our country. Currently, Sacombank is in the top 5 major banks and has achieved many outstanding titles.

The bank provides a lot of services, in which it is impossible not to mention Sacombank’s loan service. The reason why Sacombank is chosen by many customers is because of the great advantages it brings:

  • Diverse loan packages, depending on the needs that customers choose the right loan.
  • Conditions and loan procedures are simple and easy.
  • The loan process is quick and convenient.
  • High loan limit, preferential interest rate.
  • Quick disbursement.
  • 24/7 support and advice.

The most detailed Sacombank loan process

Sacombank loan process is very simple and fast. If you do not know the process, you can refer to the following steps:

  • Step 1: Customers fill in all information in Sacombank’s registration form.
  • Step 2: Then the bank staff will contact the customer to advise and prepare documents.
  • Step 3: Sign the loan application form of Sacombank.
  • Step 4: The bank conducts the appraisal of the loan application.
  • Step 5: After the loan application is approved, the two parties sign the contract and disburse the loan.

Some notes when borrowing money from Sacombank

Here are some experiences when borrowing money from Sacombank that you should note:

  • Learn about loans carefully, choose the right loan for your needs.
  • Registration information needs to be accurate to facilitate both parties in the loan process.
  • Before taking a loan, check to see if you are a bad debtor, if you are, you don’t need to apply for a loan because Sacombank does not accept bad debt.
  • Carefully consider the loan amount and payment term to help balance your personal finances and avoid falling into bad debt.
  • Actively set an appointment, remind the debt payment appointment when it is due, avoid late payment will be charged additional fees and late payment interest.

FAQ – Frequently asked questions when borrowing money from Sacombank

Here are some frequently asked questions that are specifically answered by most customers when borrowing money from Sacombank that you can refer to:

Does Sacombank accept bad debt cases?

Does Sacombank accept bad debt cases?
Does Sacombank accept bad debt cases?

Most banks do not accept loans to objects of bad debt, notable debt. Same with Sacombank, Sacombank only lends to people with clean credit history.

Therefore, it is best for customers to check in advance whether they are subject to bad debt or not on the CIC application to avoid losing both parties’ time.

How long does it take to disburse a Sacombank loan?

After the application is approved and the contract signed between the two parties is completed, Sacombank will disburse the customer immediately.

Do you need collateral to borrow money from Sacombank?

Depending on the loan chosen, the customer will require collateral or not. If you choose a Sacombank unsecured loan, you will not need collateral. However, if customers want to borrow a large amount of money and choose a mortgage loan from Sacombank, they will need collateral.


Here is some important information about Borrow money from Sacombank that Banktop has shared with you. It can be seen that borrowing money from Sacombank is an effective financial solution for many customers. Hopefully, the article will help you easily choose the right loan package and apply for a successful loan.

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