The years 2021 and 2022 have opened up many unique and novel business trends. When going through a period of social distancing. Having lost their main job, many people have found many ways to work online and earn other incomes. All thanks to the development and application of modern technology. From here many new business trends that many people did not expect appeared and exploded. At the present time, if we look beyond the next 2-3 years. What will the business be like and business trends 2025 what? Let’s find out through the following article and catch it as soon as possible!

Business trends 2025 focus a lot on technology

Business trends 2025 mostly focus on technology. Because of the technological achievements that have been and are being developed today. In 2022, many technologies will take the throne and lead the future. Many technology leaders in Vietnam believe that 2022 will be a year of technology boom in Vietnam.

Business trends 2025 focus a lot on technology

“I think technology trends will be applied and continue to thrive in Vietnam in 2022. Including: 5G technology, IoT, cloud computing (Cloud), AI (Artificial intelligence) , Big Data, Augmented Reality Experience and VR Virtual Reality. These are technologies that tend to lead and interact with each other in the overall digital technology ecosystem in the current period worldwide as well as in Vietnam. According to Mr. Nguyen Nam Long, Deputy Director of VNPT Group.

“Covid in the past 2 years has changed the way people work and live. Technologies that are and will continue to be deployed such as Cloud, variable computing, big data analysis, automation technologies, AR/VR technology and indispensable security and privacy technologies. According to Mr. Nguyen The Nghia – Head of Information Technology Department, Viettel Group.

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Industries that will become business trends in the future

Transport business

Overcoming the difficulties of the pandemic, the global transportation industry will thrive in 2022. Because users’ habits change, business needs and online shopping develop rapidly, leading to the transportation industry. delivery will also improve and develop more services. Besides, the demand for tourism and movement of people also increased sharply after a period of calm. Transport business in the coming time will be a hot hit industry to attract human resources until 2025 and beyond. Become the “goose that lays golden eggs” for the owners who catch up with the trend.

Online business 2025 is growing more and more

Online business has become an indispensable part of our lives. Everyone has bought online at least once. Even many people become addicted to online shopping. Besides, after the pandemic, users’ habits have also changed a lot. This is an opportunity for the online business to grow dramatically in the near future. Therefore, no matter what business you are in, do not neglect to develop them online. Business trends 2025 cannot be without online business.

Online business 2025 is growing more and more

Affiliate Marketing (Affiliate Marketing)

One of the effective 2022 – 2025 business ideas is Affiliate Marketing. Affiliate marketing is a profession that is not too strange for famous hot tiktokers and youtubers. They made a lot of money and got rich quickly by catching up with this trend. And the affiliate marketing profession will also grow stronger and explode in the coming time. In fact, this industry is not picky, anyone can easily join and earn money. Therefore, if you do not understand it well, or do not know it, find out quickly. Otherwise, you can only stand by and watch other people get rich, and you yourself will always be poor.

E-commerce intermediaries (dropshipping)

Just like online business and affiliate marketing, business idea 2025 is an e-commerce intermediary business; aka dropshipping is becoming a business trend in 2025. The advantages it brings are: sellers can build their own business brands but don’t need to spend a lot of capital; You can start a business right away if you have an understanding of online business.

Specifically, for the form of dropshipping, you only need to build a sales channel such as a booth on e-commerce platforms or a sales website with your own effective brand. Then, when the customer makes a purchase, you just need to pass the delivery information to the factory. They will pack and send to the customer according to your request. After the customer pays, they will transfer the interest back to you. With this form of business, all parties benefit. So why not try business right?

Trends in the business of clean vegetables

business trend 2025. Trend of clean vegetable business

Dirty food has become a concern of the whole community today. Therefore, fresh and reputable vegetable products will attract a lot of customers to buy. Selling clean vegetables is the business trend of 2025. However, it is not easy to run a successful clean vegetable business. First, you must obtain a business license and certificates of origin of the goods. Next, you need to understand business methods, gate management, marketing, branding, and customer sourcing, etc. If you love this field, then don’t hesitate to start learning right away. stop it.

Real estate investment

With political instability in many countries around the world today. Vietnam is considered very safe and has the potential for strong development in the coming time. This is the condition to attract large investment from many countries around the world to Vietnam. These things have paved the way for real estate to develop until 2025. If you already have an idle capital, don’t ignore this potential investment channel.

Trading in cosmetics, organic food to protect health

What business should be in 2025? In recent years, beauty is no longer just for women. Men are also very concerned about their beauty and health. Therefore, the business of beauty cosmetics and health protection functional foods will never be “missed”. If you have an idea or love a certain item in this field. Start learning about business right away. Knowing your head will get rich quickly without having time to turn around. Hihi, good luck.

Business cooperation, investment capital contribution

Business cooperation, investment capital contribution

Business cooperation or investment capital with businesses will be “keywords” to get rich in the future. Because of many advantages that help investors earn effective profits. Enterprises have large capital sources to develop and expand their businesses, creating many job opportunities to promote socio-economic development. Therefore, if you have a stable source of capital and want to create a sustainable passive income. Do not ignore this business trend of 2025.

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What do you need to understand in order to catch up with the business trend of 2025?

Understanding technology, market, products

To take shortcuts and catch up with business trends 2025. Understanding technology, markets and products is extremely important. Prepare and learn about upcoming technology. As well as practical applications, improve productivity and work efficiency. The application and the products and the market like. These are all first steps in a long-term business plan. Not only yours but also many large companies and corporations today.

Understand what users want?

Understand what users want?

User needs change every time and period. As products are increasingly perfected and the introduction of new applications, new features. Each product opens up a new need every year. To be able to grow and discover new needs. The application of technology to research and survey user needs is essential. Besides, the evaluation and customer care systems are also taken care of by business units.

Applying advanced technologies to bring a good experience

Today, the experience of products and services is one of the top factors. Reach more customers and keep loyal customers. It can be seen that today’s online shopping platforms are extremely focused on user experience and simple, easy-to-use operations. User experience is also one of the criteria for comparison between service providers. Therefore, always look for ways to improve the experience and apply the latest technologies.

Not afraid of difficulties, explore and develop

“The right choice is better than the effort” – Dissatisfied with the present and always trying to learn new things. Especially technology is always renewed every day. There will be better options for higher work efficiency. However, reaching for the new and replacing the old is not an easy task. That’s why your team must always have the spirit of inquiry, not afraid of difficulties, learning new things every day to apply in their work better.


Above are some of the new 2025 business trends that we have summarized. Hope to have brought you useful information. Please continue to follow tintucbatdongsanviet to update yourself with the best knowledge about the business and investment market. Wish you success soon and make a lot of money. Goodbye and see you in the next post.

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