You have an old 925 silver and want to sell it. But don’t know Can 925 silver be resold?? Where and at what price?

To help you learn about silver price today? In the following content, we will go together to learn about the resale price of old 925 silver and some related information.

What is 925 silver about?

Can 925 silver be resold?

Silver 925 is a type of silver that is 92.5% pure silver and 7.5% other metals. 925 sterling silver, also known as Italian silver, the color of this silver is shiny and has good hardness. Therefore, 925 silver is often used to make sophisticated jewelry with many different designs.

On the market today, it is not too difficult to find a product made from 925 silver. With the advantage of many designs and easy processing, at the same time, the price is also affordable. Therefore, products made from 925 silver are always chosen by users.

Can 925 silver be resold?

Can 925 silver be resold? And at what price? This is definitely a question many people ask.

Currently, on the market, there are many units and stores that buy silver jewelry. And of course products made of 925 silver can also be resold.

You can resell 925 silver at all gold, silver and gem stores in your area. However, each store will buy at a different price.

Do you have a hole in 925 silver?

As you know, used items will always be reduced in value compared to the original. And even for 925 silver? If it is a used product, the price will certainly be much lower than the original. The specific value is how much depends on the place of purchase and sale.

All kinds of 925 silver are now imported from abroad to meet the needs of consumers. Even so, there are still few workshops that buy back silver for recycling. But there are still some places to buy silver, but the price will be extremely cheap. Because when buying, it will need to be recycled and requires skilled workers to re-manufacture.

Can 925 silver be resold?

Therefore, when buying and selling, you need to choose a reputable buying and selling address. Because each point of sale will buy at a different price for different purposes, the price will also be different.

Ideally, you should choose to resell at the same store you bought it from before so it won’t take time to verify and will have a higher price.

The current silver price is quite competitive. Therefore, the price you buy and sell again also has different prices. When sold, the price of silver will be 40,000 VND – 45,000 VND/only.

Above you already know Can 925 silver be resold?? If you have to resell silver, choose reputable addresses to resell at high prices. Hopefully this article has helped you understand the information about this 925 silver.

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