i, bIn the first time receiving the card from the bank, the cardholder is required to activate the ATM card. But for some reason you haven’t activated your card. Now you want to receive money from another bank account. But wondering I have not activated atm card, can I receive money?? This is also a common question asked by many customers during use. To learn more about this, please refer to the article below.

I have not activated ATM card, can I receive money?

The first time you receive the card, you must activate the card. But you haven’t activated your card yet so it still won’t work. At this time, we cannot use the conveniences that ATM cards bring such as swiping cards, withdrawing money, transferring money.

But I have not activated atm card, can I receive money?? The answer is yes get the money normally. Because when making a money transfer, the sender will send it to a bank account number, not an ATM card. Your bank account is now active. All your transactions will still be carried out as usual. Only ATM card transactions cannot be used.

Can the ATM be opened with money?

Activating an ATM card is just a step to help the card notify the card’s operational status. Moreover, ATM card is a tool to help customers transact with money from their accounts. But there is no function to receive money, so it does not matter whether it is activated or not.

Here you need to make a clear distinction between bank account numbers and ATM cards. The source of money or any transaction will be made to your account. The ATM card is just an add-on utility that allows customers to transact anywhere at an ATM/POS.

Question: I have not activated ATM card, can I receive money??

Answer: YES, no need to activate ATM card to still receive money to your account.

Activate ATM card for what?

When the customer receives the card from the bank, there will be an envelope attached. Inside there will be your PIN and account number. And the staff always tell users to go to the ATM along with the banking system to activate and change the PIN.

You will have to proceed to change the PIN for the card and also activate the card. This is intended for customers to protect their account from card usage by changing a new PIN. And also helps to notify on the system that the ATM card has been activated and can be used.

Note If the card is not activated within 30 days, the ATM card will be temporarily blocked. At this point we will have to go to the bank to unlock the card.

What happens if I don’t activate my ATM card?

If you do not activate your ATM card, you will face the following problems:

  • ATM cards cannot be used to withdraw money, transfer money, or swipe cards.
  • The card will be locked after 30 days if not activated.
  • Online payment functions via websites will not be available.
  • Cannot use ATM card to pay via POS machine

Instructions on how to activate an ATM card at a bank’s ATM

To help you activate your ATM card properly and without any errors. Here Bankcuatoi will guide step by step for everyone to understand. Note: Customers can only activate ATM cards at the bank’s ATM.

I have not activated atm card, can I receive money?

  • Step 1: Bring your ATM card to the tree with the banking system in use.
  • Step 2: Tear the envelope received from the bank, then put the card in the tree and select Vietnamese language, enter the PIN code printed on the paper.
  • Step 3: Log in to the ATM screen, then select the new battery change function.
  • Step 4: Here the system asks you to enter the new PIN 2 times to confirm.
  • Step 5: Notification of successful PIN change.

Some notes when activating ATM card

When performing card activation at an ATM, you need to note a few things as follows:

  • Note that customers will have 30 days to activate. If you do not activate your ATM card after 30 days, your bank will lock it in one way.
  • As for changing your password, you can only change it at the ATM of the bank you are using. Other banks do not support you with the PIN code change function.
  • Do not change the PIN code numbers that coincide with the date of birth or the strings of natural numbers that are easy to guess.
  • After changing the PIN, you need to save that information to avoid forgetting the PIN of your ATM card.
  • The bank encourages customers to change their ATM card PIN every 3 to 4 months. This ensures the safety of your ATM card.


This article will answer your question I have not activated atm card, can I receive money?? Instructions on how to activate your ATM card when you first use it. Hope the above information will be helpful to everyone. If you have any questions, please leave feedback for free support and answer from bankcuatoi.com.

Hint: Under 18 years old can get Vietinbank ATM card


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