We have heard a lot about Red book mortgage loancar mortgage loan, but can Agricultural land be used as an asset to get a bank mortgage?

If yes, which bank will support? Agricultural land mortgage loan?

How much interest?

What are the loan documents and procedures?

Let’s find out in this article!

Can agricultural land be mortgaged?
Can agricultural land be mortgaged?

Guide to mortgage loans with the fastest disbursal


Agricultural land, also known as arable land, arable land… Agricultural land is only used for purposes suitable for agriculture, not for other purposes. Agricultural land is suitable for agricultural production and cultivation, including farming and animal husbandry.


The answer is yes, but quite a few banks support the use of agricultural land as collateral for bank loans. Why is that so? Because Agricultural land is often geographically located far away, has a very low value compared to residential land, it is also difficult for the bank’s appraisal department to access this type of property.

However, some banks still support agricultural land mortgage loans such as Agribank or Lien Viet Post Bank. However, loan conditions are somewhat more difficult than residential land or other types of assets.


Agribank can provide mortgage loans for agricultural land, so what are the conditions to use agricultural land as collateral? Pursuant to Article 24 of Decision 217/QD-NH1 we have the following regulations:

  • 24.1. The mortgagor must have a certificate of land use right issued by a competent State agency in accordance with the law on land.
  • 24.2. Land can be easily transferred according to the provisions of the law on land.
  • 24.3. Land is not disputed.
  • 24.4. The maximum term of mortgage of land use rights is only equal to the remaining term of land allocation or lease

That means leased land will not be accepted. Agricultural land used as collateral is not subject to clearance, can be transferred…


To complete the application for an agricultural land mortgage loan, the customer needs to prepare the following documents:

  • Loan application form (issued by the Bank according to the available form)
  • ID card or ID card
  • Household/KT3 of borrowers
  • Legal documents showing the marital status of the borrower and/or a third party (if any)
  • Documents related to collateral (Agricultural Land), 3rd party guarantee property
  • Proof of income source.

AGRICULTURAL LAND mortgage loan process

  • Step 1: Contact the bank to apply for a mortgage loan.
  • Step 2: Consult interest rates and documents according to regulations.
  • Step 3: The bank conducts appraisal of the documents, valuing the collateral to set an appropriate limit.
  • Step 4: Sign the contract and disburse if the application is approved.

How to mortgage a savings book Agribank quickly disbursed?


Because of the characteristics of agricultural land, not many banks accept to use agricultural land as collateral. Currently, Agribank is the bank that supports mortgage loans for agricultural land with the best interest rates today.

Conditions for mortgage loans for agricultural land at Agribank

  • Customers are Vietnamese citizens aged 20 – 60
  • Have permanent residence or KT3 in the provinces and cities with branches – Transaction Office Agribank
  • The main property of the owner is agricultural land
  • Have a plan to use loan capital effectively after being disbursed
  • Have records to prove the source of income to ensure ability to pay.

Guide to mortgage agricultural land at Agribank

  • Step 1. Apply for a loan
  • Step 2. Get advice on interest rates, process and documents to prepare
  • Step 3. Prepare loan documents to submit to Agribank
  • Step 4. Property Appraisal
  • Step 5. Approval of loan limit based on appraisal results.
  • Step 6. Sign loan contract and disburse loan


What should I pay attention to when taking out a mortgage on agricultural land?
What should I pay attention to when taking out a mortgage on agricultural land?

Unlike residential land, agricultural land has low value and is located far from the center, so the risk is quite high. Therefore, the bank only supports the average loan limit to minimize the risk.

However, Vietnam is a country that is still inclined to Agriculture, so the State always focuses on supporting policies to borrow bank loans with agricultural land as collateral. These policies change from time to time.


Agricultural land can be used as collateral, but only a few banks support it. If there is a need to borrow agricultural land, please contact Hotline for advice!

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