When registering for a Momo account, customers will be forced to register with the official phone number and each phone number is only allowed to register for a single account. So, when you lose your phone or lose your registered sim, is there a way? Momo login without verification code which or not?

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The truth is that there is a “way to login Momo without a confirmation code”

In fact, there is still a way to help you log in Momo wallet without verification code. At this point, you only need to choose one of the following two methods to access your account with a password or use a fingerprint (provided you have registered before).

Is it possible to login to Momo wallet without a confirmation code?
Is it possible to login to Momo wallet without a confirmation code?

However, it all stops at opening the wallet, the rest of the operations such as payment and transaction execution are almost impossible because all are required to log in the OTP code sent back.

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Can I log in to Momo when I lose my phone number?

As mentioned, if you lose your Momo account registered phone number, it is completely impossible to confirm payment for transactions on the wallet. Because if you do not log in the OTP code sent by Momo, the payment steps will not be successful.

For advice and quick resolution of this situation, please go to the nearest Momo branch for support.

Can I log into Momo if I lost my registered phone number?
Can I log into Momo if I lost my registered phone number?

Solution when losing Momo registered phone number

Based on your situation, we have 2 solutions as follows:

Case 1: Lost phone and Momo registration sim

As soon as you discover that you have lost your phone, including the owner’s sim card and Momo’s wallet, you still have money, calmly resolve as follows.

In fact, strangers cannot log into Momo’s account because there is no login password, unless you set a password that is too easy to remember for them to figure it out.

To ensure absolute safety and not lose money, please quickly contact the number Momo hotline is: 1900 54 54 41 or 028.399,171.99 to request an account lockout. Call as soon as possible, your wallet will be absolutely 100% safe.

Immediately contact Momo's hotline to get an urgent account lock
Immediately contact Momo’s hotline to get an urgent account lock

Case 2: Lost phone but still have Momo registration sim

For customers who only lose their phone with Momo application but still have the registered sim card, the handling is much easier and simpler.

  • Insert your sim into another phone
  • Download the Momo application and perform the same login operations as before

Thus, your Momo account will be completely transferred to the new phone and log out electronic wallet on the old machine. Remember to reset the password with higher security to prevent crooks from being able to figure out the password.


As such, there is no way to login momo without any confirmation code. If yes, it’s just a normal login and the transaction cannot be manipulated. Customers should note, most definitely, immediately go to the nearest office to redo to prevent possible money loss risks.

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