Can Vietcombank credit card withdraw cash? This is a question asked by many cardholders. In this article we will learn about this issue.

In addition to convenient functions such as payment, shopping, and non-cash card swiping. Then utility Vietcombank credit card withdrawal also used by many cardholders. Accordingly, the cardholder is allowed to withdraw cash by credit card with the credit limit of the card. But what are the caveats of withdrawing money from a credit card? Let’s find out how to withdraw and the fee schedule, withdrawal limit through the article below.

Can Vietcombank credit card withdraw cash?

Vietcombank credit card with the main feature is payment, non-cash spending. And the card acts as a tool to help customers borrow money quickly without going through complicated procedures.

However, few people know that Vietcombank credit cards also have a cash advance function. Also known as withdrawal according to the provided limit. Accordingly, the cardholder can withdraw money from the credit card. But the withdrawal amount will be limited by the limit. And the amount withdrawn will be charged fees and interest rates as prescribed.

Cash withdrawal from Vietcombank credit card can be done at Vietcombank ATMs/POS or affiliated banks. Withdrawal operations are similar to other regular ATM cards.

Instructions on how to withdraw money from Vietcombank credit card

Currently there are 2 how to withdraw cash from Vietcombank credit card that you can apply.

Method 1: Withdraw money via ATM

Customers are allowed to withdraw money at ATMs of Vietcombank or affiliated banks. However, withdrawing money from other banks will be charged more fees.

How to withdraw money from vietcombank

Step 1: Insert the card into the ATM in the direction of the arrow printed on the card.

Step 2: Select the language and enter the PIN.

Step 3: Click on the “Withdrawal” function.

Step 4: The system displays the preset denominations you can withdraw. If you want to withdraw another number, enter the amount you want to withdraw then click OK.

Step 5: Confirm the amount you want to withdraw and the system asks if you want to print an invoice.

Step 6: Receive money and cards from ATMs.

Method 2: Withdraw money from Vietcombank credit card at Vietcombank

How to withdraw money from vietcombank

Step 1: Customers bring ID/CCCD/Passport to the nearest Vietcombank branch.

Step 2: Go to the counter and inform the staff that you want to withdraw money from your credit card.

Step 3: Show personal documents and card. The staff will put the card into the POS machine and proceed to enter the amount and print the invoice.

Step 4: Receive money and card with the same invoice, remember to check the information on the invoice to see if it is correct.

This is 2 How to withdraw money from Vietcomban credit cardNot known but people still use it. You can apply to withdraw money from your card.

Withdrawal fee from Vietcombank credit card

An issue that cannot be ignored is that Vietcombank credit card withdrawal fee schedule. This fee will be deducted as soon as the customer closes the transaction. As follows:

PlaceAt Vietcombank ATMAt ATMs outside Vietcombank systemAt the counter
In the territory of VietnamOutside the territory of VietnamIn the Vietcombank system in the territory of VietnamOutside the Vietcombank system in the territory of VietnamOutside the Vietcombank system outside the territory of Vietnam
Cost (% of transaction value)Free4% of transaction value6% transaction valueFree4% of withdrawal amount6% of withdrawal amount

Vietcombank credit card withdrawal limit

Credit card withdrawal limit is the maximum amount you can advance from the card. Customers are not allowed to withdraw money beyond this allowable limit. Otherwise the transaction will not be executed.

The card’s withdrawal limit will be % credit limit granted. Each card has a different limit.

  • Maximum withdrawal amount 1 day: 20,000,000 VND
  • Maximum number of withdrawals per day: 20 times.
  • One-time withdrawal limit at Vietcombank: VND 5,000,000

Notes when making cash advance with Vietcombank credit card

When you make a transaction advance money from Vietcombank credit card the following points should be noted.

  • Customers can only withdraw money up to the specified limit. Each customer will have a separate credit line.
  • Withdrawal fee is calculated at 4% of the total amount withdrawn, in addition, the customer will also bear interest. The specific number will be announced at the end of the statement period.
  • When withdrawing cash at Vietcombank’s system, the fee will be less than when withdrawing outside the system.
  • When withdrawing money by POS machine, it is necessary to pay attention to check bills and protect card information.
  • If not absolutely necessary, do not use the credit card cash withdrawal feature.

Summary has guided readers Can Vietcombank credit card withdraw cash? the fastest. This is a pretty good utility that helps customers solve their financial problems instantly. However, this is also a double-edged sword if the cardholder does not know how to use it properly.

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