VietCredit card is a card that serves the shopping and spending needs of customers quickly and conveniently. However, when using it, many questions arise Can VietCredit card transfer? To answer this content and introduce details about VietCredit card, please see the article of Banktop Please.

Information about VietCredit card

Information about VietCredit card
Information about VietCredit card

VietCredit card is a kind of utility card provided by Tin Viet Joint Stock Company. Customers can pay for shopping, spend with optional limits and are allowed to spend first – pay later. Anyone can own a VietCredit card when they have full ID/CCCD documents for registration.

Using VietCredit card is suitable for those of you who are having financial difficulties, for example, your salary has not returned but you need to shop or pay an urgent fee. Support limit when customers register for VietCredit card is up to 100 million VND.

Can VietCredit card transfer money?

When using VietCredit card you will not be able to transfer. Although VietCredit card has many utilities, one limitation is that the transfer function is not yet supported.

VietCredit card mainly serves for direct payment and when used, customers can spend first and pay later. The customer will return the full amount to the company within the specified time.

Why can’t I transfer money in VietCredit card?

Easily control outstanding balance

The reason why customers using VietCredit cards cannot make the first transfer is to help control their outstanding balance. Avoiding the case that customers spend excessively and the amount exceeds their ability to pay, when limiting the transfer will help VietCredit company control the outstanding balance and let customers spend on the card limit.

Guaranteed cashless feature

The second is to ensure the non-cash feature, VietCredit card was created to only support customers to pay, so it is impossible to advance cash via other cards or transfer. This will violate the rules set out when the customer registers for a card.

Instructions for withdrawing money from VietCredit Online

Withdrawing money from VietCredit card is similar to withdrawing money at a regular bank ATM. For the first time using, you also need to go to an ATM that supports linking with VietCredit card to change the password PIN for the first time. Then withdraw normally.

Instructions for using VietCredit credit card

To use VietCredit card for the first time, follow these steps:

  • Step 1: Activate and create a PIN, which is also the password you use to withdraw money at ATMs. How to create a PIN you text with the following syntax:

DKPIN[4 số cuối Thẻ Vay] and send 8100.

  • Step 2: VietCredit will send a PIN to your phone number. Within 24 hours, go to ATMs to change your PIN to activate your card.
  • Step 3: When you’re done, you can withdraw your money as you normally would at a bank’s ATM.

Currently, with your VietCredit card, you can withdraw money at ATMs of the banks linked below:

Note when using VietCredit credit card

When using VietCredit credit card, you should note the following information:

  • Please change your PIN as soon as you receive the card.
  • The PIN code should have high security and be kept carefully, the password should not be a phone number, easy to guess date of birth.
  • The limit you can make transactions at ATMs is at least 300,000 VND and maximum 3 million VND, plus 3,300 VND/transaction.
  • If you have problems with transactions, forget your PIN or lose your VietCredit card, you must immediately contact VietCredit’s customer service department at 1900 6515 for the fastest support.


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