In order to expand management and connect with customers more quickly, Internet Banking has become an optimal support tool, bringing many benefits and used by most banks.

Vietinbank Ipay is an extremely useful electronic banking application of Vietinbank. This application will help customers look up personal account information, make quick transactions and deposit savings very conveniently.

However, as a customer using Vietinbank’s e-banking and if one day you realize Vietinbank Ipay is locked right on your phone, how will you handle it? Let’s analyze with how to solve this case!

What is Vietinbank Ipay?

Vietinbank Ipay is an electronic banking service application (or Internet Banking) provided by Vietnam Joint Stock Commercial Bank for Industry and Trade Vietinbank, for individuals who register to open a bank account or have savings or payment here.

Vietinbank Ipay application owns a lot of utilities
Vietinbank Ipay application owns a lot of utilities

This application helps Vietinbank’s customers perform quick operations such as payment, transfer, balance check, Vietinbank Ipay also supports customers to recharge phones, check balances or pay loans right away. on your Internet-connected phone.

To be able to register for a Vietinbank Ipay account, you need to immediately go to the nearest bank branch for assistance in opening an account. In addition, you also need to meet the necessary conditions to open an account at the bank, as well as provide specific personal information.

Vietinbank Ipay is a very convenient and easy to use application. However, suddenly one day your Vietinbank ipay is locked, you cannot access your bank account on the application as well as cannot perform transaction operations. So what are the reasons why Vietinbank ipay account is locked? Following are the explanations for this problem.

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Why is Vietinbank ipay account locked?

Here are a few reasons why Vietinbank ipay account is locked that customers often encounter.

Vietinbank Ipay system on the bank side is faulty

This case happened when Vietinbank Ipay was locked with the reason from the bank itself. Customers can check the above information by viewing application error messages from the bank’s website / fanpage. Or you can contact online via the switchboard to inquire about this case as well as request account activation.

Enter the wrong login password many times

When you forget your password or enter the wrong password more than 5 times in a row to log in to the application, your Vietinbank ipay account will be locked immediately.

This automatic locking is because Vietinbank wants to ensure the safety of customers’ accounts, to avoid being taken advantage of by crooks to steal money in the account.

Because the bank detects suspicious activity

Vietinbank ipay will be locked if it detects suspicious login signs from customer accounts.

This is likely to happen if a customer is logged into his or her bank account on multiple devices at the same time. At this moment, the bank will immediately detect the above suspicious action and will lock the account for safety without prior notice.

Customers do not pay when taking out a loan from the bank

The next case where the Vietinbank ipay account is locked is because the customer has a bank loan but does not pay on time.

If the customer does not pay the debt as agreed and prescribed, the bank will determine that the individual customer has bad debt and will not allow them to access the account to perform transactions.

In general, leaving your Vietinbank ipay account locked will interrupt all transactions as well as cause you certain troubles if you are in need of e-banking right away. Therefore, you need to be careful to avoid these situations.

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Can I withdraw money if my Vietinbank Ipay account is locked?

Many customers who have had their Vietinbank ipay account locked are worried that: if they need money urgently but their account is locked, will they be able to withdraw money? Then the answer is Yes.

You can still withdraw money even though your e-banking account is locked, by going to an ATM to withdraw via bank card or going directly to Vietinbank to request a withdrawal.

However, withdrawal is only possible in case the account is locked due to not your personal cause. If the reason for the lock is on your side, you need to unlock your account first before you can withdraw money.

Here, will read with you through the ways you can unlock your Vietinbank Ipay account when facing a difficult locked situation as above.

Instructions to unlock Vietinbank Ipay account on mobile phone

Unlock Vietinbank ipay account via app

Many customers mistakenly believe that if their Vietinbank ipay account is locked, they can still actively unlock it at home. This interpretation is completely wrong.

For security reasons and keep customer accounts safe, any bank will not support the feature for customers to unlock themselves on their phones.

Therefore, to unlock safely, you need to go directly to the transaction office at the bank or contact online via the Vietinbank switchboard for support.

Go directly to the bank to unlock Vietinbank Ipay

For the settlement of the case that Vietinbank ipay account is locked, customers should immediately go to the bank and prepare additional procedures including the original identity card/citizen identity card to be assisted by the staff to reactivate the account. account.

If the documents you bring are valid, in accordance with the personal information that you have registered as an account, or you have paid your debt before, in an acceptable condition, the bank will reactivate your bank account as well as unlock Vietinbank ipay immediately.

Go directly to the bank to unlock Vietinbank Ipay
Go directly to the bank to unlock Vietinbank Ipay

Specifically, the process you go to the bank to request account activation includes the following steps:

  • Step 1: Go to the transaction desk to report your case that your Vietinbank Ipay account is locked.
  • Step 2: Submit the identity card / identity card for the teller to check. Then, fill in the information on the request for account reactivation.
  • Step 3: Submit an application for account activation and wait for the staff to check, reactivate Vietinbank ipay and issue a new password (if you forget your password).
  • Step 4: You need to access Vietinbank ipay application, log in to the application to complete the activation.

Call Vietinbank switchboard to unlock Vietinbank Ipay

If in case you do not have too much time to go to the bank, you have difficulty in arranging time to activate your account, the bank will still support you to reactivate your locked Vietinbank Ipay account through Contact the bank’s switchboard number.

You contact Vietinbank switchboard number: 1900 558 868. Bank staff will need you to provide necessary personal information such as: Full name or ID/ID number, phone number for account registration or need your date of birth.

After the staff checks and your request is approved, you will also be given a new password (if you forget your password) and your Vietinbank ipay account will be activated immediately.

Is there a fee to unlock Vietinbank Ipay account?

If you wonder about the cost of unlocking Vietinbank Ipay account, you can rest assured that you will not lose any cost.

You will get free service from account reactivation fee, new password granting fee and fee for changing or adding more personal information if you need it. So, when you have a problem like this, please contact us immediately or go to the transaction desk directly, all services on the bank will be happy to help and support you to solve.

Notes when using Vietinbank Ipay

In the process of using Vietinbank Ipay, you need to note the following points to avoid being locked out of your account or encountering problems.

Note down the password and remember the registered password

If you forgot your password, you can reset your password by clicking on the forgot password line below to proceed to register for a new password online. Then, enter the necessary personal information such as: Full name, registered phone number, pin code, the last 8 digits on the bank card as well as the capcha code, then wait for confirmation and reset a new password.

How to use the forgot password feature on Vietinbank Ipay
How to use the forgot password feature on Vietinbank Ipay

Don’t enter the wrong password more than 5 times in a row because you don’t remember the password, leading to the account being locked.

It is not recommended to log in to Vietinbank Ipay on more than 2 devices at the same time

Also, don’t log into your account on public or shared devices. Or if you are reluctant, when you have to share a device with others, you should pay attention to delete your data, cookies and login history on the application or Internet browser, to avoid data theft. .

Set a strong enough password for the account

As a rule, you need to set a password that is between 8 and 16 characters long. In particular, the password should include both numbers, uppercase and lowercase letters. You can add special characters like: @ # $ % ^ * … to increase the security of the password.

In addition, you need to avoid setting passwords with easy to understand information such as: Your name, date of birth or familiar personal phone number. And you can also change your password once a year to avoid password disclosure.

Do not share your password or personal account pin with anyone

You should not share information related to the password or pin of your bank account with anyone, in any form such as texting, taking screenshots or calling…, to avoid being hacked. fraudsters steal money or expose personal information.

In addition, you should also not access strange, unknown links and do not provide your password at any website other than and Vietinbank Ipay.


Vietinbank Ipay application is a very convenient application, bringing a good experience to customers. If suddenly your Vietinbank Ipay account is locked, you should stay calm and find the best solutions to activate and unlock your account.

Through this article, Hopefully, it will help you pay more attention to the security of your account, find the fastest and most suitable solution if unfortunately your Vietinbank Ipay account is locked.


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