When conducting a money transfer transaction at Agribank. Everyone needs to pay attention Agribank transfer limit is how much. Then your transactions will be done more easily. If you transfer money beyond the limit set by Agribank. That transaction will be met with an error as unexecutable.

Agribank is a bank that many customers consider as a good bank today. And many customers trust and use the service. Each bank now has its own limit for transferring money. And so is Agribank, hereafter we will provide you with Agribank’s money transfer limit. We invite you to learn more about us below.


Types of Agribank bank transfer

Agribank’s money transfer limit is regulated differently. Each real money transfer form will have its own limit, currently every bank is the same. To be able to proceed to know the transfer limit.

You need to know how many ways Agribank currently has money transfer. Only then can you know the transfer limit with the method you are using. The following are the methods of money transfer of Agribank.

  • Transfer money directly at branches, transaction counters of Agribank.
  • Transfer money through Agribank’s banking services such as. Internet Banking, E-Mobile Banking, SMS Banking.
  • Transfer money through Agribank’s ATM system.

Update current Agribank transfer limit

After knowing what methods of money transfer Agribank currently have. Here we will provide you with information about Agribank’s money transfer limit. For specific information, please feel free to contact us below.

Agribank transfer limit at transaction counters

First, if the customer has never transferred money directly at the bank. Or just transfer money with a small amount, and when you want to transfer with a larger amount. Another question about the limit of direct money transfer at the bank is how much. With this question we will answer you as follows.Agribank transfer limit

If you transfer money directly at branches, transaction counters of Agribank. People will be able to make money transfers without limits. It means that customers can transfer as much money as they want when they go directly to the bank to transfer.

Agribank transfer limit via Internet Banking

For Internet Banking service, please refer to the table below:

Transaction methodIndividual customersCorporate customers
Authenticate with OTP Hard Token
  • 200 million VND/1 transaction.
  • 1 Billion VND / 1 day.
  • 1 Billion VND / 1 transaction.
  • 8 Billion VND/day.
Authentication with OTP SMS Token
  • 20 million / 1 transaction.
  • 100 million / 1 day.
  • 300 million VND/1 transaction.
  • 2.5 Billion VND / 1 day.

Agribank money transfer limit via E-Mobile Banking

Transaction methodSMS OTPSOFT OTP
Transfer money in Agribank system
  • 100 million VND/1 transaction.
  • 1 Billion VND / 1 day.
  • 2.5 Billion VND / 1 transaction.
  • 5 Billion VND/day.
Transfer money to another bank
  • 100 million VND/1 transaction.
  • 1 Billion VND / 1 day.
  • 500 million VND/1 transaction.
  • 5 Billion VND/day.

Transfer limit at Agribank ATM

At Agribank’s ATM, you can transfer money according to the limit of each card type. The following will be the limit for transferring money at Agribank’s ATMs:Agribank transfer limit

Domestic Debit Card, International Debit Card:

  • Standard class: 50 million VND/ day.
  • Gold: 100 million VND/ day.

Agribank credit cards will have no limit on money transfer. People can proceed to transfer all the money that is granted, then they will only need to pay that amount back to the bank.

Agribank transfer limit via SMS Banking service

For SMS Banking service of Agribank. In addition to the money transfer function, this service also supports customers to transfer money quickly. But when using this service to transfer money, the limit will be very low. And the money transfer limit on SMS Banking application is 25 million VND/ 1 transaction/ 1 day.

How is Agribank’s money transfer fee?

Agribank’s money transfer fee is also clearly regulated by the bank. For each type of transaction, there will be a separate fee. And the following will be the Agribank money transfer fee:

Transfer fee at Agribank transaction counter

Same bank branchFreeFreeFree
Different bank branch
VND transfer in the same district or town.FreeFreeFree
VND transfer to another district or town.0.01%10,000 VND500,000 VND
Transfer at branches in districts urban Hanoi City, Ho Chi Minh CityFreeFreeFree
Transfer at branches in districts suburban Hanoi City, Ho Chi Minh City0.01%10,000 VND500,000 VND
Transfer VND to another Province, City.0.02%-0.04%20,000VND3,000,000 VND
Foreign currency transfer in the same province or city0.01%1 USD20 USD
Foreign currency transfer to other provinces and cities0.02%2 USD50 USD

Transfer fee to Agribank e-banking service

Online Banking
In the banking system0.02%3,000VND800,000VND
Different from the banking system0.025%10,000VND1,000,000 VND
Mobile Electronic Banking
In the banking system<= 10 Million VND>10 million VND to <=25 million VND>25 million VND
Charges2,000 VND / transaction.5,000 VND / transaction.7,000 VND / transaction.
Interbank money transfer0.05%8,000VND


Here are the details about Agribank transfer limit. Hope the above information will be helpful to everyone. If people have any questions, please leave feedback ruttienthetindungonline.com will support and answer for everyone.



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