Techcombank ATM cards are used more and more by people. The reason is that using Techcombank ATM card, the transfer is free of charge. And many other utilities. But you already know Techcombank transfer limit how much is it? If not, please refer to our article below to clarify this issue.

Learn ways to transfer money from Techcombank

Techcombank always wants maximum flexibility for customers. Therefore, many different methods of money transfer have been applied for people to choose from. Depending on the circumstances, the most appropriate method can be applied. Please note that each way of sending will have Techcombank money transfer limit be different.

Online money transfer via electronic banking (Banking)

This is the most widely used method today because of its convenience and speed. Remitters do not have to spend time and effort moving. You just need to use a phone connected to the Internet to be able to transfer money at any time. However, you also need to register to use Techcombank’s Banking service.

When transferring money online, the beneficiary will receive the money immediately. And the big plus point is that transferring by this method will not be charged by the customer. And the transfer limit of this service is also relatively high.

Direct money transfer at Techcombank

For those who are not proficient in information technology, going to Techcombank to transfer money will be a good choice. You will have to go to the bank on weekdays, during office hours. Although it takes a bit of time and effort, you will receive the most dedicated support from a bank staff with many years of experience in the profession.

Transfer money at Techcombank’s ATM

want to transfer money to techcombank

At Techcombank’s ATM, there is a customer support function with money transfer. So if you want to transfer money at the bank’s ATM. You can take your ATM card to the tree, then you can refer to the instructions on how to transfer Techcombank money at the tree below.

  • Take your ATM card to any ATM and insert it into the tree.
  • Select a language and enter your card’s PIN.
  • Select the money transfer function > Bank name > Recipient account number > Amount you want to transfer. Then press OK.
  • The ATM tree will display 1 transaction again, confirm the information and click OK.
  • The system asks if you want to print the invoice, press yes or no.
  • Successful transaction.

How to transfer money quickly 24/7 Techcombank

With 24/7 branch money transfer service of Techcombank. People can make quick money transfers through the [email protected] Mobile app. The following will be a reference guide on how to transfer money through this application:

  • Log in to the [email protected] Mobile app installed on your phone. Select the 24/7 transfer function
  • Click select “Transfer via card number or transfer via account number“.
  • Select the beneficiary bank and fill in the recipient’s information, the amount to be transferred, the content of the transfer.
  • Click confirm and enter the OTP sent to your phone to confirm the transaction.
  • Money transfer successful.

Information about Techcombank transfer limit

Techcombank’s transfer limit will be regulated differently by the bank. The amount you can transfer depends on how you transfer the money. The following will be information about Techcombank money transfer limits in different forms. For specific information, please refer to below.

Techcombank transfer limit by Banking service

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Whether you transfer money via mobile banking application or internet banking service. Then you can only transfer up to 1 day 300,000,000 million VND copper. However, this online money transfer transaction, the beneficiary will receive the money immediately. Very fast and convenient.

Techcombank transfer limit at transaction counters

If you feel that Techcombank’s money transfer limit is not enough according to customers’ needs. Therefore, the choice when transferring money directly at the counter is a reasonable choice. At the bank’s counter, the limit for transferring money is unlimited. People can transfer as much as they want, can transfer all the money in your account.

Techcombank money transfer limit at ATM

How much is the limit for transferring money through an ATM, depending on what type of ATM card you bring to transfer money?

  • For standard Visa ATM card: Up to 1 day you can transfer 50,000,000 VND.
  • For gold class Visa ATM card: Up to 1 day you can transfer 100,000,000 VND.

Techcombank money transfer limit 24/7

want to transfer money to techcombank

Transferring money using Techcombank’s 24/7 service is similar to transferring money online through convenient banking services. Therefore, the maximum limit when transferring money using this service is also 300,000,000 VND.

Limit of money transfer from Vietnam to abroad

Remittance abroad is often applied to customers who want to transfer money to relatives living in another country. However, the regulations on the limit of remittance abroad are not clear. This limit is subject to change and depends on the licensing of the state.

The procedure for transferring money abroad is also many times more complicated than transferring money domestically. Because before carrying out the money transfer procedure, you also need to obtain a license to transfer money abroad from the foreign exchange department of the state bank. If you have difficulty, please ask Techcombank staff for advice and support.

If the above limit is not enough to serve your usage needs. Go to the bank to Techcombank money transfer limit to the desired number.

Techcombank money transfer fee

Same as bank transfer limit. Techcombank also regulates bank transfer fees in different forms. And if you are worth using Techcombank’s services. If you make a wire transfer, you will have to pay the following fees:

  • Transfer money at the counter:
    • From 20 million or more: 0.02% Max: 1,000,000 VND.
    • From 20 and below: 3,000 VND/ transaction.
  • Transfer money by electronic banking service: Free.
  • Transfer money at the bank’s ATM: Free
  • Transfer money at another bank’s ATM: 3,300 VND/ 1 transaction.

Refer to details of money transfer fee: Techcombank money transfer fee


Above is Techcombank transfer limit depending on the method of money transfer. Knowing your remittance limit will make it more convenient for you and faster to transfer money. Hope has brought a useful article for you to read.



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