Making money online is a trend that many people support because of the convenience and financial potential it brings. Today, with just a device connected to the Internet, you can easily earn an additional source of income. However, there are many different applications and ways to make money online, which is a reputable money-making model that you should try?

Here, let’s find out with about the most popular way to make money today, which is make money on Zalo Pay.

About Zalo Pay

Zalo Pay is an online payment application that is used by many customers because of its unique features that bring convenience and satisfy payment needs both in daily spending and business.

Zalo Pay wallet is being used by more and more people
Zalo Pay wallet is being used by more and more people

Zalo Pay is owned by Zion Joint Stock Company and developed by VNG Group to hold a pioneer position in the process of changing customers’ payment habits. With a large user community of Zalo society, Zalo Pay was born with the aim of perfecting the ecosystem to bring users a comprehensive and convenient experience.

Therefore, Zalo Pay wallet is warmly received and is considered as one of the most popular e-wallets today.

Why Zalo Pay can become a companion in the business and life of millions of users, let’s find out with right here:

  • Transfer money and pay right in the Zalo application: users can transfer money right in the chat frame at any time without having to go to the application. Chat and transfer money at the same time is extremely convenient without being afraid of the wrong account.
  • Fast and secure payment: simple operations, users only need a few seconds to complete the transaction. With a system that meets PCI – DSS and ISO 27001 security standards, users can be assured of information security and transaction safety.
  • Completely free transactions: Zalo Pay is free for all payments and transactions 24/7 (except for some transactions that are charged monthly).

In addition, Zalo Pay also gives users the opportunity to earn money through gift programs, cashback incentives, affiliate marketing, let’s find out how to make money on this promising Zalo Pay soon. this.

Conditions to make money via Zalo Pay

To make money on Zalo Pay, you first need to have a personal Zalo account, from the Zalo application you can register for a Zalo Pay wallet link. After filling in and confirming personal information, you need to set up security steps to make transactions safe.

Currently, Zalo Pay supports linking e-wallets with more than 39 banks, international financial switching organizations and 3 international card organizations to help you quickly top up, transfer and withdraw money.

Revealing how to make money on the latest Zalo Pay 2022

In addition to the quick money transfer and online payment facilities that Zalo Pay brings, this e-wallet application also attracts users with promotional campaigns and special offers for users with diverse policies. . Users can both use the service and earn extra income easily.

Instructions for making money on Zalo Pay wallet
Instructions for making money on Zalo Pay wallet

Here are some ways to make money on Zalo Pay with

Make money Zalo Pay: Join the attractive Affiliate Marketing network of Zalo Pay

Currently, Zalo Pay is implementing an effective form of affiliate marketing (Affiliate Marketing) by combining with major e-commerce channels, typically Tiki.

Along with the stable and large user base of Tiki and Zalo, Zalo Pay launched many promotional vouchers and discount codes to attract customers to buy from Tiki app and pay with Zalo Pay. This form promotes the user base of both Zalo Pay and Tiki, users can make money on Zalo Pay by taking advantage of these incentive programs.

In addition, through cooperation with other 3rd party partners, Zalo Pay gives users the opportunity to earn money through attractive promotions as follows:
Top up your phone and receive attractive discounts that can be up to 10-15% and enjoy attractive promotions.

Pay bills and shop online with a chance to get up to 50% cashback.

In addition, on holidays, Tet or special occasions, Zalo Pay always understands customer psychology and creates programs that are not only interesting but also help users but also bring economic value when using. service.

On Tet holiday, users can give lucky money online through Zalo Pay, you can give lucky money to your loved ones anywhere, with meaningful and unique wishes and stickers.

Vouchers or preferential cards with a face value of up to 300,000 corresponding to various promotional campaigns are also offered to attract customers. If users can take advantage of these promotions, they will be able to make money on Zalo Pay simply.

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Get 1,000,000 gift from Zalo Pay for free

Currently, you can instantly get 1,000,000 words in 2 simple ways as follows:

Gift for new friends with voucher package of 1,000,000: new users can enjoy services such as phone top-up, data top-up, electricity and water bill payment with just one touch.

Please link your ATM card or bank account with Zalo Pay, you can immediately receive gifts to your wallet.
The program is applied nationwide from September 1, 2021 to May 31, 2022, quickly follow these steps to receive 1,000,000 immediately to your wallet.

  • Step 1: Open the Zalo Pay application or the Zalo Pay wallet in the Zalo application, then select the “Banking link” item.
  • Step 2: Select the bank you want to link and follow the instructions to link your bank card. You need to make sure your bank account has not been linked to Zalo Pay before.
  • Step 3: Immediately receive a voucher package of 1,000,000 on the card, which users can use to pay electricity and water bills, eat and drink entertainment or recharge their phones.

In addition to the offer for new users above, you also have the opportunity to earn money on Zalo Pay up to 1,000,000 by inviting new friends to join Zalo to bring back a double gift package for both.

Receive gifts up to 1,000,000 from Zalo Pay wallet
Receive gifts up to 1,000,000 from Zalo Pay wallet

Specifically, when inviting friends to join Zalo Pay, you can bring back gifts up to 1,000,000 and the shared person can receive a voucher package of 1,000,000 used for payment services, money transfer and many other conveniences. other benefits from Zalo Pay. With only 3 steps, it’s too simple for both to receive attractive gifts:

  • Step 1: Click on the program banner or go to the “Offers” section.
  • Step 2: Click the ‘Send Friend Invite Link’ button and share the invitation. Invitees will receive 20,000 when their friends link their bank accounts via the link and an additional 30,000 plus a gift package of 50,000 when the invitee makes the first payment. Each user can share up to 10 people.
  • Step 3: For invitees, you just need to click on the shared link and proceed to link your bank account to receive a voucher worth 1,000,000 immediately.

Let’s follow these simple steps to get the best benefits when using Zalo Pay e-wallet.

How to get 500k from Zalo Pay for free

After participating in the 1 million gift program for sharing the link to join Zalo Pay with friends and relatives, you will get 2 links to invite friends via Zalo and Facebook, after accessing the ” Referral to receive gifts” you can earn money from Zalo Pay up to 500k.

With this way of making money, you don’t need to worry about money being paid or not, for every new customer who joins Zalo Pay and makes the first transaction, you will immediately receive money in your wallet, earn money on Zalo Pay. It’s that simple, isn’t it? Receiving money from Zalo Pay is also one of the how to make money for students simple, pretty easy to do.

Is making money through Zalo Pay safe?

With the reputation and large number of users of the social network Zalo and the prestige of famous partners in the technology and finance industry, it has brought Zalo Pay safety and outstanding potential.

Is making money through Zalo Pay safe?
Is making money through Zalo Pay safe?

Zalo Pay meets the highest security standards such as: ISO 27001 international security certification, DAS international information security certificate with the highest security level, Tokenization abnormal transaction identification system, eKYC electronic identification technology…

Moreover, Zalo Pay provides a variety of security forms such as: double security, biometric security, Face ID, password, etc. to give customers peace of mind when transacting.

Wishing to bring customers convenient, safe and highly economic transactions, Zalo Pay always maintains its existing strengths and continues to develop to perfect the customer experience. So you can be assured of safety when making money on Zalo Pay.

Is making money on Zalo Pay a scam?

Currently with more than 70 million users and expanding development orientation to serve 100 million users, Zalo Pay has become the “national e-wallet” built on the desire to satisfy the payment needs in daily life. people’s lives and businesses.
Therefore, you can safely make money on Zalo Pay without worrying about safety and security.

When making money on Zalo Pay, you don’t have to worry about when the money will be transferred to your wallet, every transaction after completing the money procedure will be immediately transferred to your account. If there is any problem in this process, Zalo Pay’s team of consultants will participate in solving it quickly to ensure your interests in the best way.

Why not receive money earned from Zalo Pay?

Usually, after following the instructions of the promotion you will get the money into your account immediately. If you still have not received the money after completing the above steps, you need to refer to the following reasons for the most timely solution:

  • Invalid linked bank account: the account has expired, the account has previously linked the Zalo Pay wallet, the account is not able to pay…
  • Expired program: User need to complete all necessary steps during promotion period to get coins.
  • The person who shared the link did not participate in Zalo Pay via the link or did not make the first payment.
  • System error: When you encounter a system error, you can restart and wait for the money to be added to your account. If you still have not received the money, please contact the Zalo Pay staff immediately for support to fix it as quickly as possible.

To participate in making money on Zalo Pay, you need to understand the rules of the incentive program and do it correctly to avoid unnecessary mistakes.


E-commerce wallet is a trend that is trusted by everyone because of its convenience and speed. Zalo Pay has overcome fierce competition to become an e-wallet trusted by tens of millions of users.

Hopefully through the above article, has brought you useful information, so that you can rest assured to use the service and make money on Zalo Pay in the most effective way.

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