Borrowing money online is a form chosen by many people today because of its speed and convenience. Prominent among them is the online loan application Doctor Dong. However, there are many sellers who are skeptical about Doctor Dong scam. So how true is this story? Find out with Banktop right here.

What is Doctor Dong?

Doctor Dong is an online loan application under the management of LGC Financial Consulting Co., Ltd. All loan procedures of Doctor Dong are done online without having to come in person.

Doctor Dong management company was established on August 17, 2015, with foreign investment capital. Currently LGC company is still operating in Vietnam.

Information about Doctor Dong
Information about Doctor Dong

Why is there information that Doctor Dong is a scam?

The main reason leading to many sources claiming that Doctor Dong is a scam is the amount that the customer has to pay more than the original loan agreement.

Extra interest and fees are charged when paying overdue debt

Not only Doctor Dong, but any application with late payment will also be charged additional interest and fees. This clause will also be clearly stated in the contract, but many people do not read the contract carefully so they sign it indiscriminately. When there was no money to pay on time, and had to pay more interest and fees, he thought that Doctor Dong was a fraud.

The same amount of late payment, but each person is charged different interest and penalty fee

The same amount of late payment, but depending on the number of days of late payment of each customer, the interest and penalty fee will be different. The longer the delay, the higher the interest and penalty fees.

Penalized for still paying on time

Although paying on time, sometimes customers are still fined due to some of the following reasons:

  • Customers pay money close to the due date or on the due date, but the payer does not process this amount in time, resulting in Doctor Dong not receiving it on time.
  • The system of Doctor Dong company records later than the payment date.
  • Customers who transfer money from other banks, transfer money outside of working hours, so Doctor Dong will receive it the next day.
  • The customer transferred the money on time but to the wrong account, so the money could not reach Doctor Dong.

Therefore, customers are still counted as late payment and overdue fees and penalties. In any case, the customer can provide a payment receipt to prove that the payment has been made on time and is properly recorded at the time of your payment. It is best after payment you should immediately contact Doctor Dong’s hotline 1900 636 072 to see if the company has received the money or not.

Extra fee for early payment

Not only late payment, but even early payment customers will also have to pay a fee. This fee will also be clearly stated in the loan contract, but many customers do not read the contract carefully, so they ignore information about this fee.

Late payment is smeared on social networks and annoys relatives by calling

When applying for a Doctor Dong loan, customers will have to provide information about their relatives. In case the customer pays late or intentionally does not pay the debt, Doctor Dong will call this number to influence the borrower to pay. Many people believe that when calling Doctor Dong, there are difficult words to hear and affect their lives.

Sometimes borrowers are also used to smear images on social networks. With this behavior, you can ask the law agency to intervene.

The reason why Doctor Dong was accused of fraud
The reason why Doctor Dong was accused of fraud

Basic information about Doctor Dong loan

Customers between the ages of 18-30 and living in Vietnam, when they need to borrow money at Doctor Dong, can refer to the following basic information:

Loan conditions

Customers in the above subjects only need ID/CCCD to be able to borrow money at Doctor Dong. Then fill in your personal information completely and accurately in the registration form on the website.

Borrowing money at Doctor Dong is completely online, no appraisal or meeting required. Therefore, you also need to have a bank account that is still in use to allow Doctor Dong to transfer the loan.

Borrowing Guide

The process of borrowing money at Doctor Dong is very simple and fast, you just need to follow these steps:

  • Step 1: Visit Doctor Dong’s website or download and open the Doctor Dong app on your phone.
  • Step 2: Fill out the form completely and accurately as required.
  • Step 3: Waiting for a reply Doctor Dong approves the loan or not via SMS.
  • Step 4: If the loan is approved, you will receive the money in about 1 hour and receive an SMS notification.

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How to extend Doctor Dong loan?

Check Doctor Dong’s loan

How to calculate loan interest

Doctor Dong’s interest rate only fluctuates at 10.95%/year, however, in addition to this interest rate, customers will have to bear other fees such as: management fees, support services. This fee is quite high, so it will cause the interest rate to “team” up. In addition, customers will have to bear a late payment fee, prepayment according to Doctor Dong’s regulations.

Should I borrow money at Doctor Dong?

Should I borrow money at Doctor Dong?
Should I borrow money at Doctor Dong?

Borrowing money at Doctor Dong is extremely fast, convenient and suitable for many customers. However, whether to borrow money at Doctor Dong is not a problem that many people are still wondering.

Because the lending of Doctor Dong sometimes does not comply with the law. When a customer is late to pay, it may be smeared on social networks or rushing to call and text, making you tired and annoying.

Besides, Doctor Dong’s fees and interest rates are very high. You may only borrow about 1.5 million, but the fee and interest rate can be up to tens of millions of dong. Therefore, you should consider carefully before borrowing money at Doctor Dong, if you really need it and have no other place to borrow it, then you will borrow it.


It can be seen that the information Doctor Dong scam is incorrect. Because all loan information is clearly stated in the terms. Therefore, when borrowing a Dong Doctor, please read the terms carefully and only borrow when absolutely necessary.

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