Download MB App to choose a quarterly MB account number

– Are from June 20, 2020 When downloading and registering for MBBank App, customers can choose a range Tu Quy account number (format *9999) or your account number by date of birth is completely free.

– Customers have the opportunity to receive immediately 500k upon successful registration of MBBank App.

– MB App supports online loans from MB Bank’s new online loan App with low interest rate, large loan amount with long-term loan term.

Most banks are aiming to develop Mobile applications to attract and support customers to register and use their services, MB Bank is no exception.

The newly launched MB Bank App brings with it many attractive features that help MB to attract many customers recently.


What functions does MB App have?

Can register unsecured loan on App MB?

How to download MB Bank App?

Let’s find out through this article!

Link to download MB Bank application:

  • Android
  • IOS
Download MB Bank app now and have a chance to receive 500k
Download MB Bank app now and have a chance to receive 500k


MB Bank App is an e-banking application supported on Mobile developed and provided by Military Bank (MBBank). MB App operates with the main function of helping customers pay electronic bills, perform transactions Financial transactions and online loan registration.

The strength of the MB Bank App is its easy-to-use intuitive interface and regular updates on MB’s incentive programs.

Customers can use MB App on mobile devices using iOS or Android operating systems by downloading and registering an account.

Link to download the MB Bank App:

  • Android
  • IOS


What does the MB Bank App have? MB App is the perfect combination between e-wallet and Banking Mobile application. When registering for an MB App account, customers can use basic functions such as:

  • Make transfer transactions within MB or interbank
  • Pay utility bills such as water, internet, cable TV, prepaid and postpaid phones…
  • Buy movie tickets, air tickets, pay for hotel tickets…
  • Send savings online on MB App
  • Update exchange rate information, promotions, news from MB
  • Support cash withdrawal at ATM without card

In particular, MB App supports registration feature installment loan on Mobile application with interest rate from only 6.9%/year.

MB App is the perfect combination between e-wallet and mobile banking
MB App is the perfect combination between e-wallet and mobile banking

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On the occasion of the launch of the application, MBBank launched a program to draw prizes to receive 500k for new customers who register, download and use the MB Bank application. MB Bank The end of this program has not been announced yet, so you still have the opportunity to receive 500k immediately when you download the MB Bank app.

How to get 500k:

  • Get the app
  • Install and register an account
  • Join the daily prize draw after logging in.

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A feature that first appeared on the MB Bank application is the registration function borrow money online. With this feature, customers can apply for a MB bank loan with a low interest rate of only 6.9%/year for 12 months.

This is an attractive loan package that does not require proof of income or collateral. Application for approval is based on personal information, credit history when look up CIC client.

MB APP supports online registration loans
MB APP supports online registration loans

What are the advantages of the Military Bank fast loan package on MB App?

  • Support online registration and review
  • Easy-to-use registration application interface
  • Simple loan application
  • High loan limit, up to 50 million VND
  • Installment period lasts up to 12 months
  • Information about interest rates, the amount to be paid each month is transparent and clear.

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To use App MB, you first need to download this application according to the following link:

  • Android
  • IOS
Download MB App
Download MB App

Once downloaded, install it on your phone and start the registration by following the instructions below.

Step 1: Log in to the app, click the “Create account” button to get started.

Sign up for MB app

Step 2: Enter the phone number and press continue. Note: it is recommended to use the phone number of the owner, regularly used to register for MB App

Sign up for MB app

Step 3: Select the verification method. Here are three verification methods by ID card, Passport or Military ID

Sign up for MB app

Step 4: Take photos of the front and back of the documents according to the instructions.

Sign up for MB app

Note: need to shoot clearly, without losing angle, without deviating.

Step 5: Complete face recognition according to MB App’s instructions

Sign up for MB app

Step 6: After face verification is complete, you will go to the login account registration step. First, you need to enter personal information including your full name, gender and date of birth.

Sign up for MB app

Step 7: enter username and registered email

Sign up for MB app

Step 8: Check your personal information, then click confirm. OTP code will be sent to your phone number. Enter the OTP code to finish the MB App account registration process.

Sign up for MB app

The congratulatory screen that appears means you have successfully registered.

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What are the conditions at App MB Bank?

To download and register to use Loan App MB Bank, customers only need to meet the following 2 conditions:

  • Age 15 and up
  • Have ID/ID card

Forgot MB App password, can I get it back?

To retrieve MB App password, customers only need to access the application. At the login screen click on “forgot password” and follow the instructions.

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So through this article, I showed you how to download the MB Bank App as well as the advantages of using it. Hopefully this article really brings necessary and useful information when you have a need for quick loan support.

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