Currently, there are many customers using Vietinbank’s ATM card service. But unfortunately encountered a case Entering wrong PIN code 3 times Vietinbank and the ATM card is locked. There are many cases where customers’ cards are swallowed at ATMs. When this happens, many customers do not know how to handle it.

How to engrave ATM card fee when locked, how to unlock ATM card when entering wrong PIN 3 times. With today’s article, we will guide you in detail about these questions. Please feel free to join us below.

What happens if you enter the wrong PIN code 3 times with Vietinbank?

PIN code is also known as password. This is a sequence of 6 numbers used to secure ATM card account information for customers. Once you have the password, you can use the card to log in at the ATM to make transactions. In case customers (including cardholders) do not have a password, they cannot log in to transact.

Enter wrong password 3 lan vietinbank

Many people Entering wrong PIN more than 3 times Vietinbank This leads to the card being temporarily locked and unable to be transacted. This is completely understandable, because according to regulations, when a customer enters the wrong PIN more than 3 times, the card will be locked or even swallowed into the tree. This is the function to secure the account from intrusion. Try to think if it is allowed to enter the wrong PIN too many times. But when you drop your card, someone else can guess the PIN, the consequences will be unpredictable.

Reason for entering wrong PIN code 3 times of Vietinbank ATM card

Why do customers enter the wrong ATM card PIN so many times? Or join us to find out the reasons below:

  • Customers owning too many ATM cards lead to remembering the wrong password.
  • Make a transaction at an ATM other than the bank.
  • Because the person who picked it up guessed the password, it was locked.
  • Your ATM card has expired and is no longer valid.

How to unlock your card and get your PIN back when you enter it wrong 3 times

If Entering wrong PIN code 3 times Vietinbank Then you need to proceed to get a new password and unlock the card. To do that, it is necessary for the cardholder to personally bring his/her identity document with the Vietinbank transaction office. Many boards also ask whether it is possible to unlock the ATM card when entering incorrectly 3 times at home. With this question we will always answer you as follows.

For ATM cards that are actively locked by customers, they can be opened on Vietinbank iPay application. In case you enter the wrong PIN many times, causing the card to be locked, you cannot unlock it online. So, here are the instructions on the process of unlocking ATM cards at the bank’s counters as follows:

Enter wrong password 3 lan vietinbank

  • Step 1: Go to Vietinbank branch, get the number and wait for your turn.
  • Step 2: Inform the teller of the status wrongly entered Vietinbank ATM card password 3 times.
  • Step 3: They will give you a form and ask to fill in your personal information.
  • Step 4: When completed, return the paper with identification.
  • Step 5: A new default PIN is assigned to you.
  • Step 6: Go to the Vietinbank ATM and put your card in the tree and enter the newly issued PIN code.
  • Step 7: Select the function “Change PIN” the system will ask to enter the current PIN once.
  • Step 8: Enter the PIN you want to change twice to confirm.

In case of entering wrong PIN 3 times, Vietinbank card is swallowed

One more case wrongly entered Vietinbank PIN more than 3 times. In addition to the card being locked, the card was also swallowed by the ATM in the tree. At this point, you need to take steps to get back the card that was swallowed by the tree.

Case 1: ATM card was swallowed at Vietinbank tree

If your card is swallowed at a Vietinbank ATM, it will be easier to deal with. Just go to the bank branch that manages the ATM and report the card being swallowed. Then present identification documents to confirm identity. The bank will proceed to open the tree and get the card back to you immediately. If you do not know which Vietinbank transaction office manages the tree. You can call the switchboard number 1900 558 868 / (84) 24 3941 8868 for support and guidance.

Case 2: Card was swallowed by an ATM that is not Vietinbank

First, you need to find out which bank the ATM that swallowed your card belongs to. Then go to the nearest branch of that bank to do the procedures to get the card back. It will take about 7-15 days before we can get the card back.

Is there a fee to retrieve my PIN?

According to the updated fee schedule of Joint Stock Commercial Bank for Industry and Trade of Vietnam. Customers get “Free“All services change the information of the account. That means you won’t have to pay any fee to recover your Vietinbank ATM card password.

Instructions for withdrawing money without Vietinbank ATM card

Enter wrong PIN code 3 times with Vietinbank card then surely the card will be locked and cannot be used at this time. And if you are in need of urgent money, you can do it in the following ways:

  • At the bank’s counter: People can make withdrawals without ATM card by going to the bank’s transaction booth and withdrawing money with identification. At the tree you will be supported by the bank staff to withdraw money and the withdrawal limit here is not regulated.
  • Withdraw money by QR code on Vietinbank iPay app: Vietinbank IPay application supports customers to withdraw money without card. To do this, you can refer to the following article: » How to withdraw money without Vietinbank card


So, you went with to find out how to fix it when Enter the wrong PIN 3 times with Vietinbank ATM card. Remember and never forget your Vietinbank ATM card password. Avoid the case of incorrect input as above, leading to the card being locked and unusable.

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