Many BIDV card users have their cards blocked because of Enter wrong PIN code 3 times BIDV. So, if the card is locked, it will not be able to use the card anymore? And how to unlock the card? will guide you in detail in this article. If you are BIDV card was locked for entering wrong password 3 times Please refer to how to handle it.

What is the use of BIDV ATM card pin code?

PIN stands for the English phrase Personal Identification Number. It is the password of the ATM card, which helps to protect the ATM card from illegal intrusions. BIDV ATM card pin code consists of 6 numbers. The default pin is randomly assigned by BIDV, you can see this pin in the ATM card envelope. You must change the default pin to a new 6-digit pin to activate the card in order to make transactions via other ATM cards.

wrong input pin 3 lan bidv

The PIN code is considered the basic layer of protection of an ATM card. If there is no PIN of the card, the customer will not be able to log in to vafp. This also means that transactions such as withdrawals and transfers at ATMs will not take place. So what to do when entering wrong PIN BIDV more than 3 times? Continue reading below.

Is it okay to enter the wrong BIDV PIN 3 times?

Currently, many customers still wonder if it is okay to enter the wrong PIN at the ATM many times. With this question we would like to answer everyone as follows. If you do not like the PIN but try to enter the tree. Then you will have cases like:

  • Cardholders will not be able to conduct transactions such as withdrawing money, transferring money or looking up information at ATMs.
  • Everyone’s card, if entered incorrectly, will be locked or may be swallowed by the ATM and keep the card.
  • Do not proceed with payment transactions by ATM card because your card is locked.

If you don’t know if your ATM card is locked or not. You can refer to the link to the answer article here:

Entering the wrong pin code 3 times BIDV needs to do?

When you enter wrong PIN 3 times BIDV and don’t know what to do. Here we will guide you to solve 2 cases. The first is that the customer’s ATM card is locked and the second is that the customer’s ATM card is swallowed at the tree. For specific information, please join us to find out more articles below.

In case BIDV ATM card is locked

To Unlock locked BIDV ATM card Due to entering the wrong pin 3 times, you need to go directly to the counter to do the procedures. When you go, you bring a locked ATM card and identification documents (ID card/citizen identification/Passport). Mandatory personal visit to BIDV bank. The ATM card unlocking procedure cannot be done by someone else.

wrong input pin 3 lan bidv

Go to the branch, transaction counter and meet the bank’s consultant. Then please inform them that your ATM card is currently locked. And ask the bank staff to issue a new PIN for your ATM card. The bank staff will accept your request, then will confirm some of your information. Once confirmed, you are a locked ATM cardholder. The bank staff will proceed to issue you a new PIN. A new code will be sent to the bank’s registered phone number. You can check your new PIN card information in the message section.

In case your ATM card is swallowed.

So what to do in case your ATM card is swallowed by the bank’s ATM? Many customers have encountered such a situation and don’t know how to solve it. But you can rest assured and calmly view the information of that ATM and follow the instructions below;

  • Contact BIDV’s switchboard at: 1900 9247 or 024.222 005 88.
  • Then inform the bank staff that your ATM card is locked.
  • The bank staff will ask you for some information regarding the ATM that swallowed your card. And you will need to provide that information accurately.
  • The bank staff will confirm then notify you the branch, the time that you can come to get the card.

After a day, the bank will have an information to check all the bank’s ATMs. After that, all ATM cards of customers who have been swallowed will be collected at the bank branch. People just need to bring their ID/CCCD to the branch to get your ATM card.

How to reactivate BIDV card after unlocking

When you have been provided with a new password by BIDV bank. People need to proceed to the bank’s ATM to change the card’s PIN. This will also mean activating your ATM card. And to proceed, everyone can refer to the following steps:

Note: You need to go to the correct ATM of BIDV to change PIN. ATMs of other banks do not support customers to change their ATM card PIN.

  • Step 1: At the ATM, please put your ATM card in the tree and then enter your ATM card PIN.
  • Step 2: At the interface of the ATM screen, please select the “Change PIN“.
  • Step 3: Enter your old PIN then enter the new PIN you want to change twice to confirm.
  • Step 4. Press confirm to complete the BIDV PIN change operation.


Future ATM card transactions will use the password you just changed. Remember this password so you don’t get hacked Enter wrong PIN code 3 times BIDV once again. Although not dangerous and can be fixed. But it will certainly take some of your time and effort.

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