Techcombank ATM cards always have the ability to protect themselves, so when you enter the wrong PIN, your card will be blocked immediately. In the case if Enter the wrong PIN 3 times Techcombank your card will also be locked immediately. At this time, you will no longer be able to use your Techcombank ATM card for transactions. If you are facing this situation, but do not know what to do.

Here, will guide how to solve the problem when entering the wrong Techcombank ATM card password.

About Techcombank PIN

Techcombank card PIN code is also known as password. This is a series of identifiers that help cardholders log in to make transactions at ATMs/POS.

Enter wrong code 3 lan techcombank

Techcombank card password helps identify the owner of the card. Once you have a PIN, you can log in to the card to use the money in your account. If the account holder forgets the card’s password, he will not be able to log in to transact. If you enter the wrong password three times in a row, the card will be temporarily locked. This is the card’s security mechanism to prevent intruders from entering.

So if you enter the wrong PIN 3 times, Techcombank will face any problems?

What happens if Techcombank enters the wrong PIN 3 times?

There are many customers who forgot their Techcombank ATM card password, but still tried to enter the ATM. Leads to entering the wrong password more than 3 times in a row. At this time, when you enter the wrong PIN, your card will be locked immediately. Blocking this card is for the purpose of protecting the account holder. Avoid cases of intrusion by others and unauthorized transactions.

In addition to the Techcombank card being locked, in some cases the ATM will swallow the card into the ATM. If you fall into this situation, it is very difficult to solve the problem.

The reason why Techcombank entered the wrong PIN 3 times and locked the card

We knew when Enter the wrong PIN 3 times Techcombank card will be blocked. But why is it locked, do you understand?

Not only Techcombank will lock the card when entering the wrong PIN 3 times. But all banks in Vietnam apply this regulation.

If the cardholder enters the wrong PIN consecutively within 3 times, the account protection system will be activated. When the card is locked, it cannot be transacted anymore.

The main reasons leading to the card being blocked:

  • The system locks the card after entering the wrong PIN more than 3 times to protect the account.

Entering the wrong Techcombank ATM card PIN 3 times, what should I do?

After you enter the wrong Techcombank ATM card password 3 times, the card will no longer be able to transact. Now we need to proceed to apply for a new PIN and ask the bank staff to unlock the ATM card.

1/ Go to the bank and apply for a Techcombank ATM card PIN again

Please bring your ID to Techcombank branch, then to the counter. Have the banker re-issue a new PIN for your card. Here they will ask you to fill in your personal information to confirm your identity. They will then re-issue your PIN.

If you have [email protected] Mobile installed on your phone, you can also get the PIN through the app without having to go to the bank. Log in to the app then tap on the “Re-issue PIN” feature. Immediately, a message will be sent to the phone number.

After re-issuing your PIN, go to Techcombank’s ATM system to change your PIN.

Enter wrong code 3 lan techcombank

Step 1: Insert the card into the ATM, and enter the newly issued PIN.

Step 2: Click on the “Change PIN” feature.

Step 3: Enter the PIN you want to change twice to confirm the PIN change.

2/ Bring your ID to the bank to unlock the card

Especially, you need to bring your ID/CCCD to Techcombank’s transaction office. Here, ask the teller to help you unlock your card because you entered the wrong PIN code 3 times at Techcombank. Only when the card is unlocked can you continue to use it.


Here is a guide on what to do when Enter the wrong password 3 times Techcombank. If you encounter this or other errors. Leave a comment below the article so we can answer it right away.


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