Forgot Sacombank ATM card password It’s not a rare case when customers use it. At such times, we need to retrieve the password of Sacombank ATM card so as not to affect the use of the card.

Below, will help you with the steps to retrieve your Sacombank bank password. And the notes when using the ATM card correctly so as not to lose the password again. Now let’s go find out with me!

What is Sacombank ATM card password?

Sacombank ATM card password is also known as PIN code. Used to verify and identify the cardholder and is also the security layer of Sacombank ATM cards. PIN plays an important role for Sacombank cards. Only with this password, users are allowed to make transactions at ATMs.

Sacombank ATM card password consists of 6 numbers without letters. Supplied for the first time in an envelope sheet. After that, the ATM cardholder will make the change at will.

Forgot the password of Sacombank ATM card, what to do?

If you cannot remember your Sacombank ATM card password, it will cause a lot of trouble. Especially, entering the wrong ATM PIN 3 times leads to card locking, there are cases where the card is even swallowed.

When you forget your Sacombank ATM card password, you won’t be able to use the card’s utilities anymore. Because it’s not possible to verify your identity with a PIN. Only when the PIN is entered correctly, the money transfer, withdrawal, and payment functions will work.

The fastest ways to retrieve Sacombank ATM card password

Job recover Sacombank ATM password Very simple with just a few steps. You can do it at home or go to the bank to get it back. Please choose the right way for you to recover your password.

Call the switchboard to retrieve your Sacombank ATM card password

lay back at the atm sacombank

If you are a busy person, you do not have time to go to the bank. The fastest way is to call the switchboard number 1900 5555 88 / 0888 5555 88. This is the switchboard number of Sacombank. You can call for free to request a password reset.

When calling, the system will automatically connect to support staff, who will ask you to provide information.

  • First and last name of the account holder
  • ID number, date of issue, place of issue
  • Date of birth
  • Permanent address, hometown address according to ID card
  • The linked phone number used to register the card.
  • Sacombank bank account number, note that it is the account number, not the ATM card number.
  • Current amount remaining in your account.
  • Bank branches register to open cards.

When you provide correct information compared to the system, the staff will send a new password to the registered phone number associated with the bank. This is how to get back Sacombank ATM card pin code that busy customers often use. If you have not followed the above steps, try the traditional method that most people still use.

How to retrieve Sacombank ATM card password at transaction counters

In this way, we need to move to the nearest Sacombank bank and bring ID card.

lay back at the atm sacombank

The steps are as follows:

Step 1: Go to the counter and inform that you have lost your ATM card password and want to get it back.

Step 2: The staff will issue an application form for re-issuance of account information.

Step 3: On this paper, fill in the required information such as: Full name, account number, bank branch, ID number, signature…

Step 4: Once completed, send it back to the employee with the original ID card.

Step 5: Confirm and they will issue you a new password.

Retrieve and create Sacombank card password at ATM

Sacombank provides a PIN code generation feature at Sacombank ATMs for customers. You will no longer need to waste time carrying your personal documents into the transaction office. But do the following steps.

Step 1: Insert your Sacombank card into an ATM of Sacombank.

Step 2: Click to select Vietnamese language.

Step 3: Click on the function Create new PIN.

Step 4: Enter the phone number used to register Sacombank card.

Step 5: The ATM will see if your card is activated or not. If the card has been activated, it is necessary to enter the verification code sent to the phone number.

Step 6: After entering the verification code, enter the new password you want to create twice.

Syntax to change ATM card PIN code Sacombank

When forgetting the Sacombank card password, besides going to the bank transaction office, the ATM. You can also create your own PIN through the syntax of a text message sent from the linked phone number.

Just compose a message with the syntax THE CAPPIN last 4 digits printed on your ATM card and send it to 8149. The fee for each text message is 1,500 VND.

After that, a message will be sent to the phone number, which will contain a link to Sacombank’s website to change the password. Please continue to enter the required information to reset the new password.

Recover Sacombank ATM card pin code, what to do next

Once you have successfully recovered your Sacombank ATM card password. At this time, we cannot use this password for our card yet. This is just a new password to help you log in to the card to change a new password. If you do not change, the card may face unnecessary risks because more people know the password.

So, follow the instructions below to change your password as quickly as possible.

Step 1: Insert the ATM card in the direction of the arrow printed on the card.

Step 2: Select the Vietnamese language and enter the password you just provided.

Step 3: Select the section Change PIN

Step 4: The system asks to enter the current pin code 1 time, then you enter the pin you want to change including 6 numbers 2 more times to be successful.

When the system notices on the screen that you have successfully changed your password. Please click end transaction to get the card back. And now Sacombank ATM card password only you know. We were able to rest assured and use it normally.

Forgot Sacombank ATM card password is a serious problem that prevents you from trading. Hope the above information has helped you to fix the problem you are having. If you have any other questions, please comment below.

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