Silver is known as a rare metal after gold, so it is also known by many investors. If you are wanting to know silver price today Or how much is 1 silver coin? How much is 1 silver tree? Please refer to the article below.

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What Is Silver?

Silver is a naturally long-lasting metal, but silver does not have a high value like platinum or gold. In the table of chemical elements silver is denoted by Ag with soft characteristics, good electrical conductivity second only to gold.

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Silver price today is interested by many people.

Some of the outstanding applications of silver can be mentioned as:

  • Since ancient times, silver has been used as a coin to buy, sell and exchange.
  • Used as jewelry.
  • Used as medicine or functional food.
  • In industry silver is used as a conductor of electricity, a chemical reagent.
  • In addition, people also use silver to produce films, ingredients for some types of detergents.

Thus, it can be seen that silver has indispensable effects in life. Moreover, silver is also a precious metal that can be converted into money.

Is Silver Worth It?

Currently silver is used with many applications such as:

  • In ancient times, silver was used to make coins for exchange.
  • Popular beauty jewelry
  • Silver is used as medicine or functional product to cure diseases.
  • In industry: Silver is used as a conductor of electricity and as a chemical reagent.
  • In addition, people also use silver to produce films or as an ingredient in some types of detergents.

Thus, silver has many indispensable effects in life. Not only that, silver is also a rare metal that can be exchanged for money.

Silver Classification

Currently silver can be divided into several product lines such as:

Silver Ta

This type makes up 99.99% of silver, which is the highest value. Silver is a slightly opaque white, very soft and difficult to work with. Therefore, when making silver, it is necessary to add less impurities to create hardness. Silver is usually very durable.

Thai Silver And Italian Silver

Thai silver contains 92.5% pure silver along with 7.5% other metals. Thai silver and Italian silver are brown, blackened, silvery, sharp, quite hard.

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Currently silver is divided into many types.

Therefore, jewelry made from Thai silver often has a high gloss, very sophisticated, bringing excitement to each customer.

Silver (Silver Plated)

Like Thai silver or Italian silver, silver also has 92.5% core silver with 7.5% other metals. Its only difference is that silver has an outer coating. Silver poker is also divided into 4 types: white gold poker, platinum poker, yellow poker, rose gold poker.

Silver Price Today How Much 1 Tree, 1 Only?

Domestic silver price

The latest silver prices today in Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh City are as follows:

Silver typeUnitHanoiHo Chi Minh City
Silver 99.91 amount636,500660,800638,400661,500
1 kg16,974,000 won17,622,000 won17,024,000 won17,641,000 won
Silver 99.991 amount638,800662,600640,300664,100
1 kg17,034,000 won17,671,000 won17,074,000 won17,711,000 won
  • Italian silver price: 49,282 VND/uncrafted thread

World silver price

Unit: VND

1 Ounce538,778541.061
1 Gram17,32217.396
1 Amount649.580652.332
1 Kg17,322.12617,395.518

How much does 1 Silver Tree cost?

To know the current silver price or more specifically, how much is 1 silver only? How much does 1 silver tree cost you need to know how to convert the corresponding amount of silver.

The silver conversion formula will be calculated as follows:

  • 1 just = 3.75 grams (grams).
  • 1 plant = 1 amount = 10 only = 37.5 grams.

Accordingly, the silver price will be calculated as follows:

1 silver stick = 37.5 x Silver price in grams (Or = 1 silver thread x 10)

For example:

Silver price of 99.9 in Hanoi today bought at 705,900 VND/tael, sold at 721,500 VND/tael.

How much does 1 Silver Thread cost?

The formula for converting silver is calculated as follows:

1 only = 3.75 grams (grams)

So the silver price is calculated as follows:

1 silver thread = 3.75 x Silver price in grams

For example:

Silver price of 99.9 in Hanoi today is bought at 70,590 VND/piece, sold at 72,150 VND/thread.

Should You Buy Silver?

Unlike gold, you can hardly buy ingots to store, moreover silver has a low value so it has no investment value. Answering the question of whether to buy silver depends on your purpose of buying silver.

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The value of silver is low, so it is not suitable for investment.

If you buy it as jewelry, you should buy it because silver is also very necessary to help you protect your health and is also a jewelry.

In addition, silver of low value can suit the conditions of many objects. Although not too ostentatious, but when wearing silver can also exude aristocratic beauty if you know how to coordinate. Moreover, wearing silver is very safe, not like gold.

Where to Buy Prestige Silver?

In addition to today’s silver price, when interested in reputable silver buying addresses, you can refer to the following addresses:

Eropi . Jewelry

At Eropi, in addition to gold and diamond jewelry models, there are also high-class silver jewelry with modern and unique designs. Therefore, silver jewelry in Eropi often has a high price.

Contact Info:

  • Address: 118 Bach Mai, Hai Ba Trung, Hanoi.
  • Phone: 0968829900.
  • Website:

Bo Minh Canh

Silver products in Minh Canh are all imported from Chau Khe craft village, so they are carefully selected. In terms of quality in Minh Canh, there is hardly any place comparable, you can freely choose the best models at reasonable prices.

Contact Info:

  • Address: 28 Alley 51 Nguyen Duc Canh, Hanoi.
  • Phone: 0963 628 375.
  • Website:

Silver Jewelry PNJ

With high-class silver jewelry, PNJ is now a prestigious brand across the country. There are many different styles of silver jewelry here, you can freely choose. With more than 1500 products with a full range of types such as: necklaces, rings, bracelets, earrings,….

Contact Info:

  • Address: 170E Phan Dang Luu, Ward 3, Phu Nhuan District, City. HCM.
  • Phone: 028 3995 1703.
  • Website:

Silver SQB

SQB is a famous jewelry brand in Vietnam with many years of experience. Having won the prestigious and prestigious brand trophy, being honored with the Golden Hand Wisdom in 2014,…

Coming to SQB, you can choose the best and most beautiful products with a full range of products such as earrings, rings, and watches, all of which are class goods with their own value.

Contact Info:


  • Shop 1: 74 Ma May, Hoan Kiem, Hanoi.
  • Shop 2: 190E Hoang Hoa Tham, Tay Ho, Hanoi.

Phone: 043 926 4496.



Hope the above information can help you to know silver price today or the price of 1 silver thread, 1 silver tree. From there, plan to buy as jewelry for yourself or as gifts for loved ones.

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