For those who are in bad debt at the bank and want to make a credit card. Then often ask questions Can I open a credit card with bad debt?? Bank credit cards are not the same as other cards. Therefore, when registering to open a card, there will be many different regulations. With this article today, we’ll be looking for questions and answers for everyone. Please refer to the article below.

Learn about what is bad debt in a bank?

When a customer borrows some money at a bank and pays it in installments with overdue time of 90 days. Or the customer intentionally failed to repay the loan to a bank or financial institution. If after you are over, people still complete the debt payment while your name is still saved on CIC . system. This affects the creditworthiness of customers in terms of their ability to repay loans at the bank.Can I open a credit card with bad debt?

So if you don’t know if you have bad debt, you can’t proceed Look up bad debt of the bank. To be able to understand clearly whether you have bad debt and how much your bad debt belongs to the group. If you already have bad debt, the chances of getting a credit card from the bank are very low. So, to be able to learn more about this issue, please refer to the following.

Can I open a credit card with bad debt?

As we told everyone above. If you want to make a bank credit card. Everyone needs a credit record with no bad credit, so the process of getting a new card is easy. So can banks make credit cards with bad debt? To this question we would like to answer everyone is No Please. And when having bad debt, customers can’t proceed to borrow at the bank anymore.Can I open a credit card with bad debt?

Therefore, if customers want to open a credit card, they must not be on the bad debt list. And if so, you must pay the bank in full. After a period of time bad debt on your CIC system will be deleted. That’s why people who want to get a credit card can’t have bad debt. And it must be completed in full and in compliance with the regulations of the bank.

Conditions for making a credit card at a bank

Many customers do not know how to apply for a credit card. What are the bank’s regulations when applying for a credit card? If everyone can meet the following conditions. Then you can proceed to apply for a credit card at the bank. For specific information, please refer to the following:

  • Customers need to have a stable source of income. (If your salary is paid through that bank account, even better). People can open credit cards with payroll or equivalent documents.
  • Customers applying to open a credit card must have Vietnamese nationality. And currently living and working in Vietnam.
  • No bad debt at any bank or credit institution. And to be able to apply for a credit card, the bank will rely on people’s credibility to do so.

The reason why the bank refuses to make a credit card

In addition to the problem of bad debt, the bank also does not support customers who are in the following cases:

No job, unstable economy:

Customers who want to open a credit card at a bank need to prove their financial ability. What is your income in the last 3 months? Only then can the bank consider whether you are fully capable of repaying the loan or not. Only then can the customer agree to open a credit card.

Customers with bad debts of banks and organizations:

With the problem that you are in bad debt and want to apply for a credit card. We talked about this problem earlier in the article. So if you want to be able to open a credit card at a bank, you can only overcome bad debt. When bad debt ends, people can open credit cards at banks.

Customers with multiple credit cards:

The problem of customers using many credit cards at the bank is also a problem. If you are using multiple cards, this means you have a lot of debt. And the financial ability of the customer. There will also be a decline and inability to repay the bank. Therefore, it will be difficult for banks to agree to customers to register to open a card.

Your registration documents do not meet the requirements of the bank:

Preparing documents to apply for a credit card is what customers need to do when they want to open a credit card. When applying for an exam card, a bank or financial institution will provide conditions for registration. So if in the process of registering for a card, you are missing or wrong a certain type of document. The bank will not accept your card registration information.


The above article provides people with information about the question Can I open a credit card with bad debt?? Reasons why banks refuse to open credit cards to customers. Hope the above information will be helpful to everyone. Thank you for reading and following the article of



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