Buying phones by installment is supported at most electronics stores, Mobile World today. If you are interested in the specific form of installment purchase, the question is What do you need to buy a pay phone?? Today’s post, Banktop will summarize detailed information for your reference.

What is installment phone purchase?

Buying a phone on installment means that customers do not have to pay for the product they buy in full, but can pay in advance 20-50% of the total value. The rest will be paid and paid in monthly installments.

When making an installment loan application, customers will not have to mortgage their personal assets and the process to apply for a loan through a financial company is also very simple and fast.

What are the ways to buy installment phones?

What are the ways to buy installment phones?
What are the ways to buy installment phones?

Loan to buy a phone with installment interest

With a loan to buy a phone with installment payment, it means that financial companies will support you to apply for a loan. And the amount you borrow will be calculated as % interest when borrowing capital at the unit.

Therefore, when you apply for a loan to buy an installment phone, you should carefully read the terms and interest rates mentioned to help balance your finances and assess whether you can make regular payments.

Loan to buy a phone with 0% installment

0% interest installment loan sounds attractive and gets the attention of most customers. To get support under this loan, you will have to register and open a credit card at the bank – which is affiliated with the store where you bought the phone. And make periodic loan payments via credit card.

However, when making the application, you should also carefully review the terms of the contract because the bank may add some transaction fees with the credit card holder.

Advantages and disadvantages of buying installment phones


  • Meet the need to buy a phone to use but not have to pay 100% of the amount in advance.
  • The loan application process is simple and fast, only takes 1 hour.
  • Support many diverse loan packages, 0% interest rate when customers borrow through banks.
  • Customers with bad debts at financial companies are still supported with installment loans.


  • Installment loans at financial companies will have higher interest rates than banks.
  • Required to provide payroll, proof of monthly income.
  • Provide phone numbers of relatives to confirm borrower information.

Conditions for buying installment phones

So what are the conditions to be able to buy installment phones? You need to fulfill the following conditions:

  • Customers aged 20 years or older, are Vietnamese citizens.
  • Have full personal papers such as ID card/CCCD, Passport.
  • Attached documents such as household registration book, salary sheet, labor contract, electricity and water bill, etc. if required.

What documents do I need to buy a installment phone?

What documents do I need to buy a installment phone?
What documents do I need to buy a installment phone?

When you have met the conditions to get a loan to buy an installment phone, you need to prepare the following documents and procedures before applying for a loan, including:

  • Installment loan contract at the unit, bank (will be provided by the lending department).
  • Personal papers such as valid ID/CCCD.
  • Copy of household registration book, certificate of temporary absence in the locality.
  • Some other documents such as payroll, labor contract, car documents, driver’s license, etc. You should also prepare them when required by the lender.

The most detailed phone buying process

Many of you are also interested in how complicated the process of buying installment phones at financial companies and banks is. To answer this question, you can refer to the detailed procedure Banktop presented below:

  • Step 1: First, you need to prepare a full loan application including the documents as we mentioned above.
  • Step 2: Determine the type of phone you want to buy and find out about the specific price, the unit you want to support with installment loans.
  • Step 3: Proceed to register a profile to buy a phone through installments. You will be supported by staff on registration before submitting your application to the censorship department through a financial company or a bank.
  • Step 4: If the application is approved, you can receive a phone call at that time and keep a loan record to monitor the period of periodic payment at the installment loan support unit.

Notes when buying installment phones

  • Choose and learn about a reputable and safe installment loan support unit today when choosing this form of loan support.
  • Before confirming and agreeing to a loan, you should re-read all of the terms and conditions in the contract. For things you don’t understand, you can immediately ask the support staff.
  • Balance your finances and choose the right phone product to buy. This helps you ensure that you can make your loan payments on time each month within your budget. Avoiding the case that not paying in full will incur many other very inconvenient fees.
  • Track the time to pay on time each month to avoid being put on the bad debt list. This will affect whether you want to borrow money later.


Through the post of Banktop, you already know when What do you need to buy a pay phone?What is the procedure file? If you are wondering about this problem, do not worry because we have helped you with detailed instructions in the above article. Good luck with your choice!

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