Which ATM card should students make?? This is the question of many students who want to register an ATM card to use. There are many banks and card services available today. So to be able to make regulations on which bank card should be made is really difficult. But with today’s article, we will provide you with information about the most worthy banks for students to open a card today.

Why do students need an ATM card?

So do you know why students should make themselves an ATM card yet? The following are the benefits that ATM cards bring to students. Please feel free to join us below.Which ATM card should students make?

  • For those of you who go to school far away, you can quickly receive your relatives’ allowance.
  • There are many students who often live together, so the problem of keeping a lot of cash in the room is very unsafe. Instead you can to proceed in the card which is a very safe way.
  • For students, when they have new rooms, they need to buy a lot of things. So when holding a lot of cash in person is really not safe. ATM card will support you to pay instead of cash very convenient, isn’t it?
  • A compact ATM card that can be carried anywhere. And you can withdraw money at most ATMs across the country. So it is very easy for you to withdraw your money completely.
  • Pay for accommodation, electricity, water, etc. and many other services when you register for the accompanying Banking service of the bank.

Introducing ATM cards for students

What types of ATM cards are there for students to choose from? Below we will provide everyone with information about the most commonly used ATM cards today.

Debit cardCreditPrepaid cards
This is the most commonly used card for students today. When registering to open an account at a bank, a debit card is always chosen by customers. With this type of card to use, you will need to top up before you can use it. If your account runs out of available balance, it will no longer be usable.With a bank credit card, you will be able to use the money in the card first. Then will return the amount you used at the specified electricity time. Using a credit card is like a loan at a bank. You will be free of interest within 45 days. Then state you do not complete pay that amount. Everyone will be charged very high interest.Finally, it is a prepaid card, with this card, customers will not need to register to open a bank account. People just need to register as a card then top up and use. With this type of card, many customers use it as a gift for their family members. But this type of card is not used and known by many people.

Above we have introduced information about 3 types of injection cards of banks today. Depending on the needs of each customer can choose for themselves a card that is suitable for themselves.

Which ATM card should students make today?

So now, students should make ATM cards of which bank? Here we will introduce you to the TOP 5 banks worth using this year. Please refer to the detailed information below.


MBBank with full name is Military Commercial Joint Stock Bank. For customers using this bank’s services, the transfer will be free of charge. But now MBBank is charging a lot of annual fees and service fees. Here is some information about MBBank for your reference:Which ATM card should students make?

  • ATM card opening fee for students: 40,000 VND/card.
  • Management fee: 8,800 VND/month.
  • Withdrawal fee in the banking system: 2,000 VND – 3,000 VND/time.
  • Fee for withdrawing money at other banks’ ATMs: 3,000 VND/time.
  • Minimum balance in the card is: 50,000 VND.
  • Support opening an online MBBank bank account.
  • Support to register for MBBank ATM card at home.
  • Free annual fee for the first year of use.

Link to download App and register for Vietinbank ATM card and account service online:

IOS Android


Vietinbank is also known as Vietnam Joint Stock Commercial Bank for Industry and Trade. This bank is on the list of the largest banks and uses the capital invested by the state. People can refer to some information before opening an ATM card of the following bank:Which ATM card should students make?

  • Bank ATM card opening fee: Free.
  • ATM withdrawal fee with the banking system: Free.
  • Fee for withdrawing money from other ATMs in the system: 3,000 VND/ time.
  • Account maintenance fee: 2,000 VND/month.
  • Register to open an account and open a card online at home without going to the bank.
  • Send savings online on Vietinbank Ipay app with high interest rates.
  • Conditions and procedures for card opening registration are very simple.
  • Open a beautiful digital account online on the App at home.

Link to download App and register for MBBank ATM card and account service online:


Sacombank Bank

Sacombank is one of the banks suitable for students that we want to mention. Currently, Sacombank has many transaction points and supporting ATMs for students to use anytime, anywhere. Here we will introduce to you some advantages when registering and using Sacombank’s ATM card.Which ATM card should students make?

  • ATM card account management fee: Free.
  • There is no minimum balance for the account.
  • The annual contest is discounted by 50% for the first year and 90% for the following year.
  • Electronic banking services bring many different benefits.
  • Free transactions at many different ATMs.
  • The withdrawal limit for members should be up to 20 million VND/day.
  • Register to open an online bank account at home.


With TPBank, this is one of the leading banks in technology services. One of the ways to open a new card is called libeBank. Here we will introduce you to some fees when registering for services at TPBank. We invite you to take a look at the following:Which ATM card should students make?

  • ATM card opening fee: VND 50,000 / 1 card (This fee will be added directly to your account as the minimum amount of the account).
  • Annual fee: 50,000 VND/ year.
  • Cash withdrawal fee at ATM: Customers will be free of charge.
  • PIN re-issuance fee: 30,000 VND/time.
  • The withdrawal rate is up to 20 million VND/day.
  • Free money transfer inside and outside the system using TPBank application.
  • Register to open an online bank account.

Link to download App and register for TPBank ATM card and account service online:

IOS Android

VPBank Bank

The last bank that we would like to introduce to you is VPBank. This bank always has incentives for students when they register and open an account at the bank. And here we will provide you with some information about VPBank for everyone’s reference:Which ATM card should students make?

  • Account opening fee for students: Free.
  • Withdrawal fee at the bank’s ATM: Free.
  • Interbank money transfer fee via VPBank app: Free.
  • Annual Fee: Free for the first year.
  • Bank accounts with no minimum balance required

Link to download the App and register for VPBank ATM card and account services online:


How long does it take to get a bank’s ATM card?

Many customers wonder how long it will take to receive the card after registering to open an ATM card at the bank? With this question we would like to answer you as follows. When registering, the procedures at the bank’s counter are completed.

The bank staff will issue you an appointment letter to pick up the ATM card. And be informed that it takes 7 to 10 days for your ATM card to be completed. And when your card has been completed, the bank will send a notification to everyone’s App account about the problem of taking the card. After that, you can go to the counter to register to get the card.

Notes when using the bank’s ATM card

What should people pay attention to after registering as an ATM card? Below we will give you some notes after making an ATM card. Please refer below:

  • When people take the bank’s card, please proceed to take the ATM card to the nearest bank’s ATM to change the PIN code. Changing the PIN will help people activate the ATM card to use.
  • When performing transactions at ATMs, please cover them with your hands to ensure safety. Avoid the case of bad guys leaving the camera sneaking at the tree.
  • Keep everyone’s PIN information confidential. Don’t give out your PIN to anyone to avoid risk.
  • If there is any problem during the transaction process, you can contact the bank’s switchboard for support.


The above article provides people with information about the question Which ATM card should students make?? Notes for customers who use ATM card service for the first time. If you have any questions, please leave feedback ruttienthetindungonline.com will support and advise everyone.

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