Good surfing stocks 2022 The market is extremely diverse. It can be said that they are completely suitable for surfing and looking for profits for small-cap traders. And love surfing more than investing in long-term stocks from businesses. Below this article Market Breaking gives you good stocks and how to surf stocks effectively!

What is Stock Surfing?

What is Stock Surfing?
What is Stock Surfing?

The stock market is divided into two types of investment derivative investment and underlying investment. Investment in derivatives is a form of investors buying and selling stock indices on the exchange. Stocks are traded on the floor with the form of quick entry and exit orders to make profits, it is called investing in stocks. That is, taking advantage of the up and down movements of stocks in a short period of time to make a profit.

Stock surfing is considered an effective form of investment for retail investors. With a not too large capital and accumulate income every minute every second on the stock exchange. This is considered the form chosen by many people because of its flexibility and low capital, easy to invest and unlimited.

So should you play surfing stocks or not?

Before learning about the best surfing stocks in 2022, you should evaluate whether you are really suitable to play surfing stocks. Because this is a rather risky investment method because investors need to catch the erratic market fluctuations. However, if you know the techniques and understand how to surf effectively, it can bring high profits to investors.

So should you play surfing stocks or not?
So should you play surfing stocks or not?

Surfing helps to make profits faster and more proactively. This is a flexible form of investment that many people prefer to choose instead of investing a lot of capital in businesses and waiting. However, this method is quite risky because fluctuations can sometimes be risky but turn around. Or investors do not have market knowledge leading to account burn.

So be a wise stock investor if you want to invest in surfing. Before entering the course of the waves, make sure that you have mastered the trading techniques on the floor. Besides, learn to analyze the market and grasp the news about the business. Let it be a database to analyze and have accurate and safe buying and selling orders!

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How to surf stocks effectively from experts

To surf stocks effectively, you should learn how to choose good stocks to surf in 2022. Stocks in the market are from many different businesses and have different growth rates and financial indicators. Therefore, choosing the type of stocks to surf is extremely important for investors. Unlike the underlying stock, you need to learn the financial indicators of the stock before choosing to trade on the floor, the criteria for selection are as follows:

learn financial ratios of stocks
learn financial ratios of stocks
  • The stock must currently hold a high proportion in the industry.
  • P/E ratios range from 13.1x to 15.1x.
  • TTM index must be 5.4x or higher.
  • Common stock price should be less than 20,000 VND.
  • Growth in profit after tax without loss in the last 2 consecutive years.

Based on the above data, you will evaluate the best surfing stocks in 2022 to bring good efficiency and profit.

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List of good surfing stocks 2022

PVP – Transportation Company in Pacific Petroleum

List of good surfing stocks 2022
List of good surfing stocks 2022

Currently, PVP is holding the entire domestic transportation market, transporting crude oil from domestic fields. In addition, due to the recovery of the crude oil transportation industry this year, PVP’s revenue increased, most of which is over 50% of revenue derived from oil.

PVP is currently trading at P/E IS 5.4x equivalent to EPS TTM is 2,131 VND. Lower than the transport industry in index 27.6x P/E on UPCOM. Therefore, PVP can still be priced quite attractively. This is an advantage for investors who can surf on the floor with strong fluctuations. Buying and selling quickly in a short time can bring quick profits and gradually accumulate income during the day.

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PVS – Vietnam Oil and Gas Technical Service Company

In the context that oil and gas reserves are decreasing, the oil and gas market is expecting to recover from people’s consumption. With many major projects of PVS, it shows the motivations to accelerate progress in the midst of a less tense world political situation.

PVS is also participating in these projects and hopes to bring success with more backlog estimates 3 billion USD. With the price EPS TTM is 1.3782 vnss and EV/EBITDA TTM is 7.3x lower than the oil and gas service industry, PVS is also attractive to investors. PVS is quite potential in the surfing market because the indexes reflect the market’s fluctuations. This is also the potential for investors to surf and find the top of the flow.

VDS – Rong Viet Securities Company

Surfing investment is the fastest form of profit
Surfing investment is the fastest form of profit

The stock market is currently fluctuating quite strongly when potential stocks are full of fluctuations. Typically, VDS shows that the volatility in the highest up and down sessions is getting stronger and stronger. The more volatility in the market, the higher the potential for investing in stocks to make a profit.

VDS is currently a highly appreciated stock and attracts attention when the purchasing power is increasing. Create effects that attract more investments, accelerate market volatility and become more and more potential.

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Above are the best surfing stocks in 2022 that you can refer to. Indeed, investing in surfing is the fastest form of profit today, and the profit is also quite high. However, the associated risks are equally important, so investors need to gather a lot of experience and accumulate good knowledge before starting to invest!


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