One of the best ways to save money today is to save money at a bank to receive interest. And the unit that is favored and trusted by customers to “transfer assets” is VIB.

So, today’s article nganhangonline will Guide to safe VIB Online savings, highest interest rate 2022. If you are still wondering what to do with the idle money you have, follow the content below.

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Guide to safe VIB Online savings, highest interest rate 2022

To Safe deposit VIB Online, highest interest rate 2022people just need to follow these simple steps:

Step 1: Log in to your account on the MyVIB application.

Step 2: At the main screen, select the feature “Save“has a picture of a pig.

Step 3: Continue to select “Saving“.

Step 4: There are 02 options to open VIB savings for customers, specifically:

  • Online deposit (Terms of deposit vary from 1 week to 36 months).
  • Goal Savings (Set a recurring savings schedule to reach your goal).

Step 5: Choose “Online deposit” or “Goal Savings” and read all the terms and conditions specified for each method.

Step 6: There will be 02 ways to enter savings account information for 02 forms:

+ Online deposit

  • Read and understand the terms and conditions of the Target Savings form, then click “I agree“.
  • Import “Deposits” (minimum 2,000,000 VND).
  • Deposit term (from 1 week – 36 months).
  • Interest payment period.
  • Fill in the information and click “Continue“.
  • The screen will display: Interest rate, Interest accrued, Total estimated receipt, Effective date, Due date for your understanding.
  • Option “Request when due”: Extension of principal and interest/ Extension of principal and interest transfer to current account/ Finalization and transfer of principal to current account.
  • Press “Continue” for the system to acknowledge the request.
  • Enter the transaction confirmation OTP to open an online savings account and complete the process.

+ Target savings

  • Read and understand the terms and conditions of the Target Savings form, then click “I agree“.
  • Choose one of the goals: Technology, Education, Jewelry, Baby, Home, Vehicle, Wedding, Travel, Other.
  • Import “Target amount” (minimum 1,000,000 VND).
  • Choose a deposit term (3 months – 5 years).
  • Frequency of sending periodically (Daily/Weekly/Monthly).
  • Recurring deposit amount.
  • Check all the information and click “Continue“.
  • The system records the request and sends the OTP code to confirm the transaction.

Step 7: Complete the VIB Online savings deposit process

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Conditions for savings VIB Online 2022

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If you want to deposit VIB Online savings on the MyVIB app, you must ensure that you fully meet the following basic conditions:

  • Nationality: An individual who has Vietnamese (VN) nationality and is a resident under the provisions of Vietnamese law.
  • Age: From full 15 years old and up.
  • Have a payment account at VIB.
  • Other requirements: No restriction/incapability for civil acts, no difficulty in perception and behavior control as prescribed by Vietnamese law.

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VIB bank savings interest rate 2022

With each form of savings, VIB will set different interest rates, let’s find out through the content below!

Term deposit

From 10 million – under 300 million VNDFrom 300 million – under 3 billion VNDFrom 3 billion or more
Outstanding term
1 month3.90%3.90%3.90%
6 months5.60%5.80%5.90%
Other term
< 1 month0.20%0.20%0.20%
2 months3.90%3.90%3.90%
3, 4, 5 months4.00%4.00%4.00%
7 months5.60%5.80%5.90%
8 months5.60%5.80%5.90%
9 months5.70%5.90%6.00%
10 months5.70%5.90%6.00%
11 months5.70%5.90%6.00%
12, 13 months6.20%6.10%6.20%
15 months5.90%6.10%6.20%
18 months5.90%6.10%6.20%
24 months6.00%6.20%6.30%
36 months6.00%6.20%6.30%

Flexible deposit

From 10 million – under 100 million VNDFrom 100 million – under 1 billion VND From 1 billion to less than 5 billion VNDFrom 5 billion or more
Outstanding term
2 months (6 months interest payment)5.80%6.00%6.10%6.10%
Other term
36 months (12 months interest payment)5.90%6.10%6.20%6.20%

Savings in installments

Apply for deposits from 1 million or more
Outstanding term
9 months3.80%
12 months3.80%
18 months3.80%
Other term
3 months3.80%
6 months3.80%
15 months3.80%
18 months3.80%
24 months3.80%
36 months3.80%
48 months3.80%
60 months3.80%

*Note: This savings interest rate will change according to the adjustment of VIB from time to time. Therefore, when you want to save money, people can contact the hotline VIB 1800 8180 for assistance in providing information.

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Benefits when saving VIB Online

Currently, many people choose VIB Online savings instead of the traditional deposit method at the counter because of the following benefits:

The first: Customers do not have to spend time at the counter to wait for the opening of the passbook. Instead, just download the MyVIB app and make a deposit request anytime, anywhere.

Monday: The interest rate for online savings is 0.1% – 0.3% higher than at the counter.

Tuesday: Absolutely confidential customer information, all transactions are confirmed by password, OTP code.

Wednesday: To transfer ownership of a savings account to another person through a simple procedure.

Thursday: Actively manage and monitor fluctuations of online savings accounts opened on e-banking apps.

Friday: No need to preserve or store the passbook, instead, it will be encrypted by the banking system and all deposit / payment operations will be done online.

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Frequently asked questions about VIB Online savings

Ways to look up current VIB savings account information

To look up VIB savings account information, customers can choose one of the following methods:

  • Internet Banking at: and My VIB mobile banking application.
  • Contact customer service hotline 24/7 via hotline 1800 8180.
  • Go directly to the nearest VIB bank branch/transaction office.

Is the customer entitled to terminate the passbook/deposit contract before maturity?

Customers will be entitled to terminate the passbook/deposit contract ahead of time or on time via Internet Banking/MyVIB service.

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The applicable interest rate in case the savings book/online deposit contract is terminated early is the current interest rate of VIB effective at the time of premature termination.

Thus, when saving, people limit the termination / payment of deposits before maturity because the interest rate received will be very low.

What is the formula for calculating interest on online deposits?

Interest will be calculated according to the following formula:

Interest = Principal deposit x Interest rate x Actual number of deposit days of interest payment period or term / 365

+ Interest start date is the first day of a deposit term/ interest payment period, interest-free interest payment date/ maturity date/ premature termination date.

+ In case of premature termination:

  • The interest paid monthly/quarterly will be recovered.
  • Interest paid every 6 months/12 months will not be recovered.

Methods of handling when the deposit is due at VIB

According to VIB Online’s savings regulations, customers have the right to choose one of the following methods of handling principal and interest when due:

  • Principal and interest transferred and customer’s current account.
  • The principal automatically renews to a new term corresponding to the previous term and the interest is transferred to the customer’s current account.
  • Principal and interest automatically renew to a new term corresponding to the previously opened term.

What is the procedure for making deposit transactions between VIB and customers?

Procedures for performing deposit transactions between VIB and customers will follow the following process:

+ Customers register to open an online deposit account on Internet Banking system / MyVIB e-banking application.

+ Customer checks and agrees to the terms and conditions of opening and using online deposit announced by VIB. Then verify the correct OTP code provided by VIB system.

Which bank card (ATM card) should I make Best, free

Here is the full content Guide to safe VIB Online savings, highest interest rate 2022. Make a plan to master your finances in the future by saving in a bank now! If you still have any questions, please leave a message in the comments below, the website will receive and respond to readers promptly.

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