In the era of technology development, forms of making money online are becoming more and more popular and applied by many people to generate income. Make money online by hang money making app on android or IOS is an example, this is a simple but effective way to make money.

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What is Hang app to make money on Android?

Hanging money making apps on android is an extremely simple method of making money online, just a phone with an internet connection is easy to do. This is a way of making money that is applied by many people, successfully generating income, without spending capital or investing too much effort.

What is Hang app to make money on Android?
What is Hang app to make money on Android?

Users only need to download the application to their device, log in and install the backend program to make the application work on its own. The operations to generate income are extremely simple, suitable for many objects. With no capital, or special skills, you can earn passive income very easily.

With the hanging app to make money on Android, users will receive rewards such as scratch cards, game cards or money… depending on the provider. Usually the bonus will be paid to the user via card code or bank account or e-wallet…

Hanging money machine on Android is real?

When you hear about such a great way to earn passive money, without much effort, many people will have doubts. No sweet fruit can fall from the sky so easily. Is it real to hang money-making apps on Android?

Hanging money machine on Android is real?
Hanging money machine on Android is real?

Applications that hang money on android are used by many people and have really generated income. Just download the application and install it, the rest is for you to operate and wait for income. Not a scam, the reason the publisher can generate income for you from hanging the app is because while the app is working. The machine’s processor will be used to view ads, or do pre-set tasks.

That’s right, there’s no such thing as an easy fall for you. In fact, hanging money-making apps on Android can give you a passive income. But the amount is not too big, you can only see it as a side income.

Synthesize 10+ most prestigious apps that hang money on Android and iOS

Hanging money making apps on Android has been around for a long time, but for many people it is still a new concept. In order to help you access reputable passive money-making apps with this method, would like to suggest the following applications:

PhonePaycheck – Hanging up the phone to make money

PhonePaycheck is a product from the company Neocortix. This app will use your phone’s processor for the purpose of generating a pre-set publisher.

PhonePaycheck allows users to download and register information and link paypal accounts to receive money. After all the information is approved, you start to hang the app according to the way of operation required by the publisher.

Until your income is over 10$, the money will be transferred to the paypal account that you have previously registered. According to the publisher’s commitment, PhonePaycheck does not access personal data on the device, so you can rest assured when using the app.

Honeygain – Hanging PayPal money machine

Honeygain has been used by many users in America and Europe for a long time. This application uses your networked device to connect with businesses or data analysts, thereby helping with SEO campaigns, market research or checking ad impressions on the Internet. customer websites.

Honeygain – Hanging PayPal money machine
Honeygain – Hanging PayPal money machine

The application will run in the background, sharing access data, so the longer you hang up, the more money you will receive. At least when your account has 20$ you can make a withdrawal through your paypal account.

Besides hanging the app to generate income, with Honeygain you can also get a commission when you refer friends to download the app. For each successful referral you will receive 5$ into your account. Along with that, when the person you refer generates income, you will also receive 10% of that income.

Earnhoney – App hangs to make money

Unlike the two applications above, with Earnhoney you need to access and view pre-set ads. It is necessary to ensure that the wifi network is stable for the ad video to run continuously. Earnhoney is suitable for those who have a lot of free time.

Although it requires more operations than the two applications above, viewing ads can also make you a little uncomfortable, but the income earned from Earnhoney is quite significant. Specifically, you can earn from $ 90 – $ 100 / month if you watch advertising videos continuously on this application.

IPRoyal – App that hangs the game off the screen

IPRoyal is also an access data sharing app like Honeygain. To earn income from this application, users need to install, log in information and let the application work on its own, the longer it hangs, the more income it generates.

IPRoyal also pays users via Paypal e-wallet when reaching the prescribed minimum income. In addition, referring friends to download and use IPRoyal, you also receive a commission, in addition to 10% of the referral’s income.

This is a website that hangs to make money and is used by many people recently. To make money with, you need to visit the website, then register the required information and wait for approval. After completing the account registration step, you can download the application or hang it directly on firefox.

On average, a user can earn 1$ – 1.5$ per day if they have a stable wifi connection. After accumulating enough 10$, you can make a withdrawal to your paypal account.

Clipclaps – App that hangs games 24/24 iOS

Clipclaps is a money-making app on Android and iOS developed by Grand Channel Entertainment Limited. This application allows you to play games, watch entertaining videos and through these activities you can earn extra income. To be able to use Clipclaps to make money, you need to download an application called Auto clicker.

Clipclaps – App that hangs games 24/24 iOS
Clipclaps – App that hangs games 24/24 iOS

At Clipclaps you have two options to earn money: watching videos or playing games. Videos on Clipclaps are short videos that only need to be watched for about 30 seconds and you will receive rewards. Besides, you can also play games to earn money, there are highly entertaining games such as lucky wheel, fish farming.

Besides inviting friends to join Clipclaps, you will also receive rewards that can be converted into money. After reaching 15$ in your account, you can withdraw money to your paypal.


The way to make money on Vegax is similar to Clipclaps, it needs to be accompanied by another application, Auto View. After downloading the Vegax application, you need to register information and create an account. Next download Auto view and extract it for the application to work. Access your Vegax account to get the ID then paste the Vegax ID into the Auto view app as required by the system and let the app work on its own.

After the installation is complete, you just need to wait patiently for the app to generate income for you without any intervention. Until the account reaches the minimum amount, you can make a withdrawal.

Spark app

Spark is a social networking application for video chat, through the action of video chat on the application, users can generate income. With 33 minutes chatting on this app, you can earn 2.5$.

Signing up for Spark to participate in passive earning is quite simple. You just need to download this application to your device and fill in the information to register. Then through the video chat feature on this application and connect with friends, the longer you use Spark, the more money you will earn.


Basically, PacketStream works and makes money similar to IPRoyal and Honeygain. You make money through sharing access data for 3rd parties. The longer the downtime, the more access data is shared, the greater the amount of money earned.

In addition, referring friends to register to use PacketStream you will receive a commission and 20% of the income from the referred person. The more you refer, the more your income will increase. PacketStream also allows users to withdraw via paypal.

Can I withdraw money from the app that crashes the money making machine on Android?

After generating income by hanging money making machines on android, definitely withdrawing money is something that each of us is interested in. Currently, most of the apps that hang up to make money use the form of payment for users through Paypal e-wallets. When the required minimum amount is reached the user can make a withdrawal.

Can I withdraw money from the app that crashes the money making machine on Android?
Can I withdraw money from the app that crashes the money making machine on Android?

However, there are some cases where it is not possible to withdraw money to paypal. To avoid trouble when making a withdrawal, please pay attention to the following issues:

  • The paypal registration email must match the email you registered for the account on the app. If the email does not match, the withdrawal will not be possible.
  • The amount in the account must be greater than or equal to the minimum amount prescribed by the system before you can make a withdrawal.
  • Sometimes the app has problems such as system errors, the payment may be delayed. You can re-execute your withdrawal order 1-2 days after you have not received your payment.

Is it safe to hang apps to make money online Android?

New to the form of hanging money-making apps on Android, you may have a lot of doubts about the reliability of online money-making apps like this. In particular, with the benefits that sound very good, without spending money on a simple way to generate income will make many people distrustful.

Indeed, this is still a form of money with many risks. You may not receive payment if you choose an unreputable money-making app. So when choosing an application to hang the app to make money, you should consult it carefully. Preview user reviews when deciding to trust an application.


It is not possible to generate a large income, but in your spare time, if you need to kill time, use the method hang money making app on android not a bad choice. Persevering month, you can completely generate a small income without spending capital or brain.

Hope the information about hanging money making app on android has helped you to have a useful form of earning extra income.

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