If you have 500 million, should you buy gold or save it?? There are 500 million idle coins, so what is safe to invest but still bring high profits? This article will reveal to you the smart investment secret that financial experts recommend investors to use. Before drawing conclusions If you have 500 million, should you buy gold or save it?let’s find out in detail about these two methods!

How much interest is 500 million deposited in the bank?

If you have 500 million, you should choose to deposit with banks with appropriate interest rates ranging from more than 7% to about 8%. The form and term of the savings account also greatly affect the interest rate you receive after the end of the deposit cycle. Each bank will have a different % interest rate based on the principal amount you deposit. Therefore, you should consider choosing the right bank and deposit time to make the most profitable cash flow.


You deposit 500 million VND with a term of 3 months and receive an interest rate of 8%/year. Interest received after 1 month is:

1 month profit = 500,000,000 x (8%/365) x 30 = 3,287,671 VND.

How much interest is 500 million deposited in the bank?
How much interest is 500 million deposited in the bank?

How much gold can buy 500 million in 2022?

According to domestic gold price at dawn on April 28, 2022 tends to decrease with a decrease from 100,000 to 200,000 VND. With this adjustment, domestic gold is still trading stably around the threshold of 70 million dong/selling volume and about 69 million more/one buying volume.

1 tael of SJC gold has a buying price of 69,350,000 VND/tael => how much gold can buy with 500 million? you can buy 7 taels of SJC gold at the moment with the amount of 485,450,000 VND.

Depending on the gold market in each moment, you can determine how much gold you can buy with 500 million. In the future maybe with 500 million you can buy 8 gold trees or even only 6 gold trees. Therefore, you should consider carefully before making an investment decision to hoard gold.

Have 500 million should buy gold or save?

1. Pros and cons of buying gold with 500 million dong


  • Invest up to 7 gold trees
  • High profitability
  • The form of investment without fear of the inflation market
  • Gold in the future will be more and more valuable
  • The longer it is, the more valuable it is because gold will certainly reach 100 million/tael at some point, maybe 5 years or 10 years from now.


  • Investing 500 million in buying gold will miss another profitable channel
  • As a form of long-term investment, investors must be very patient
  • The gold market can be erratic and unpredictable
How much gold can 500 million buy?
How much gold can 500 million buy?

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2. Advantages and disadvantages when saving with 500 million VND


  • 500 million is a large amount, so you will receive a suitable high interest rate
  • Every month, you can earn a few million dong passively without doing anything
  • Easily choose the appropriate form and term of delivery


  • Inflationary markets affect the quality of money in the moment you receive it
  • The interest rate is quite low compared to other investment channels

The secret to smart investment with high efficiency with 500 million VND

If you have 500 million, should you buy gold or save it?? According to financial investment experts, you should diversify your investment portfolio and allocate finances to minimize risk in the investment process. With 500 million, you can divide 50/50 or 60/40 to invest in both gold and save to receive monthly interest. This is a smart investment form recommended by experts to help bring high returns while ensuring safety, avoiding the worst case of investment risks when:

  • Gold market plummeted to the floor -> we will still live well with 250 million dong in savings and monthly income
  • Alarm about currency inflation -> gold is a long-term investment method and the number 1 savior in this case

Smart investing is not putting all the capital you have to bet on one form as well as “putting all your eggs in one basket”. It is an unwise mindset and makes you lose the opportunity to invest in other profitable channels -> reduce the ability to generate profits and income.

Smart investment secret with 500 million VND
Have 500 million should buy gold or save? Smart investment secret with 500 million VND

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If you have 500 million, should you buy gold or save it?? Gold investment or savings are both safe forms of investment, but besides that, there are still unpredictable risks. Hopefully through this article, Vninvestment has brought you useful knowledge to help you come up with the most effective and suitable investment solution for 500 million VND.


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